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Captivate Your Imagination With the Best Outdoor Lights

The best way to add something special to your project is by incorporating the best outdoor lights. Mel Northey Co. has been in the lighting business ever since 1979. With this experience, we know how to integrate style and functionality to help you produce something unique.

We are committed to promoting energy efficiency as well. Since 2008, Mel Northey Co. has sold dark sky options that comfortably fit your budget.

These help decrease electrical energy use by up to 42% and reduce night sky pollution. This is one of the featured and favored light options that we offer. When you choose an option like this, you are helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Whether you are a developer, builder, or contractor, we can help you find the perfect exterior lighting fixture to complement your project. Contact us today to discover how captivating we can make your yard.

commercial outdoor lighting

We have a wide range of styles for you to pick from! All of our best outdoor lights will add pizzazz to your yard.

Our Best Outdoor Lights are Incredibly Stylish and Functional

Mel Northey Co. is happy to help you add a little something special to the yard you are designing. We have many Victorian-style lighting options that will capture the imagination of those who glance into your yard.

Apart from that, we have many other designs and lamps to fit your style as a contractor, developer, or builder.

They can be woven decoratively into a park for the whole neighborhood to see or work great as a feature in someone’s yard.

Our lamps and posts are possibly the most popular feature our clients choose to add to their collections. We offer various sizes that are sure to work for whatever you are planning.

We have a base surface mount for Essex lamps and posts. These lighting fixtures come in heights from 10′ to 10 1/2′. This is the perfect design for you if you want a style that mimics vintage cottage-style architecture. You will be looking in the distance for the rolling hills of the British countryside, imagining old tales of English folklore.

These are among our lamp options where you can use the dark sky solution to minimize energy use.

If you want onlookers of your outdoor architecture to be whisked away to Italy in their imagination, then our Tuscany lamps and posts may be better suited to your style.

These are elegant yet rustic, conjuring images of the grand vineyards of Italy. Like all of our other lamps, you can also choose our energy-saving option for these beauties.

Another one of our many fantastic lighting options includes The Grand Capitol. This has a neoclassical style and is made with a heavy-duty aluminum pole. It is the perfect option to add something special to a school campus or city park.

This traditional and elegant design will easily fit in with many outdoor styles and is an excellent go-to for outdoor designers.

Mel Northey Co. has various options that can help enhance the beauty of your outdoor design. Contact us today to get an idea of our prices.

commercial outdoor lighting

You can add our vintage-looking signs to your best outdoor lights.

Best Place to Go for Commercial Lighting and Other Outdoor Fixtures

If you have a big outdoor project coming up and need a lot of commercial outdoor lighting, we have options that will be suited to you as well. Our outdoor LED lights can generate up to eighty-percent energy savings.

These are perfect if you want a practical outdoor lighting addition to your project. Our LED shoebox lights are commonly used in county fairs, parking lots, and sports stadiums. The best part is that we offer our outdoor LED lights at affordable prices.

We can provide you with more than just the best outdoor light fixtures. We also have stop signs and street signs to complete your classic design.

They are high-quality residential grade and are easy to assemble. The stop signs are engineer-grade with red and white reflective sheeting. Aluminum cast poles will help your outdoor designs stand out among the many others.

We offer three primary styles for the signs. Essex, Excel, and Bravo.

Our Essex sign designs are Victorian style, just like our Essex lighting. They will complement each other perfectly if you have a larger project.

The Excel design captures the vibe of an early twentieth-century street in the USA. One of our options comes with a floral art nouveau design that will complete your project with added elegance.

Finally, our Bravo design is much like Excel. However, the base of the pole features a more intricate design, and its ornamentation will take you to a spring field.

commercial outdoor lighting

Our mailboxes are the perfect addition to complete our best outdoor lights designs. Though we focus on contractors, if you are a homeowner looking to revamp your style, this could be the way to do it.

One product we offer that is sure to enhance your outdoor design is our mailboxes.

They are of the highest quality and will add a gorgeous yet durable finish to your work. Our mailboxes are constructed with stainless steel doors and heavy-duty aluminum cast. However, the exception is our standard series of mailboxes made from steel.

Our various options range from mailboxes to signs to LED lighting. Each one has the potential to transform your outdoor space entirely. Many of our designs have a vintage and elegant quality to them. They are sure to captivate the imagination of any onlookers.

Contact Mel Northey Co. Today!

As you begin your next outdoor project, consider purchasing one of our various elegant styles. It is an excellent idea, especially considering the energy-saving and affordable dark sky solutions that we offer.

While we are located in Houston, Texas, we proudly deliver to contractors all around the US. Whether you are in Maine, California, or Louisiana, we can help you. Contact us today to see how we can bring new life to your outdoor designs. Our products are affordable, elegant, and durable.

There is no better place to find the best outdoor lights than Mel Northey Co.

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