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Replacement Globes

Replacement Globes

  • Type III and V State of the Art Prismatic Acorn Globes
  • Polycarbonate Acorn Globes
  • Retrofit Polycarbonate Acorn Globes
  • Retrofit Acrylic, glare-free, state-of-the-art Prismatic Acorn Globes
  • Retrofit Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Lanterns

Mel Northey has a large variety of contemporary, transitional, traditional, and historically styled light fixtures. They can use LED and HID bulbs. You can also get replacement globes for any of the lampposts and light fixtures you get with us.

We offer sphere, acorn, and lantern globes, including acorn tops and caging decorations, as well as four-sided and eight-sided gaslight-style fixtures. Our state-of-the-art prismatic acorn globes come in Type III and Type V, meaning you could choose to place them oblongly along a walkway or around the lamp in a circle.




We have replacements for ball and acorn globes and four or eight-sided gaslight-inspired fixtures. We also provide globe holders and finials for your lamp’s acorn globes as well. These traditional and contemporary style globes bring character and safety to your park or yard.

Mel Northey offers the best outdoor lighting solutions, decorative street signs, and durable mailboxes. We have worked with Texans on their landscaping projects since 1979, selling straight to your contractor or developer. Together, we find the perfect fit for an aluminum-cast lamppost and light fixture for your commercial or industrial space or your own home.

In 2008, we started offering dark sky solutions. With these, your lamppost works with reduced energy usage, up to 42%, and reduced light pollution. Using dark sky lighting, you keep the Earth greener, night darker, and stars brighter.


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