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Commercial and Industrial Lamps and Posts

Discover a diverse range of unique styles and designs of lamps and lamp posts at Mel Northey Co. Inc., all meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminum cast for both residential and commercial use. Whether you’re beautifying a neighborhood park, street, or outdoor architecture, our exquisite tapered shafts and ornamental bases are crafted to enhance any project. We specialize in serving contractors and builders, guaranteeing that our lampposts effortlessly blend into industrial and commercial environments. At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we take pride in delivering outdoor lighting solutions that are built to last. Whether for residential or commercial use, our products are designed to withstand the test of time, offering both practicality and visual appeal for years to come.

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Street and Stop Signs

At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we have a wide selection of street and stop signs that provide unique options compared to the typical U-channel posts commonly used by cities. Elevate your neighborhood with top-notch posts that perfectly complement the quality of our lampposts for stop signs, or customize a street sign for your family driveway. Our signs are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Whether you need them for commercial or residential use, they are designed to meet your needs. Plus, they come with reflective sheeting to ensure maximum visibility, even at night. Enhance your outdoor spaces with our meticulously crafted designs, offering options for ground burial or surface mounts to perfectly suit your outdoor space.

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Mail Boxes

Explore a variety of robust, corrosion-resistant, high-performance mailboxes at Mel Northey, crafted to withstand the test of time with their stainless-steel-hinged doors. You’re in for a world of possibilities with our exquisite collection, and you can elevate your home’s curb appeal with our stylish alternatives to standard mail receptacles. Immerse yourself in a realm of convenience with options like magazine and newspaper holders, a variety of post styles, and a palette of three captivating colors to choose from. Our mailboxes are designed with extra-wide boxes and dual box options, making them both practical and visually appealing. They add a touch of charm to any property, enhancing its curb appeal.

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  • Banner Bars
  • Hanging Basket Arms
  • Flag Holders
  • Double GFI With Use Cover
  • Single Receptacle

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Items We Sell

In our shop, you can buy distinctively styled Victorian lamps and lampposts, street and stop signs, and mailboxes, and accessories like banner bars, hanging basket arms, flag holders, and more.

  • outdoor post light fixtures

    Mel Northey lamps, signposts, and mailboxes beautify streets near parks, residential areas, and marketplaces.

About Mel Northey Company

Since its establishment in 1979, Mel Northey Co. Inc. has been recognized as a dependable supplier in the builder, developer, and contractor market. We are renowned for our expansive selection of affordable decorative cast aluminum lamp posts, street signs, and decorative mailboxes, which have enhanced urban and suburban landscapes alike. In 2008, we broadened our inventory to include a pioneering range of commercial and industrial lamps specifically designed to combat night sky pollution and elevate energy efficiency in outdoor lighting. These commercial and industrial lamps are not merely cost-effective; they dramatically reduce electrical energy consumption by up to 42%.
 Moreover, these lamps play a crucial role in minimizing light pollution, a benefit that extends beyond energy conservation to significantly reduce carbon emissions. This is achieved through their innovative design, which redirects unnecessary up-light downwards, thereby protecting our environment and aiding global efforts to tackle climate change.
Our company prides itself on serving a diverse clientele, especially those within the needs of commercial and industrial lamp posts and lamps. We are committed to providing solutions that not only meet the practical demands of lighting but also address broader environmental concerns. Our commercial and industrial lamps are a testament to this commitment, ensuring that every product delivers maximum efficiency and sustainability.
We continue to strive towards enhancing our offerings and innovating new solutions for commercial and industrial lamps that benefit all parties involved—from the immediate users to the global community. If you are seeking dependable, environmentally friendly lighting solutions that make a positive impact, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to assist you with more details or to provide a no-obligation quote, ensuring that your specific needs are met with the highest standards of service and quality.

What Can You Find Here

We work closely with you, the contractor and developer, to find the perfect style of lamp, sign, and post for all, from small jobs to all commercial and industrial needs.


Our Products are of a Municipal-Grade and used in Residential and Commercial Areas

We are a Direct Supplier for Builders, Developers, and Contractors of All Kinds of Projects

Mel Northey Provides Affordable Options for Lighting and Streetscape Solutions

Our Dark Sky Solutions Reduce Light Pollution and are More Energy Efficient

Offering High-Quality Products

Mel Northey Co. Inc. is the company to call for high-quality outdoor landscaping products at affordable prices. We prioritize quality by incorporating longer-lasting and energy-efficient LED bulbs into our lighting products. Also, our lampposts, street signposts, and mailboxes are made from high-quality aluminum cast and designed to withstand the demands of both residential and commercial environments.
Our products are perfect for transforming an entire neighborhood with a timeless aesthetic. Our streetscape solutions offer incredible flexibility, allowing them to enhance a wide range of outdoor spaces. From charming front yards to serene parks, inviting courtyards, picturesque docks and piers, vibrant gardens, and bustling retail centers, our solutions can transform any area into a captivating atmosphere.
As of 2008, Mel Northey Co. Inc. has been providing innovative lighting solutions for our lamps, with a focus on directing light downward toward the ground. This not only helps to minimize light pollution, but also contributes to energy conservation. Our mission is to preserve the natural beauty of our planet, ensuring that the night sky remains untainted and the stars continue to shine brightly. Keep in mind that these innovative services also cater to industrial and commercial clients, offering them top-notch products and solutions for their outdoor spaces.

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