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Road Signs

Not many people think about where road signs come from. They don’t think about it because road signs are a dime a dozen with their generic look and countless numbers. However, when you notice road signs, they usually stand apart from the rest in their aesthetic style or color.

At Mel Northey Company Inc., we can help you capture that memory with our amazing post, street, and road signs! We have been in the business since 1979, and we have nearly half a century of experience in the field. Our residential and commercial road signs have personalities that common street signs don’t.

You can capture the decorative charm that our post signs have and bring an air of wonder to your project. There is something about an ornate-looking post that sets you apart from the rest. You gain an elevated look compared to the typical steel pole that every street in the country has.

At our Mel Northey Company Inc., we market our products directly to builders, contractors, and developers. Still, we can set up any of our signs to fit any landscape project you have in mind. We do so much more than just industrial lights.

Road Signs

road signs

You’ll find that we have many road signs for you to choose from to fit your project needs.

When you look at all the signs we have to offer, you’ll find that we are different from the rest. Our signs still have the shape and color of normal traffic signs. The stop sign is still an octagon, and the regulatory signs are still diamond-shaped.

However, you’ll note that our poles and poles combined with the desired sign are different. They have an aesthetic that is not the typical U-channel post. Our poles are aluminum-cast, and they hold a film of nostalgia in the eyes of anyone who sees them.

It’s like taking a walk down memory lane, or more exactly, a mid-century American street. Some people might half expect to see the cast of Singin’ in the Rain dancing around. While others might long for a memory, they don’t have of cobblestone streets and walking in the park with a loved one. You’ll find that our designs are truly timeless and always bring a smile for how unique they are compared to the cookie-cutter streets people are used to.

We Can Do It All

No matter what kind of plan you have—residential, commercial, or an entire city-wide makeover—we will provide it! You will get top-quality products that will last you through the years. From parking signs to entry signs, we have it all and will keep everything looking aesthetic as we go.

Our uniquely classic designs are nearly maintenance-free. They are created from lightweight cast aluminum that will stand the test of time with their durability. They have been tested to withstand chipping or fading, so the weather should not be a problem. And our poles will not rust over time!

As each year passes, you’ll find that our road signs and poles will continue to look classic. Their nostalgic aesthetic only gets better as time goes on, and our business proves that. Give us a call today, and you’ll be happy you went with our Mel Northey Company Inc. We offer Essex street signs, excel signs, and bravo street signs.

Keep Growing, Keep Going

road signs

No matter what project you take on, we can help you grow. And while you grow, you can keep a classic look to make everything look welcoming!

You might want to expand your projects or needs. When you pick us as your provider, you’ll find that expansion can be seamless when you have something classic. Your project will become a pocket of awe with the feelings such designs invoke.

Street signs and road signs alike are like first impressions. They can tell a visitor a lot about what kind of area they are in. If the street lights, poles, or any variation are unique, they could attract people back again and again. Memorable signs stay with people and bring them back again.

Don’t doubt the power of a classic look that has a lot of functions; it can make people feel welcome. We strive to make people feel welcome with our sign and light poles.

We Have That

We’ve got you covered if you need a railroad crossing sign on your pole. In fact, we have a ton of different sign options to add to any of our poles, from roadwork-shaped signs to speed limit signs. We can mount any traffic safety signs you need or just normal street name signs!

Please Take Note!

In 2008, we added something to our rolodex of inventory to aid in the fight against global warming. We are talking about our dark sky solutions. This is an option that decreases the amount of light pollution in the night sky, while also reducing the electrical energy used. You can save as much as 42% in decorative outdoor lighting alone.

We offer this option at an affordable rate to help people save energy, fight light pollution, and decrease carbon emissions. This is just a small step to help America go green in reducing wasted up-light. But in fighting against light pollution, we can keep the wonderous look of the stars in the dark, too.

Contact Us Today

road signs

When it comes to cookie-cutter streets, we break the mold and return to a classic, timeless look. Call us today to add personality to your project!

We can’t wait to help you achieve the look you want. Visit our website for more information about our services and products. Or, if you prefer, just give us a call, and we will be happy to talk to you. If you have any questions about our products or what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.

We thank you for checking us out and can’t wait to see you stop by our Houston location. Remember, the Mel Northey Company Inc. is the affordable headquarters for all your posts and sign needs. Together, we can find the road sign you’ve always been looking for!

Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • The population is around 2.30 million as of 2019
  • Home of actors Matt Bomer and Jim Parsons.
  • Houston has the fifth tallest skyline in the country.