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Grand Capitol Lamps and Posts

Grand Capitol Lamps and Posts

grand capitol lamps and posts

  • 5″ Deep Evenly Fluted Tubular Non Tapered
  • Municipal Quality Heavy Duty Aluminum Core Cast
  • 17″ x 21″ Base and Heavy Duty Non-Tapered 5″ Aluminum Tubular Shaft with .160″ Wall
  • Overall light post 12′, 14′ and 16′ Heights.
  • TYPE III or TYPE V Prismatic Lense Standard with Reduced Glare
  • Overall Heights Listed include Post and Luminaire

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Mel Northey Co. Inc.’s Grand Capitol lamps and posts are another excellent example of the neoclassical style, just like our capitol lamps collection. However, with this option, you’ll also get the municipal-quality heavy-duty aluminum core cast lamp pole. This pole boasts a 5’’ wide shaft, .16’’ wall, 17’’ diameter base, and a 21’’ tall base.

You can customize our Grand Capitol lamps and posts according to your preference. They come in a variety of heights, 12’, 14’, and 16’, towering over most of our other options. You also have several choices of globes. Our Type III or Type V prismatic lens can disperse the light across the walkway under or in a round perimeter around the lamp.

Choose our heavy-duty municipal-quality Grand Capitol lamps and posts for your next project. These can make a great addition to your neighborhood or home. Its neoclassical style can add a regal quality to any city park or school campus. Moreover, they have an elegant, traditional design coupled with sturdy durability.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has marketed directly to contractors and builders since 1979. We can set up your builder and developer with the right style and design with our wide selection of affordable aluminum-cast lampposts, decorative street signs, and mailboxes.

The Grand Capitol lamppost might be the right style and grade lamppost for your next project. In 2008, we also started offering dark sky lights with our outdoor lighting options. With these in your Capitol lamp, you can reduce your light pollution and energy consumption by up to 42%.


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