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Decorative Street Lighting

Decorative street lighting is often one of the last things new contractors consider when planning their outdoor projects. Starting out, some contractors may think that finding decorative street lighting is one of the final steps, while other, larger aspects of renovation projects can seem more important.

In reality, those seemingly small additions can make a significant difference to the success of your project. As a result, the style and type of lighting you use should be one of the first things you consider. The style and brightness of light you choose will impact every other aspect of your renovation job.

Decorative Street Lighting

Finding high-quality street lighting in decorative styles will impress your clients and will ensure your work lasts. Posts and poles purchased from reputable, experienced retailers are usually made of durable material. Keep an eye out for posts made from strong, sturdy metals. In particular, aim for steel or cast aluminum posts and poles.

These metals can withstand extreme temperature variations and elements. Cast aluminum’s natural resistance to corrosion makes it ideal for areas where rust may be of concern. Your work will last, both physically and aesthetically, if you opt for attractive yet strong materials.

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Thinking about decorative streetlights should be one of the first things you do when accepting an outdoor renovation project. Contractors and developers can start by visiting Mel Northey Co. Inc. to view the styles and types of lighting available.

If you would prefer a printed catalog, contact them by calling their toll-free line at 1-800-828-0302. Mel Northey’s line of quality exterior fixtures and lighting products come with a one-year warranty. Contractors new and experienced alike can benefit from Mel Northey’s years of success in the industry. Take a few moments to learn why thinking about lighting is important early on and then visit Mel Northey.

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Decorative Street Lighting In Houston

Decorative Lighting and Posts Sets The Tone For The Area

The style of decorative light post you choose will set the tone for the entire area. This is why a growing number of contractors are switching to antique and old-fashioned reproductions.

Victorian-looking posts carry universal appeal and timeless charm. Opting for a style like this will ensure your work looks beautiful even when current trends change. Classic elegance never looks dated.

Depending on the project you are completing, the style of outdoor lighting can impact other aesthetic features. Commercial mailboxes, street signs, and other external fixtures should all have a uniform look across the same property. Too many competing styles can be distracting, which can cause dangerous conditions for pedestrians and drivers. Taking the time to consider the style of your post carefully will help ensure your project looks professional and is safe.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has a large selection of decorative posts from which to choose. They have a variety of styles, sizes, and color options available. These include Americana lamposts, Dover lamposts, courtyard lights, and more.

Contractors renovating existing properties can find lighting and poles that complement the rest of the area. Printed versions can be requested online, or by calling 1-800-828-0302. Mel Northey Co. Inc. carries other outdoor accessories as well, so you can achieve the uniform look you want.

Decorative Streetlight Brightness May Determine Other Factors

The type of light emitted by the decorative post can play a role in other aspects of the project. For example, you may need more posts if the light emitted from a particular source happens to be dim. Alternatively, posts that emit a bright, focused beam can be placed further apart. The precise number of posts required will affect other aesthetic and practical decisions when planning a walkway or parking lot.

The brightness each light provides will also determine the layout of other aspects of your project. The light projected by each bulb will determine the positioning of each decorative light post. In turn, this can affect the layout of the rest of the outdoor area.

Posts spaced far apart may leave an area looking sparse or empty. Posts clustered too close together can also have an unappealing effect. Knowing exactly where your light sources will be located now will contribute to the success of your project later.

Contractors and developers can visit Mel Northey Co. Inc. to see a variety of post and light styles and sources. Contact them by phone to request a printed catalog. Experienced, friendly staff can be reached by calling their toll-free number at 1-800-828-0302. They have many post sizes and brightness levels available, helping you find the best one for your needs.

Plan Your Street Lighting Early To Form A Budget Better

Regardless of the scope of the job, your client will want high-quality work at reasonable rates. Starting your project by thinking about all aspects, including the design and type of light post, will refine your quote. Everything from the style of a decorative light post to the lighting source will impact on the overall price. Avoid surprises by carefully considering your lighting needs at this early stage.

Contractors looking for high-quality outdoor fixtures at affordable prices should visit Mel Northey Co. Inc. You can view their product catalog online and can request a printed version by calling 1-800-828-0302.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. offers decorative street lampposts, poles, and other lighting solutions. You can find the type of decorative post you want and match it with the light source the job demands. Mel Northey Co. Inc. also offers a one-year warranty on their decorative posts and lights to provide your clients with extra comfort.

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Buying The Best Decorating Street Lighting

Shopping for decorative street lights early on will help the rest of your project run smoothly. There are many benefits to considering all aspects of your project, including lighting, early on.

You can set a budget with greater accuracy and figure out other planning aspects. For example, using posts of a certain height may mean you need fewer lights. Depending on the light source you choose, you may want to invest in other accessories.

Contractors and developers looking for more information about commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale can contact Mel Northey Co. Inc. Their customer service department can answer any questions you may have, so call today or request a quote.

You should always think about your lighting early on in any renovation project. Starting the job by visiting Mel Northey Co. Inc. will ensure you find the best decorative street lighting available.