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Led Light Fixtures

Are you looking for high-quality led light fixtures for your outdoor spaces? Mel Northey offers affordable luxury LED light features to developers, builders, and contractors for all sorts of projects. Thus, if you need a wide selection of lighting, contact Mel Northey Co.

What are LED Lights?

Light-emitting diode light bulbs produce a bright white light, and LED bulbs are also energy efficient. In fact, LED bulbs use seventy-five percent less electricity than incandescent bulbs. You can illuminate dark outdoor spaces and save on your electricity bill. 

Did you know that LED lights offer the same illuminating effect that incandescent bulbs make at a lower price? In addition, the life span of an LED bulb lasts longer than traditional bulbs. As a matter of fact, the light-emitting diode bulbs can last more than three years, depending on the frequency of usage. And the maintenance cost is relatively low!

Light-emitting diode light bulbs are great for:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Landscape lighting
  • Parks
  • Parkinglots
  • Garages
  • Docks
  • Rooms
  • Outdoor spaces:

    Led Light Fixtures

    Are you looking for the best Led Light Fixtures in Houston?

LED Light Fixtures

Are you looking for luxurious fixtures to illuminate a space? Mel Northey has the best light features in Houston, TX. If you want to brighten your entire neighborhood, Mel Northey has you covered.

The company distributes large quantity light fixtures to anyone who needs them. In addition, the light features are municipal grade. As a result, the company’s products a great to use in residential and commercial areas.

Additionally, Mel Northey’s products reduce light pollution in our dark skies. Consequently, the light features are great for the environment since they are energy efficient.

If you need affordable luxurious lighting solutions, do not hesitate and call 281-445-3485. Also, you can get a quote online. All you have to do is provide a few details such as your name, contact information, and a brief message. As a result, the company will give you a quote and solution to your lighting needs!

Do you Need Lamps and Posts?

Mel Northey offers a massive section of lamps and posts. If you are seeking for a specific style, there is a high chance that Mel Northey has what you are looking for. In addition, the company offers other products such as mailboxes and street signs.

Commercial and Street Lights

If you want to make your outdoor space brighter and safer at night, you need commercial or street LED lights. You want to illuminate as much area as possible without breaking the bank, don’t you?

Treat your business, home, or neighborhood with bright street and commercial light features. As a result, you will feel safer since you’ll be able to see what lurks in the dark.

American Nostalgia

Are you looking for a vintage twentieth-century lamp pole? Mel Northey has plenty of Americana-inspired lamp posts for you to choose from. Thus, if you are planing vintage Americana-inspired outdoor space and need lighting, Mel Northey has you covered.

Are you a Fan of the Elizabethan Era?

Stratford lamp posts were used during the Elizabethan era to illuminate the streets at night. You can live your Shakespeare fantasy right in your backyard with Elizabethan-inspired Stratford light poles and pagoda-style lanterns. In addition, you can request additional modifications so that the light features customize the light feature to your sophisticated taste.

Did you Break your Globe?

If there is ever a time when your Mel Northey globe is broken, you can easily order a replacement. In addition, the company offers spheres, lanterns, acorn globes with caging decoration. Also, you can use LED light bulbs with Mel Northey globes to illuminate your area.

You’ll bring so much style and safety to your desire area at night. As a result, people will feel safe when walking around your well-lighted place. Call Mel Northey to get your replacement glove fast.

Led Light Fixtures

If you need a replacement globe, call Mel Northey

Illuminate your World with Mel Northey

Are you designing a park? If so, Mel Northey can help you illuminate your park at night. The company has many light poles and glove options for you to choose from. Does your garden have a specific them, or are you going for a certain aesthetic? Mel Northey can help you find the best lighting options for your park.

Did you know that the majority of people are scared of the dark, especially in urban areas? If you provide good lighting in your park, more people will be willing to utilize it after sundown.

Light provides people with the feeling of safety since they are aware of their surroundings. It is a fact that light repels creatures of the night and criminal activities away. Thus, if you want to illuminate your park try installing led light features from Meil Northey.

Mel Northey’s Other Products

Did you know that Mel Northey also offers mailboxes as well as street and stop signs? The mailboxes come in different designs and styles. In addition, the mailboxes are made out of durable metals, so the mailboxes last a long time. Mel Northey mailboxes keep your mail safe and dry during storms.

The company also produces street and stop signs. The signs come in different poles styles, sizes and are constructed with heavy-duty materials.

Get rid of those primary mailboxes and stop signs in your neighborhood. If you want to have a more cohesive community, you will need matching street signs, mailboxes, and steer lamps.

Yes, you can create a splendid neighborhood with elegant lamps, stop signs, and mailboxes. The company has many styles for you to choose from, so making a cohesive community is possible with Mel Northey Co.

Led Light Fixtures

Mel Northey offers a wide variety of high-quality products.

Aesthetics Matter

If you are looking for high-quality lamp posts, mailboxes, and street signs, Mel Northey has you covered. The company produces high-quality products for you to use in your outdoor areas or even inside your home, such as in your garage.

If you want the best Led Light Fixtures contact Mel Northey today!

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