Yard Light Pole

Adding a yard light pole to your outdoor space is a great way to add charm, security, and timeless beauty to your home. At Mel Northey Co., we focus on making beautiful and long-lasting outdoor decorative lights. With more than 40 years of experience, we know how to light up the outside of your home or business in a way that looks good and works well.

yard light pole

Explore our beautiful, timeless outdoor yard light pole options!

Get A Residential Yard Light Pole

The right yard light pole can make a big difference in how your house looks from the street. What used to be a dark and boring yard can now give off a sense of warmth and style.

When it comes to making your home safer, you can’t do without our durable and sturdy yard light pole choices. Having more people see you makes it less likely that someone will break in. This makes your home even safer.

We make our light posts not only so they look good and give off enough light but also so they can stand up to bad weather and last for years.

Get A Pretty Yard Light Pole for Business Districts

Mel Northey Co. sells yard light poles, business area lighting, decorative sign posts, and outdoor lamp posts to make induction and LED-lit commercial spaces look better and make them safer. Our selection can easily fit car parks, shopping centers, complexes, and other business landscapes, which makes the property look better and makes visitors feel more at home.

How can businesses benefit from a yard light pole?

Three main ways in which commercial properties gain from the fact that we focus on making great products. First of all, a well-lit public place feels safe and welcoming, which brings in more customers and makes their experience better.

Second, our decorative lighting makes your business area look more appealing and makes it an icon in the area. Lastly, our goods are long-lasting and cost-effective because they are made to last and use less energy.

Other Fixtures

We don’t just make lights; we also make street and stop signs, which are important for controlling traffic and keeping people safe. They are made to be easy to see, last a long time, and meet all Department of Transportation requirements. Our signposts are useful and attractive, so they look good in both home and business areas.

We are also proud to offer a wide range of mailboxes. These mailboxes will last for years and add to the look of any home or business. It’s important to choose the right mailbox because it’s the first thing people see when they come to your house. A well-made mailbox that can stand up to the weather says a lot about you and your style.

yard light pole

We got the yard light pole for you!

How Outdoor LED Light Fixtures Are Powerful: They Are Efficient, Versatile, and More

Lighting is important everywhere, from the streets to businesses to houses. Lighting not only helps us find our way in the dark or do jobs that require concentration, but it also sets the mood and makes a place look better. So, it’s important to choose the right light sources. LED lighting, in particular, is making waves because it has so many benefits.

What are the benefits of LED yard light poles?

One of the best things about outdoor LED light systems is that they use less energy. Compared to other types of lighting, like incandescent or gas lamps, LED lights use less power to give off the same amount of light. This lowers energy costs.

LED lights are known to last for a long time. They don’t burn out or break down as quickly as regular lights. Instead, they fade over time to show when they need to be changed. Because they last so long, you’ll spend less time and money changing them and have more time to enjoy the light they give off.

LED outdoor light bulbs are made to work in all kinds of weather, including heat, rain, and snow. They work in a wide range of temperatures, and their durability makes them resistant to damage from bumps. This makes sure that they stay lit all year long.

LED lights are better for the world than regular bulbs. They don’t have any harmful materials in them, and because they use less energy, they put out less carbon dioxide. Plus, since they last a long time, they need to be replaced less often, which reduces trash.

LEDs are very versatile when it comes to design. They can be made into any shape, and because they are directional, they can shine light in very specific places. This lets you personalize your outdoor areas because you can highlight architectural features, landscapes, signs, or create special light effects to improve the way things look.

yard light pole

Experienced craftsmen beautifully design our yard light pole.

Why Should You Pick Mel Northey Co.?

We stand out in this business for a number of reasons. Above all, we offer a wide range of goods that are well-made, look good, and can last a long time to meet the different tastes and outdoor needs of our customers. Focusing on customer satisfaction and being good to the world keeps us coming up with new ideas and making improvements.

As a leader in our field, we are dedicated to making lighting products that are both energy-efficient and good for the environment. This helps to cut down on light pollution. Our Dark Sky fixtures point down, which cuts down on glare and lost light by a lot.

Although we’re based in Houston, TX, we offer straight shipping all over the United States, so you can get any of our products no matter where you live. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the right yard light pole, lamp post, mailbox, or sign for your home or business.

Mel Northey Co. has a wide range of decorative lamp posts and light fixtures that could help you rediscover your outdoor areas. We can help you make a big statement, whether you want to light up your garden path or the front of your shop. With our range of yard light poles, you can make your street look nice and keep people safe at night. Let us show you how to look your best outside today and call us today!

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