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Contractors and developers know that finding the right decorative mailboxes can transform an ordinary renovation into something stunning. These seemingly small elements can add the perfect extra touch. Developers hoping to sell homes faster can rely on these items to draw in customers. Contractors improving other lots can turn to these ornate details add visual appeal to their clients. Regardless of the type of job, mailboxes and other decorate elements add the perfect touch.

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When shopping for mailboxes, decorative or otherwise, you should keep a few principles in mind. The box needs to last, both physically and aesthetically. In that light, avoid anything made with a weak metal or in a trendy design. Trends tend to come and go quickly. However, a strong post and a timeless style will last. Opting for a sturdy, attractive post is an excellent way to solidify your reputation as a skilled and experienced contractor.

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Mel Northey carries a selection of mailboxes in many decorative styles. Opting for a style that represents antique and old-fashioned charm is the best choice. Mel Northey sells a variety of stunning mailboxes in a number of styles, shapes, and colors. Contractors and developers can view their products online at https://melnorthey.com. You can also use their online form or contact them by phone to request a printed catalog. Customer service experts can be reached by calling their toll-free number at 1-800-828-0302.

Mailboxes And Other Decorative Items Are Big Selling Features

Contractors and developers working on new homes should do everything they can to add to their curb appeal. Incorporating decorative touches, such as a stylish mailbox, can be an excellent way to attract buyers. Even if you are renovating an existing family home, consider adding that charming appeal. Antique-looking exterior fixtures are not always anticipated but will always make your clients happy. Increasing homeowner’s satisfaction often goes a long way.

Decorative outdoor fixtures, such as mailboxes and lampposts, bring a lot of beauty, but only if selected well. If you are renovating a single-family home, find a mailbox or post in a flattering style. Take a look at the other exterior fixtures, and try to find something in a similar style and shade. Too many competing styles is distracting to the eye and can make a home look tacky. Contractors and developers planning subdivision work should also avoid competing decorative styles. Consider purchasing two styles, but close in design. This way your community will look aesthetically pleasing while avoiding the cookie-cutter look.

Antique and Victorian designs are coming back in style in a big way. Flashy trends come and go, but old-fashioned charm will always be in style. As a result, individuals and municipalities are turning to vintage-looking items for interior and exterior design. Mel Northey’s mailboxes are available in a wide range of styles, shapes, and sizes. Contractors and developers can request a catalog online by visiting https://melnorthey.com. If you have questions or want to speak with a representative, call 1-800-828-0302. Customer service agents can answer your questions and direct you to the right mailbox for your job.

Choose Strong Metal For The Decorative Posts

When you are browsing for mailboxes in a decorative style, pay attention to the metal used in their construction. The post’s material plays a huge role in how long it lasts, and how long it retains its aesthetic appeal. Avoid succumbing to the temptation to buy the most attractive box without first checking the way it is made. Mailboxes made with cheaper materials, such as plastic, will wear down fast. Instead, take the time to find a reputable supplier who carries attractive fixtures made with durable metals.

Keep an eye out for materials that will withstand extreme temperature variations as well as the elements. Cast aluminum and steel are recommended metals for decorative posts and mailboxes. Cast aluminum, in particular, is malleable but sturdy, making it perfect for exterior projects. Its natural resistance to corrosion makes it essentially rustproof, increasing its lifespan. Steel products are also very strong and durable but lack the same corrosion resistance and malleability.

Contractors looking for strong posts and other decorative fixtures can visit Mel Northey online at https://melnorthey.com. Mel Northey supplies high-quality, durable posts and boxes to contractors and developers across the country. Interested parties can view their products online, or by requesting a printed catalog. Customer service agents can be contacted at 1-800-828-0302.

Investigate Corporate Policies And Procedures When Buying Decorative Boxes

Any applicable policies or procedures are the final thing to consider when choosing a decorative post or mailbox supplier. Established and reputable businesses will have clear return and exchange policies. Some vendors will also offer a limited or one-year warranty on their line of products. Before you make your investment, carefully review this information. Contact customer service or store employees if you have any questions. It is much easier to get clarifying information at this stage than to clear up misconceptions later.

Contractors and developers interested in the Mel Northey line of products can find warranty and other policy information online. A one-year warranty is offered on all their outdoor decorative items. The details of available warranties and other corporate policies are available in easy-to-understand formats. If you still have questions, you can quickly and easily contact their customer service department. Contact information can be found by visiting https://melnorthey.com or by calling 1-800-828-0302.

The Bottom Line On Purchasing Decorative Mailboxes

Stylistic touches are often the elements that stand out the most to clients and prospective buyers. As a result, installing decorative items like mailboxes and lampposts will help get your renovation the attention it deserves. Eye-catching elements like these add to curb appeal and will leave your customers happy with your work. Avoid using boring or plain items. Instead, focus on visually interesting exterior fixtures.

Contractors can take a look at a line of beautiful mailboxes in styles to suit every taste online at https://melnorthey.com. Mel Northey is the best choice for all your exterior design needs. They carry a variety of products, making it easy to combine aesthetic elements for a visually stunning renovation project. Contact Mel Northey today at 1-800-828-0302 to find the decorative mailboxes your project needs today.

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