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Commercial Street Signs 

Commercial street signs offer an effective way for a business to succeed in a highly competitive environment. Signage should quickly and effectively communicate the services or products offered. On-premise signage, for many businesses, is the most efficient and cost-effective type of advertising. To draw in customers, effective  signs are a must.

Commercial street signs provide an essential link to customers. Signs create awareness about services and products, influence purchasing decisions, and promote the impulse to stop and shop. Two of the most important functions of commercial street signs are to aid motorists in safely arriving at the location of the business and to physically mark the business site.

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First Impressions!

When commercial street signs are well-executed, they make an all-important first impression on prospective customers. An eye-catching sign that conveys a concise message is an effective form of advertising that will attract customers. There are many considerations involved with creating top notch commercial street signs.

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The following are some of the primary components to consider for signage:

  • A top priority should be to achieve readability. The words should be effortless to read. It is easier to read a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters than to read words with letters that are all capitalized.
  • The typeface of the lettering in commercial street signs makes a significant difference in readability. For words to be easy to read at a glance, a simple typeface is preferred. For style purposes, there may be a temptation to choose a unique or fancy typeface over readability; but doing so can detract from the usefulness of signs. Also, stick with one font as opposed to two or more.
  • The number of words is another important element of commercial street signs. Using as few words as possible can be difficult to achieve but is crucial for advertising purposes.
  • Another component of effective commercial street signs which is of great significance is color. Complementary bold colors have the most visual appeal. There should be a clear contrast between background color and text color, so that the text stands out clearly.

More Effect

Commercial street signs are even more effective if, in addition to being highly readable, they are memorable. Unique graphics can help with branding, enhance visual appeal, relate more information about a business, and convey a message to potential customers at a glance. Examples of unique graphics include a business logo, a drawing, or a captivating photograph.

The size and location of commercial street signs are also crucial elements. Outdoor signs should communicate clearly for people who are at a distance, but drivers should not be compelled to slow down or turn their heads in order to absorb the message. Ideally, commercial street signs are near the actual location of the business.

Information that may be conveyed on commercial street signs are the name of the business, the logo, telephone number, address, easy directions, and website address. Effective signage often has a call to action, which means it suggests something people should do. A brief slogan, particularly if it’s snappy, can help to increase brand recognition. Twitter is a highly popular form of social media, and displaying the business’s twitter handle can increase followers.

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