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Imagine walking through a neighborhood where every street corner has a different kind of decorative sign post that makes the area more interesting and charming. Our company, Mel Northey Co. Inc., specializes in improving neighborhoods like yours by supplying high-quality outdoor items.

A decorated sign post from Mel Northey Co. Inc. isn’t just something you need. It’s also a statement piece. Whether you want to mark a street, put up a stop sign, or add directional signs, our street signs look good with their surroundings while still being easy to see and work with.

Our street signs include:

Beautify Your Neighborhood with a Decorative Sign Post

Why would you ever use a decorative sign post? When it comes to function, there is probably nothing more utilitarian than a traffic signal. It’s just a pole in the ground with a placard attached telling you where you are or what you need to do.

If a simple wooden post with a board screwed onto it will do the job, why would you change it to something more attractive? We’ll tell you why.

Where Can I Find Decorative Sign Posts for sale?

Where To Find Decorative Sign Post?

With the rise of sites like Pinterest, and the popularity of magazines like Better Homes & Gardens, people are paying more attention to design.

Regular folks are understanding that when form and function work together, a previously mundane object becomes something more. It becomes an object to admire, something that brings joy to the beholder. This applies whether the object is a trash can, a pencil holder, or a sign post.

Design is so important that author and social commentator Daniel Pink devoted an entire chapter to it in his New Your Times bestselling book, A Whole New Mind. Good design, he argues, brings meaning to the mundanely functional things in our lives.

It’s All In The Details

When people encounter an object in their lives, they notice the details. What color is it? Is it well-kept, or is it falling apart? Is it rusty, or polished? Does it do what it is supposed to do? Is it strictly functional, or did someone go to the time or expense to select something beautiful?

When it comes to signage, a decorative post can give a visitor the impression that an area is well-maintained, even upscale. It shows an attention to detail that the visitors notice and appreciate.

People are finding ways to include beauty around them in everything they do. From the design of their clothes to their cars to the interiors of their homes, design matters. Employers spend millions of dollars to design functional and pleasant spaces for their employees to recruit and retain them. Cities are doing the same thing in their neighborhoods and commercial districts.

It Enhances Your Area

The design of an object doesn’t just give an impression about the object itself. Enhancing such a simple object extends its magic to the rest of the area. While a decorative display isn’t going to salvage a crumbling neighborhood on its own, but it can be a great addition a neighborhood beautification campaign.

There are certain places where it makes a lot of sense to add that extra touch of ornamentation.

Historic Districts

Historic neighborhoods are the perfect place for our turn-of-the-century reproductions of classic designs. If all the houses are of a certain quality and vintage, it only makes sense for the other displays to follow suit. It adds extra class to those areas where people might be coming to look for ideas, or admire the architecture. This is doubly true for historic main street and shopping areas since many people will see them.

Tourist Areas

Places that draw a lot of visitors need good directional focal points to point them in the right direction. Make those visitors feel welcome and special with an ornamental design on your fixtures. The beach, shopping areas, museum districts and more can all benefit from improved aesthetics.

College Campuses

Institutions of higher learning are always working to make their visitors feel special. They are continually welcoming prospective students, new students, new faculty, and visiting speakers to their campuses. The campuses themselves are often complex arrays of buildings that span several city blocks. Signage is absolutely essential for helping people get around, so unified, decorative signs can reinforce the institution’s image of a place of significance.

Public Parks

Green-spaces are becoming an essential part in nearly every city planning project. All over the country, citizens and public leaders are recognizing how important outdoor areas are to the quality of life in a community. It only makes sense to reflect that importance in the placards located in those parks by giving them a little something extra.

Anywhere you want to make a good impression. Decorative signs can enhance sports complexes, city offices, government buildings, large employers, and even small businesses.

What Kinds Of Signs?

Almost any kind of plaque can be mounted on a decorative post. The standard street blade you see at intersections is probably the most common. These can be enhanced with ornamental scrolling along the tops of the blades, making them appear hung from the scrolling.

Decorative Sign Post Supplier Near me

Houston’s Best Decorative Sign Post For Sale?

Stop signs and other traffic signals are also common. These types benefit from finials at the tops of poles, and your community benefits because they are everywhere. If everywhere someone turns they see that touch of class, they will know they are in a place that care about what people think.

Another oft-overlooking type of signage is wayfinding. Visitors to an area appreciate finding signs that indicate the distance and direction to other locations of interest. Directories, city welcome placards, names of businesses, even customized address plaques are all possibilities. Nothing makes people feel better than feeling confident about where they are going. Why not make them feel confident and show them something pleasant at the same time?

Choose Mel Northey For Decorative Outdoor Fixtures

With over 30 years in the business, Mel Northey has been providing quality street fixtures to people all over the country. All our products are aluminum, which is lightweight for easy installation, but also incredibly durable. They resist rust, wind, and weather far better than wooden posts ever will.

Sure, you could install a plain pole in your area. It would serve its purpose. But with a little extra time and attention, you could make a big impression on visitors and residence alike. A pretty sign is just as functional as one without any extra decoration. Let form and function work together to enhance the appeal of your project.

Beyond sign posts, we also provide exquisite lighting solutions for all your needs. Whether you need them for commercial or industrial use, we’ve got the lighting for you. Check out our extensive grand lamps collection or our functional street lights.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our different styles and choose a decorative sign post that is right for you. For more information, browse through our catalog or visit our website for a free quote from us.