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LED Wall Lights

Are you looking for LED Wall Lights for your outdoor spaces? Mel Northey offers fantastic yet affordable LED lighting fixtures for builders, contractors, and developers for their projects. Maybe you are just a homeowner looking to spruce up their yard. No matter who you are, Mel Northey has the solution for all your LED lighting needs.

What are LED Lights?

If you are interested in LEDs, it is possible you only know the name rather than what they actually are. Light-Emitting Diode (LED) light bulbs are a form of lighting that works by passing electrons through a semiconductor. These lights often produce intense white light.

When compared with regular fluorescent bulbs, LED lighting is significantly more energy-efficient than its counterparts. In fact, LED bulbs can use up to seventy-five percent less energy for comparable lighting. Because they are much more energy-efficient, you can light up more of your spaces for less money.

The lifespan of LED bulbs also makes them more cost-effective over the long run. While traditional bulbs require changing on average every four months, LED bulbs can last nine times that. They can last three years or more and still keep shining.

LED lights are great for:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Landscaping
  • Parks
  • Parking lots
  • Garages
  • Docks
  • Rooms
  • Outdoor spaces

    LED Wall Lights

    Posts come in all shapes and sizes.

LED Wall Lights

Are you looking for LED wall lights that will help illuminate your life? Mel Northey

Out lamps make for great accent lights, improving the look of your natural environment. Whether you are looking for LED outdoor wall lights or lighting for your dining room or living room, LED wall lighting can be a great solution for all your needs. LED bulbs are also great as task lights, giving sufficient lighting to know exactly what you are working at.

LED light bulbs are great for improving visibility in outdoor spaces as well as inside. Mel Northey distributes large quantities of light fixtures to those who need them. Whether you are a builder, a contractor, a developer, or someone looking to do it yourself, we have prices that are right for you.

In addition, our company uses municipal grade aluminum, meaning our products are great to use in both residential and commercial areas. LED-wall lights are a fantastic light source both indoors and out.

Do You Need Lamps and Posts?

Mel Northey offers a massive selection of lamps and posts. If you are looking for specific styles, Mel Northey will have what you are looking for. In addition, we offer mailboxes and street signs to make your home the cohesive vision that you want.

Commercial and Street Lights

If you want to make your outdoor space safer and brighter at night, then you need commercial or street LED lights. Illuminating your space without breaking the bank is important, and with Mel Northey, you will get exactly what you need.

Treat your business, home, and neighborhood with bright street and commercial lighting features. As a result, you will feel safer at night. The products Mel Northey help to reduce the light pollution with our dark skies innovations.

The bright color temperatures of LED lighting helps to shine on the things that lurk in the dark. With LED lighting, your home or neighborhood are much safer.

American Nostalgia

If you are looking for a vintage twentieth-century lamp, Mel Northey is able to help you. We have plenty of Americana-inspired lamp posts for you to choose from. Therefore, if you are planning a vintage, American look for your outdoor space and need sufficient lighting, Mel Northey is ready to help you.

Elizabethan Inspiration

Perhaps you are not interested in the Americana look and instead want to find a more classic look, perhaps one hailing from England? If that describes you, then we can help. We have Stratford lamp posts designed to look like those that were used during the Elizabethan era to illuminate the streets at night.

You can live your Shakespearean fantasy right in your own backyard with our Elizabethan-inspired Stratford light poles and pagoda-style lanterns. We also allow for additional modifications so that your lighting features match your sophisticated taste.

Illuminate Your World With Mel Northey

LED Wall Lights

If you need a replacement globe, call Mel Northey.

Darkness can hide dangers easily. Most people are scare of the dark, especially in urban areas. If you are designing a streetscape, properly illuminating the area is essential.

If you are designing a park, Mel Northey can help shine a light throughout the night. The company has many different to help luminaries and globes that allow you to customize your look. If you are going for a specific aesthetic, Mel Northey has the lighting you need.

If you provide good lighting, people are more likely to use the place you have designed. Wall-mounted LED wall sconces and street lights make lighting your home and neighborhood much easier.

Mel Northey’s Other Products

Mel Northey is not just a lamp and lighting company. We also offer street signs and stop signs if you are in need of those items. In addition, we also offer mailboxes that come in different designs and styles. These mailboxes are made of the same durable, resilient metals as our lamp posts, meaning they last a long time.

Our street signs and lamp posts come in various styles and styles, allowing you to pick and choose exactly what kind of streetscape your neighborhood presents. If you are a developer looking to create an elegant subdivision, choose our products. We make a cohesive community a reality.

LED Wall Lights

Mel Northey offers a variety of high-quality products.

Aesthetics Matter

Whether you are looking for high-quality lamp posts, mailboxes, or street signs, Mel Northey is able to help you. Our company produces high-quality products for your use in your outdoor areas or inside your home.

With the Mel Northey Company, you know you are getting the best deals and best customer service available. Our prices are designed to sell. If you are a contractor, a builder, or a developer, Mel Northey’s products are right for you. We offer cheap LED Wall Lights for anyone who is looking to invest in their home and neighborhood.