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Grand Federal Lamps and Posts

Grand Federal Lamps and Posts

Grand Federal Lamps and Posts

  • 5″ Deep Evenly Fluted Tubular Non Tapered
  • Municipal Quality With Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum Core Cast
  • 15″ x 45″ Base for extra strength and durability.
  • Non tapered deep evenly fluted Heavy Duty Tubular Shaft with .160″ Wall
  • Overall light post 12′, 14′ and 16′ Heights.
  • TYPE III or TYPE V Prismatic Lense Standard with Reduced Glare
  • Overall Heights Listed include Post and Luminaire

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While similar in looks to our Federal lamp, our Grand Federal lamps and posts offer extra heavy-duty municipal-grade aluminum durability. They have a 5’’ wide, evenly fluted, and non-tapered shaft, .16’’ wall, 15’’ diameter base, and 45’’ tall base. The lamp also has an extra tall and extra-wide, rounded base.

Our Grand Federal lamps and posts boast the simple, neoclassical elements of our capital buildings and monuments, which were based on Roman architecture.

In terms of customization, you can choose from a variety of acorn-style globes for the lantern. Plus, the lens can be either Type III or Type V, dispersing light over your walkway or around in a circle. Our heavy-duty version of the Federal lamp calls back even more to giant stone columns like those in the Parthenon. These imposing lamps, standing 12’, 14’, and 16’ tall, can light the pedestrian’s way from way up high.

Choose our Grand Federal lamps and posts to bring some nostalgia for the architecture of the early 19th century to your neighborhood park.

Since 1979, Mel Northey has worked directly with your developers and builders, supplying countless projects with our affordable aluminum-cast lamps, street signs, and decorative mailboxes. We find the perfect fit, style, and design for your landscaping project, including the Grand Federal lamp.

In 2008, we also began providing dark sky lights. You can utilize these solutions to reduce your energy usage by 42% and minimize light pollution caused by outdoor lighting. Together, we help keep the Earth greener, night darker, and stars brighter.


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