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Lamps and Posts

At Mel Northey, you can find a variety of distinctive styles and designs of lamps and lampposts in a residential and commercial-grade aluminum cast. We are sure there is the right nostalgic tapered shaft or decorative base for your project. And we sell to the contractor and builder, so our lampposts are part of a neighborhood park or street or someone’s outdoor architecture.

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Street and Stop Signs

You can also get stop signs and street signs. The point in our signs is to supply an alternative to the standard u-channel posts that most cities use. For your subdivision’s stop signs, you can use the up-scale posts of the same quality as our lampposts. Or you can customize a street sign for your family driveway.

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Mail Boxes

All our mailboxes are of a sturdy, rust-free, heavy-duty construction. They promise durability to last with a stainless-steel hinged door. Our designs make for a good substitute for your default mail. We have options like magazine and newspaper holders, more styles of posts than our lamps and three colors, extra-wide boxes, and dual boxes.

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  • Banner Bars
  • Hanging Basket Arms
  • Flag Holders
  • Double GFI With Use Cover
  • Single Receptacle

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Items We Sell

In our shop, you can buy distinctively styled Victorian lamps and lampposts, street and stop signs, and mailboxes, and accessories like banner bars, hanging basket arms, flag holders, and more.

  • pathway lights

    Mel Northey lamps, signposts, and mailboxes beautify streets near parks, residential areas, and marketplaces.

About Mel Northey Company

We have been marketing directly to the builder, developer, and contractor market since 1979, offering you affordable decorative cast aluminum lamp posts, street signs and decorative mailboxes. Beginning in 2008 we are offering affordable dark sky options that decrease the amount of night sky pollution, while reducing the electrical energy usage by as much as 42% in decorative outdoor lighting. We offer affordable dark sky solutions that cut light pollution, save energy and decrease the amount of carbon emissions by directing wasted up-light downward as needed to help our environment. Affordable dark sky solutions can help America go green by reducing wasted up-light and decreasing harmful carbon emissions to help fight against global warming. Please give a call or contact us for additional information or a no obligation price quote.

What can you find here

We work closely with you, the contractor and developer, to find the perfect style of lamp, sign, and post for your streetscape.


Our Products are of a Municipal-Grade and used in Residential and Commercial Areas

We are a Direct Supplier for Builders, Developers, and Contractors of All Kinds of Projects

Mel Northey Provides Affordable Options for Lighting and Streetscape Solutions

Our Dark Sky Solutions Reduce Light Pollution and are More Energy Efficient

Our Offer is Big

Mel Northey has high-quality outdoor landscaping products at the most affordable prices. Because the quality of our products is important to us, we use and set our lighting up with the longer-lasting and more energy-efficient LED bulbs. And all, our lampposts, street signposts, and mailboxes are of the durable aluminum cast, of residential and commercial quality. Our products are the best choice to give an entire neighborhood a makeover and sprucing up with a classic look. You can use our streetscape solutions for anything, from your front yard to parks, courtyards, docks and piers, gardens, and retail centers.

As of 2008, Mel Northey gives you the option of using dark sky lighting solutions in your lamps. We design these lamps to direct their light downward toward you, where you need it, and out of the sky. This way, we cut down on light pollution. Additionally, you save on energy usage. Our goal is to help keep the Earth greener, night darker, and stars brighter.

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