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Yorktown Mail Boxes

Yorktown Mail Boxes

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Cast Construction
  • Mail Boxes with Magazine and Newspaper Holders are Available
  • Stainless Steel Hinged Door

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Our Yorktown mailboxes are our most decorated. Their roofs resemble the ones on the historic cottages in Yorktown in America and its overall style takes influence from Yorkshire. It is made of durable, heavy-duty construction. Both the mailbox itself and the post is aluminum-cast with a stainless-steel hinge. You have options for either a white or black painted mailbox and for it to rest on top or hang off the post.




This period style mailbox promises to hold up and keep your mail safe. Plus, it is painted with a powder-coated finish so that it stays looking new. You can opt for a Ground Burial or Surface Mount Yorktown Mailbox.

Since 1979, Mel Northey has marketed streetscape solutions directly to developers, builders, and contractors. Our Victorian styles can invoke feelings of nostalgia in any neighborhood. We have distinctively styled lampposts, signs, and mailboxes. And since 2008, we have provided dark sky solutions in our lamps that reduce light pollution and energy use.


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