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Commercial and Industrial Light Post and Pole

Mel Northey Co. offers tremendous commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale! When it comes to providing premium commercial lighting options, Mel Northey Co. is the company you can trust. We understand the importance of high-quality street lights and signs so your neighborhoods, counties, and commercial areas can shine as brightly as ever.

commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale

A quality commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale will work wonders.

Our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale is versatile, perfectly fitting in a variety of settings. Our light poles come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for all kinds of commercial settings. Whether it be industrial warehouses, garages, commercial parks, restaurants, cafés, and more, you can rest assured that your area will be brightly lit with our quality commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale.

Mel Northey Co. has been in business since 1979, so we know everything there is to know about commercial lighting products, including commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale. We have not rested on our laurels, either. Since 2008, we have been offering dark sky options that decrease air pollution and even increase energy efficiency. Apart from commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale, we also offer many other products, such as:

To learn more about our wide range of products, you can look through our enormous catalog. When you are ready to order one of our products, especially a commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale, request a quote today!

The Importance of A Commercial and Industrial Light Post and Pole For Sale

Commercial buildings and dwellings in general do a lot of their operations by night, which can be supremely dangerous. Lack of adequate lighting can lead to an increase in accidents, which may involve injuries and may derail business operations and profits.

Fortunately, a commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale would keep your area nice and bright during the nighttime hours. You would even deter burglars and thieves lurking about, as studies have shown burglary and other crimes decrease with the presence of bright lights.

Just as light posts and poles deter thieves from your area, they also attract more customers. People feel much more assured when an area is well-lit than when they are dim and dull-looking. Bright lights convey a feeling of professionalism and sophistication, and thus good commercial lighting can engender more secure and positive feelings towards your enterprise.

Our Mel Northey Co. lights, moreover, can also save you tremendously when it comes to energy costs. We offer LED light poles that are cost-effective, delivering bright lights while generating much less heat. In addition, they are very environmentally-friendly, cutting down on air pollution.

We Light Up All Kinds of Businesses With Our Commercial and Industrial Light Post and Pole for Sale!

You don’t have to be an industrial warehouse type of business to benefit from our excellent collection of light poles. Our light poles are great for many other kinds of businesses, such as:

  • Restaurants and Cafés: The outdoor dining experience in the periwinkle twilight is a romantic one…but it is also only possible with adequate lighting. If your restaurant or café relies heavily on outdoor seating, then high-quality lighting options are needed.
  • Retail Stores: There is nothing like bright, professional lighting to attract more customers to shopping centers, malls, and small stores. In our 24/7 world, customers frequently shop at night, so adequate lighting is necessary. It will also serve to lessen accidents.
  • Office Buildings: Let’s face it—who hasn’t worked late at night at their high-powered corporate job? For employees leaving the building, bright light poles can help convey a feeling of safety.
  • Hospitals, Clinics, & Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics in particular need adequate lighting for patient drop-off areas, parking lots, ambulances coming and out, and the like.

And, of course, light poles and lamps are absolutely essential for industrial areas. Industrial areas not only have parking lots to illuminate, but heavy-duty trucks coming in and out need good lighting. Light poles can also deter illegal or unauthorized activity.

In addition to parking lots, stores, and other commercial areas, we also offer courtyard lights if your business is in a park or courtyard. Courtyard lamps add tremendous charm to your area and are perfect for areas like a campus. Our courtyard lamps stand at seven or eight feet tall except for the Bollard, which is excellent for places like the docks or for parking lots, and they come with acorn globe fixtures.

commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale

Our lantern lights are beautifully designed by experienced craftsmen. Get our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale!

By illuminating great swaths of commercial area, our light poles can keep your business bright and neat while paying less for energy overall. Our advanced technology can reduce light pollution, which makes our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale not only energy-efficient, but environmentally-friendly. We serve both local and national communities with our commercial lighting solutions, so call us today!

What Kind of Commercial and Industrial Light Post and Pole for Sale Do We Offer?

Some LED lights we offer are shoebox lights, which are rectangular in shape and fitted for outdoor use. LED shoebox lights are designed to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, streets, and public spaces in general. They are protected from rain, snow, and weak jets of water. We offer both round and square poles, either aluminum or steel.

Aluminum vs. Steel

You may be wondering which material for your light posts and poles would benefit your business the most. There are some differences between aluminum and steel poles, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

For one thing, aluminum poles are much lighter than their steel counterparts. This may matter when considering transporting, installing, and managing these poles. If you wish to have light poles that are easy to maintain, you may wish to opt for aluminum poles.

Aluminum does not rust as easily as steel and can be molded and shaped far more easily. Aluminum poles are also made of recycled material, making them a more environmentally-friendly choice than steel.

However, steel posts are more robust and longer-lasting. If you are in a high-risk area with extreme weather or work conditions, steel posts can withstand more damage than aluminum ones. They can also bear heavier loads and signage.

Moreover, steel poles have a lower upfront cost than aluminum ones. If they are damaged, they can be easily repaired; if your commercial area has a problem with fires, steel poles are flame-resistant, being made from a non-combustible material.

commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale

The best commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale is here!

Round vs. Square

Is there any difference between round and square poles? You may be surprised to learn that one or the other may be more to your advantage.

Round light poles tend to blend better with their environments and go well with either classic and modern ones. Thanks to their shape, they can better withstand strong winds and extreme weather conditions, which can lead to lower maintenance costs.

Square poles, on the other hand, are sleeker and more modern, and they tend to be longer-lasting. Square steel poles in particularly are by far the most durable. Thanks to their sturdiness and simplicity, they are easy to install. You can also mount heavier or larger fixtures on them more easily than round light poles.

No matter what kind of material or shape is right for your commercial area, Mel Northey Co. offers products you can trust. All in all, we offer the following types of LED light poles:

Decorative Lamps and Posts for Commercial Areas

Commercial areas need not make do with strictly utilitarian light poles. If you have a keen eye for aesthetics, then consider our colonial-inspired collection of commercial lamps and posts! Our early 20th-century-style lamps are beautifully made, charming, and as powerful and cost-effective as modern light poles. And as always, all our light posts are energy-efficient.

We have several types of posts to choose from, each that will breathe fresh new life into your area. For instance, you can try our The Grands lamps and posts collection. This amazing compilation includes our most popular colonial designs, including Liberty, Federal, Concord, and Capitol ones, with acorn or octagon-style globes.

Our United light posts are much sturdier, with a stocky base, reminiscent of early 19th century America. United posts include a 12-foot height option for an extra fee, as well as a Surface Mount or Ground-Burial set-up. Liberty lamp posts are, too, similar in their colonial inspiration.

More neoclassical designs include our Federal light posts. Federal poles recall the style of Roman architecture, which was a crucial inspiration for colonial America. This grand pole comes with 12-feet and 14-feet options.

In honor of our first president and our nation’s capital, we offer our Washington light poles. Your clients can be taken to the great columns and monuments of our capital. Choose between 10-feet and 12-feet options! We also offer a premier version of our Washington lamp posts, heavy duty with a 5-inch tapered shaft.

Have a soft spot for the old country rather than colonial America? You may opt for our Essex aluminum light poles. These stately and intricate light posts harken back to 19th-century Victorian era Britania. Essex light poles are durable, and they come up to 12 feet in height.

We also offer Cambridge light posts inspired by the historic university, particularly the King’s College Chapel. Cambridge light posts come with non-fluted and non-tapered poles and acorn globe tops.

For a more literary connotation, you can also get our Stratford light poles, inspired by the Warwickshire town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, William Shakespeare’s birthplace. Stratford light poles come with either a Surface Mount base or Grand Burial base, either 10-and-half or 12-foot poles.

Other customization styles include a pagoda-style lantern, acorn globes, and eight-sided geometric lanterns. What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, and our Stratfordian light poles are the sun!

Speaking of romance, are you longing for a different old country? Our Tuscany light poles will make you want to speak of love all night long.

Tuscany light poles are inspired by Florentine architecture, with smooth poles and a fluted base beneath a rocket-tailed, ornamental base. Other Tuscany-inspired light poles include our Dover ones, with a heavy-duty Core Cast base option if you desire. Sarebbe più bello così!

Regardless of which style is more your, well, style, your commercial area can be brightly and efficiently illuminated. Beautiful and elegant lamp posts can attract more customers to your business and keep them there. The power of aesthetics cannot be overstated, so why not try to opt for a little bit of razzle dazzle? Razzle dazzle your clients and customers by making an unforgettable, positive first impression—a series of beautiful and elegant lamps and light posts.

commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale

If you need a replacement globe for your commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale, call Mel Northey Co.

Commercial and Industrial Light Post and Pole For Sale Is Just What You Need

You need never worry whether your business is getting the lighting it deserves with Mel Northey Co. at your side. With our incredible products and services, you can rest assured that your business area will be safer, more beautiful, and attract more clients than ever before.

We work hard to bring you effective lighting solutions that your business needs. Since 2008, we have developed dark sky solutions that cut down on the amount of air pollution emitted by commercial lighting products. You can be sure that our products help the project of making America become greener in their energy consumption.

Mel Northey Co. has been a leader in the commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale industry. Since 1979, we have been providing commercial lighting options and other fixtures to commercial areas. You can bet your bottom dollar that our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale are the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Check Out Our Other Products for Commercial Areas

Business areas need a lot more than just good lighting. Street signs are requisite in terms of communicating important information and reducing accidents and injuries. They are a way to organize an area and ensure organization and smooth operations.

At Mel Northey Co., we make street and stop signs for commercial areas. Our stop signs conform to all rules and regulations, coming with reflective sheeting so they can easily be seen at night. We offer three kinds of street signs, which include:

Signage is an underrated element when it comes to outdoor fixtures. For commercial areas especially, it can increase safety, boost your reputation, and even facilitate business operations.

Street signs also work in facilitating traffic. Traffic congestion is more than annoying; it can seriously be a liability to your business. With effective street and stop signs, you can maintain order on the roads and obey traffic regulations. And in case of an emergency, street and stop signs can quickly allow others unfamiliar with the area to get to their destination quickly.

Mel Northey Co. is the one company you can count on. Our high-quality products will ensure your outdoor commercial areas are bigger, brighter, and more lovely than ever. Explore our excellent selection of street and stop signs today!

Our Beautifully Practical Street and Stop Signs

Like our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale, Essex signs are a nostalgic call back to Victorian architecture and 19th-century Americana. Our Essex signpost is seven feet tall, three inches in diameter, with a two-piece aluminum base, seven inches in diameter. We have Ground Burial and Surface Mount options with easy-to-install brackets.

Our Excel signs, on the other hand, are a four-inch diameter signpost. They are also much taller at 10 feet or 11 feet. You can opt for a more elegant look for floral-designed art nouveau hangers.

Lastly, our Bravo signage is the same size as the Excel, with a heavy-duty aluminum cast post. Our Bravo signs, however, have a base of leaves and flowers and gorgeous Corinthian-style ornamentation. These signs add more of a personal touch to your business area.

commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale

We go beyond just commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale! We also offer intricate mailboxes!

Check Out Our Ornate Mailboxes

You may be surprised to hear that we also offer mailboxes for commercial areas! But businesses send and receive mail too, and thus a good physical mailbox is highly recommended to ensure all your important correspondence gets to its destination safely. We offer several types of mailbox types:

Our standard mailboxes are just what they say on the tin, based on Jorolemon’s original industrial design with a red flag and tunnel-shaped head. They are the most common type of mailbox around, of stainless-steel and a variety of finials, shafts, and bases.

They can come with magazine or newspaper holders. This mailbox can be attached to one of our Mel Northey lampposts or can be a top or front mount. Sometimes, it is best not to mess with the classics!

For a classier look, however, you may consider our Arlington mailboxes. Our Arlington mailboxes are inspired by the English village of the same name, with the shingle etching on the roof coming from Arlington cottages. We construct our Arlington mailboxes with a stainless-steel hinge, optional magazine and newspaper holder, and heavy-duty cast aluminum.

These mailboxes can come as front mounts, hanging front mounts, or even dual mounts. We also offer a wide-body version of our Arlington mailboxes, with more room for larger newspapers, mail, and packages.

Keen on more colonial inspiration? Our Williamsburg mailboxes may be right for you. These come with an ornate rectangular design, either with a round top or bare, a powder-coated finish, and a stainless-steel hinge.

Lastly, our Yorktown mailboxes are among our most decorated, with sloping roofs reminiscent of the colonial town from which it gets its name. We have white or black options, as well as top pole or no pole options. With its heavy-duty construction, you can be sure this mailbox will stand the test of time.

No matter what kind of mailbox you are interested in buying, your business can send and receive mail in a timely fashion and convey an important message about your company. If you are interested in our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale, call the team at Mel Northey Co. today!

commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale

We have plenty of fixtures to match any project locale, including our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale.

Mel Northey Co. Is Committed to Be Your One-Stop Shop For All Your Commercial Lighting and Signage Needs

Affordable lighting and sign solutions are not available at just any company. With Mel Northey Co., you can rest assured that we understand the types of products your business needs and can be proud of. Our commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale will ensure that your business will be the best it can be.

Any business can benefit from our exquisite lamps and light poles. These will illuminate even large areas excellently while minimizing costs and pollution. Our decorative lamp posts harken back to beautifully ornate classical and neoclassical styles that can convey a warm, welcoming feeling to employees and prospective clients alike. The aesthetics of architecture are never too small in detail, so take advantage of our beautiful commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale!

We also offer other products for companies, including standard and decorative mailboxes and street and stop signs. These will not only decorate your area but improve the functionality and navigability of your commercial area. Light poles will be sure to prevent burglary and other unsavory crimes from happening, and you can ensure the safety and comfort of your employees and clients.

Mel Northey Co. is the right company for high-quality commercial lighting solutions, including commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale. We have been in business for decades, so we know everything there is to know about light poles, lamps, and other outdoor fixtures. Our range of aesthetic styles is sure to fit your business aesthetic and make your environment pop. Plus, our lighting products cut down on energy usage by 42% – a massive improvement, particularly for large corporations!

So what are you waiting for? Contact the expert team at Mel Northey Co. today to get started or get a quote from us. You can opt for both a commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale, as well as complementary street signs and mailboxes. All in all, our company is committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction in all things commercial lighting.