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Custom Mailboxes

Chances are, if you’re searching for custom mailboxes, then you want a durable one made from high-quality materials. A mailbox is one of the first things people see when they enter your driveway. Mel Northey offers a wide selection of the finest quality custom mailboxes to enhance your curb appeal.


Our craftsmen are experts at designing exclusive and stylish custom mailboxes!

Mel Northey is a supplier for commercial and residential projects. So, we are known for having high-quality materials that are incredibly durable. All of our mailboxes and light posts are made of heavy-duty aluminum casts and accentuated with a stainless steel door. The only exception is our standard series, which are completely made of steel.

We are proud to say our mailboxes are practically indestructible. They are heavy-duty and can withstand severe weather while protecting your mail. It is our promise to keep your mail safe. In addition to being resistant, they are also incredibly stylish.

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Custom Mailboxes Will Add Character To Your Curb

From our large selection of mailboxes, we have plenty of choices to bring character to your street and the home front. Our mailbox designs are far from the ordinary we have everything from colonial America to victorian England styles and everything in between. In addition, we also have customizable options such as newspaper and magazine holders, front or top mounts, and different post sizing and designs. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your Mel Northey mailbox.

Mel Northey has been serving commercial and residential builders alike since 1979. Mel Northey has amazingly distinctive mailboxes, street signs, and lampposts on the market for small home projects to neighborhood developers. We will work closely with you to get the right style mailbox or light post to perfectly match your streetscape. Due to the fact that we work so closely with commercial developers, all of our products are of municipal grade which means they are made to last as the neighborhood develops. Read further to learn about our stellar products.

The Arlington Mailbox and Wide Body Mail Boxes


Here at Mel Northey, we have a range of custom mailboxes for all our clients.

Our Arlington line of mailboxes is very popular and takes artistry influence from the recognizable architecture of the English village. The simplistic design is in a standard box shape with shingle etching, not the roofs. These etchings are mimicking the etching from Arlington’s cottages. This line is created with a heavy-duty aluminum cast and stainless steel hinge. The Arlington mailbox comes in many mounting forms. It can be a front mount, hanging front mount, or even a dual mount.

The design of this line gives off the aesthetic of cottages from the 13th century. Additionally, the wonderful piece of work has its own character with a short, flat roof and a cut-off red flag. We provide our clients with the option to post it with either Ground Burial or a Surface Mount.

Our extra-wide Arlington Mailboxes give you optimal space for larger packages or larger loads of mail. Additionally, it gives a more stout or more appearance. Like our regular-sized Arlington Mailboxes, the style is also influenced by the cottages of the village in England. These are also constructed with heavy-duty cast aluminum with a stainless-steel finish.

Standard Mailboxes

Our standard mailboxes first appeared in 1915. The dome-rectangular shape is what may come to mind when you hear “mailbox.” Our classic-styled mailboxes are designed with stainless steel and can be constructed with magazines or newspaper holders.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between a variety of bases, finials, and shafts. Also, your mailbox can be a top or front mount and can even be attached to a Mel Northey lamppost. Each of our mailboxes is coated with powder to maintain the finished look. Additionally, you have the option to go for a Ground Burial or Surface Mount.

Yorktown Mailboxes

The Yorktown mailboxes are our most luxurious option. Their roofs are similar to those found on the historic cottages in Yorktown in America. However, their overall design is influenced by Yorkshire. These mailboxes are made to last and are designed with heavy-duty construction. The mailbox and the post are made of aluminum cast with a stainless-steel finish.

Additionally, our customers have the option of choosing between a black or white painted mailbox. This type of mailbox guarantees to hold up and keep your mail safe. Furthermore, it is painted with a powder-coated finish so that it stays looking brand spanking new. You can also choose to post with Ground Burial or Surface Mount Yorktown Mailbox.

Williamsburg Mailboxes

The Williamsburg mailbox is actually inspired by Colonial Williamsburg. It is a simple box design with a slanted but cut-off, flat roof. This aesthetic is supposed to bring back images of early Americana. Both the post and mailbox are designed with the best-cast aluminum and have a stainless-steel finish. Additionally, you can choose from the front or top mounts and have your pick from any types of pillars, bases, and finials.

Choose Mel Norther Co. Inc For Stunning Custom Mailboxes

custom mailboxes

Select from a wide range of custom mailboxes when you choose Mel Northey Co. Inc.

Whether you are looking for the perfect lamppost, LED lights, or mailboxes, Mel Northey aims to provide you with the best level of quality. Our traditional styles are all influenced by a specific historic time period. Therefore, if you are searching for a custom mailbox or any other similar outside architecture, give us a call today to receive a free quote!

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