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Cast Aluminum Lamp Post

If you are renovating an outdoor area, you may have wondered if a cast aluminum lamp post is ideal. Lighting poles are available in a few different materials, and figuring out which is best can be tricky. The two main choices for municipal and commercial properties are usually cast aluminum and steel.

Learning more about the differences between these metals can help you determine which one your project needs. So, make sure to do your research and call on experts to help. You can find the best experts here at Mel Northey Company Inc. Not only do we have the information you need, but we also have incredible cast aluminum lamp posts and more.

cast aluminum lamp post

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Cast Aluminum Lamp Post: Do Your Research

As you search for information about these metals, get it from an impartial source. Companies selling lamp posts in cast aluminum and steel are surprisingly good resources. Since they sell both materials, you can be sure they will not promote one over another.

In fact, chances are these organizations want to ensure consumers make the best decisions possible about their lighting needs. Each metal used has some drawbacks and benefits. As a result, contractors need to take the time to make their decisions carefully after learning everything they can.

Mel Northey sells high-quality lamp posts constructed with cast aluminum or steel. This selection allows contractors and developers to choose which metal is best for their job site.

Contact Mel Northey by phone at 1-800-828-0302 to request a catalog. You can also view our products online by visiting our catalog tab. Learning more about cast aluminum and steel differences will help guide you to the right Mel Northey product.

Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts Are Stylish

One of the biggest perks of using cast aluminum in lighting posts is its malleability. It is a much softer metal than steel, making it much easier to manipulate. Different styles, patterns, and designs are easier to achieve when using cast aluminum instead of steel.

Despite its ease of design, cast aluminum is also a very strong material. This makes it an ideal choice for antique-style decorative lighting poles and posts.

Steel Vs. Aluminum

Steel is a very strong material, which is the primary reason for its popularity. However, its strength means it cannot easily be shaped and molded into aesthetically appealing designs. Contractors and developers hoping to add an aesthetic flair to their projects by incorporating decorative posts should avoid steel.

Steel can even become distracting when mixed with other decorative fixtures. Cast aluminum allows for a wider variety of designs and styles. Partner with Mel Northey to view our line of steel and cast aluminum lighting options, which include:

Despite the apparent advantages of cast aluminum, your client may still demand a steel post. You can easily find which posts are available in both materials, which may help you convince your customer to choose a more durable lighting choice.

Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts Are Easy To Maintain

cast aluminum lamp post

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It does not matter how beautiful your posts look if they are susceptible to rust or other easily visible damage. These elements will detract from their overall aesthetic faster than a gaudy pattern or garish shade. Nothing makes an area look dirty and need repair faster than rusted lighting fixtures.

Unfortunately, most businesses and municipalities lack the funds for fixture maintenance. As a result, developers and contractors should strive to avoid materials that rust quickly. Lamp posts made with cast aluminum are much less rust-resistant than their steel counterparts. As a result, they will look nicer with less maintenance for a longer period.

This level of rust resistance also leads to safer fixtures across your outdoor area. Rust weakens the metal, making severe damage incredibly likely. Cast aluminum is rust-resistant, so it will not need the same upkeep or repairs as steel.

Contact Mel Northey to learn more about their cast aluminum lighting solutions line. They are easy to keep clean and in working order and require little outside interference.

Lamp Posts Made With Cast Aluminum Are Affordable

While attractiveness and longevity are important features, so too is cost. Today’s economic climate is tough, so many municipalities and businesses are forced to cut costs wherever possible. In some cases, the initial scope of desired projects becomes narrower.

In other cases, it can mean that individual projects are cut altogether. Contractors and developers must convince their clients that they can complete the work at affordable rates, including using competitively priced supplies.

Using cast aluminum instead of steel in any outdoor renovation project will save your client money. Cast aluminum is cheaper than steel and is available in various shapes and sizes. Cast aluminum is a fantastic choice for communities and companies on a budget.

What Else Do We Offer?

We offer more than high-quality cast aluminum lamp posts here at Mel Northey. Among our many products and services are the following:

cast aluminum lamp post

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  • Stop Signs and Street Signs—Our long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing stop signs and street signs are perfect for enhancing your outdoor areas. Our signs are available in surface mount and ground burial options, including reflective sheeting for nighttime visibility. They are designed for both residential and commercial use.
  • Mailboxes—The rust-free aluminum used to construct our mailboxes ensures they will last for years. Our mailboxes are aesthetically beautiful and functional, coming in various styles with features like holders for magazines and newspapers.
  • Dark Sky Solutions—We have been offering dark sky lighting solutions that save energy and lessen light pollution since 2008. By reflecting light downward, these eco-friendly choices help keep the sky darker, making the stars appear brighter.

Reach Out Now

Contractors, developers, and other interested parties can contact Mel Northey to learn more. We have been in business for over thirty-five years, supplying quality posts to customers nationwide. Not only are our products affordable, but they are also backed by a warranty. We stand behind the quality of our cast aluminum posts, guaranteeing a long-lasting and beautiful investment.

Finding the best-cast aluminum lamp post for your job is as easy as visiting our site. We have many different styles to choose from in both steel and cast aluminum. Opting for cast aluminum will bring the benefits listed above to your renovation or construction project.

Impress your customers or attract buyers with cast aluminum lamp posts’ aesthetic appeal and enduring nature. Mel Northey’s catalog of posts and poles can be found online or by calling our team. Whether you want to enhance your residential space or have a commercial or industrial project, we are here to help.