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Parking Lot Light Fixture

Parking Lot Light Fixture

Picking out a parking lot light fixture is an important part of planning the exterior of any building. It may seem insignificant, but using the right type of lighting can make a huge difference. There is a fine line between keeping people safe and being too bright to see. The right type of lighting will minimize shadows, spread far, and make color rendering more accurate for drivers and pedestrians. Users of your lot will be safer.

Light fixtures in parking lots can also set an aesthetic tone. Contractors and developers should strive to find styles that complement the nearby buildings. In addition to playing a visual role, the style of lighting can also impact the brightness of the lot. It is important to carefully compare models and take your time when shopping as a result. Mel Northey encourages contractors, builders, and developers to start their search online at https://melnorthey.com.

Mel Northey has light fixtures for parking lots available in a variety of different styles and lighting sources. Regardless of the aesthetic or brightness level you want, you can find it at Mel Northey. Contact their customer service department at 1-800-828-0302 to obtain a paper catalog. You can also see available styles by visiting them online. As you browse for fixtures, keep these following questions in mind. They will help guide you to the perfect one for the job.

How You Want The Parking Lot To Look When Illuminated?

Contractors and their clients need to decide early on what they want the parking lot to look like when illuminated. The answer to this question can affect everything from the type of light source to the style of fixture. Even minor details, like whether or not the encasing material is frosted, will play a role. The brightness of the completed lot may depend on a few different factors. Contractors should discuss these with their clients before beginning work. The proximity to nearby buildings, neighborhoods and the street is one thing to keep in mind. The overall size of the lot and its anticipated uses are other things to consider.

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Parking Lot Light Fixture for sale in houston

Aesthetically speaking the lighting fixtures in the parking lot should be similar to the ones surrounding the building. This gives the area an excellent sense of visual flow. A growing number of buildings have been remodeled in an antique or Victorian style. The result is a classy, elegant exterior leading into a classically decorated interior. Finding fixtures with that same old-fashioned charm can do wonders for the look of the lot.

Contractors and builders can contact Mel Northey for antique reproduction lighting fixtures for parking lots. Their line of products can be viewed online at https://melnorthey.com. Each product link has a printable version, for easy on-site comparison without Wi-Fi access. You can also order a printed catalog directly from their website or by calling 1-800-828-0302.

What Is Your Budget For Lighting Fixtures For The Lot?

Ask yourself or your client what their budget is for their parking lot lighting fixtures. When you do so, remind them to think about ongoing maintenance as well as the initial cost. Installing high-pressure sodium (HPS) powered lighting, for example, will cost quite a lot over time. These bulbs require frequent replacement, leading to higher maintenance fees. They also perform poorly as they age, making them considerably less safe than a more reliable alternative.

Clients who are looking to have lighting installed on a budget should consider LED sources. LED sources are growing in popularity in communities across the country. They are energy efficient, long-lasting, and require less maintenance than their HPS counterparts. They also provide brighter and more focused lights, leading to a safer parking lot.

Mel Northey carries antique reproduction lights with a few different light sources, including LED. Contractors and builders can see these LED parking lot lighting fixtures online at https://melnorthey.com or by ordering their printed catalog. These lights are stylish and affordable, both now and over time. They will leave your parking lot with the aesthetic you want at a price you can manage. Contact Mel Northey’s customer service department at 1-800-828-0302 to find out more about cost.

Are There Any Legal Requirements These Parking Lot Fixtures Need To Meet?

Your parking lot, including the light fixtures, should comply with local, state, and federal legislation. In addition to securing the proper construction permits, you should determine what lighting restrictions might be in place. Some communities have brightness level minimums and maximums imposed on lots in residential areas. Other municipalities enforce laws regarding the distance between posts. Before you begin searching for the fixtures your lot needs, be sure they will comply with legislation.

A growing number of cities across the country are starting to fight against light pollution. The bright light emitted by streetlights, parking lot fixtures, and other sources of light block the view of the sky. In response, some communities have maximum brightness levels imposed. One way to comply with these requirements and fight light pollution yourself is to purchase a light refractor. Mel Northey offers light refractors and retrofit kits. These refractors reflect the light down to the pavement. This directs the light to where it needs to be, leaving a clear view of the sky above.

Contractors and developers can learn more about night sky friendly lighting solutions by visiting Mel Northey online at https://melnorthey.com. You can reach customer service agents at 1-800-828-0302 if you have questions. Finding lighting sources that will keep your parking lot safe while minimizing your own environmental impact is easy when you start with Mel Northey.

Final Thoughts On Buying A Style Of Parking Lot Light Fixture

The type of fixtures your parking lot has may seem like an insignificant detail. In reality, it plays a huge role in how your lot will function after you complete construction. Aesthetically speaking, the style of fixture will determine the overall tone of the lot. Contractors should look for lighting that compliments the nearby building’s exterior fixtures.

Parking Lot Light Fixtures for sale in houston

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In terms of brightness, contractors should discuss LED-based solutions with their clients. These lights provide superior brightness without violating local lighting laws. When used with a refractor they can illuminate the lot without ruining your view of the night sky. Visit https://melnorthey.com to help you find the perfect parking lot light fixture.