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Cast Aluminum Light Post

Contractors improving exterior lots may need to choose between using a steel or cast aluminum light post. Both are common materials, frequently found in the construction of exterior fixtures. In fact, there are many designs that are available in both steel and cast aluminum with very few differences. There are benefits and drawbacks to the use of each metal in outdoor fixtures. For exterior renovations, however, cast aluminum is the best choice. Its strengths and benefits outweigh those offered by steel, without any of the drawbacks.

Some of your clients may operate under the mistaken impression that steel is the superior metal. As a result, they might insist that you use steel instead of cast aluminum poles and posts. It can be hard to contradict a client’s wishes, but in situations like these, you should not hesitate. The longevity of your project and your reputation as a developer may depend on using cast aluminum instead of steel. In addition, your client’s budget may soar if they insist on steel poles.

Find The Right Supplier

While convincing your client to use cast aluminum light posts may be hard, finding the right supplier is easy. Mel Northey has been providing contractors and developers with affordable, high-quality posts and poles for over three decades. You can trust that their products will look aesthetically pleasing and will last the test of time.

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Contractors and developers can take a look at their products online by visiting https://melnorthey.com. If you prefer a printed catalog, you can order one by filling out a request form on their website. Developers who prefer to speak on the phone can call them toll-free at 1-800-828-0302. Mel Northey can help you convince your clients to use the best material for the job. They have stunning, durable, and affordable cast aluminum posts your customers will love.

Using Cast Aluminum Lighting Is Budget-Friendly

Municipalities and large organizations are often very focused on their budgets. Cutting costs and saving money wherever possible is the goal for most cities and communities across the country. Contractors can appeal to their fiscal needs by recommending cast aluminum light fixtures instead of using steel. Cast aluminum is cheaper, and is much lighter. As a result, it can be transported to and from job sites at a lower price. In addition, cast aluminum is virtually rustproof. Cities will not need to increase their maintenance budget to keep their fixtures looking beautiful.

Alternatively, steel requires a lot of upkeep and ongoing maintenance, often at increased labor expenses. Municipalities and communities, in particular, will want to avoid future costs wherever possible. Cautioning your clients against steel will help them save money now and later on down the road. Using cast aluminum does not mean compromising durability or attractiveness in the name of affordability. Reminding your clients of this fact can help guide them to the right decision.

Mel Northey carries a large selection of cast aluminum poles and posts suited to just about any outdoor project. Individual posts are available in both metals, giving contractors the ability to quickly calculate the price difference. Their catalog can be found online by visiting https://melnorthey.com or by calling 1-800-828-0302. You may want to bring a hard copy with you when you meet with your client. You can also find printable product pages online.

Cast Aluminum Light Posts Are Attractive

Ultimately, you want your renovation project to look fantastic upon completion. Cast aluminum lighting fixtures are the perfect way to bring aesthetic charm to any outdoor area. The metal is malleable enough to be styled in a variety of different designs and patterns. It is also strong enough to withstand elemental and temperature changes without compromising its appearance. Cast aluminum has a high resistance to corrosion, meaning it will look beautiful for a long time without requiring repairs. Cast aluminum can also be painted and repainted with ease, making it available in a few different shades. These aesthetic perks make it easy to find a beautiful post in the perfect style.

It is possible to find beautiful steel posts as well as cast aluminum. However, the other benefits of cast aluminum do not carry over to steel. For example, steel is not rustproof, nor does it age well. Steel is also not as malleable, limiting the stylistic choices available. When talking about post material with your clients, mention these drawbacks to steel. Mere strength does not make up for its aesthetic limitations. Your customers may be unaware of the visual appeal of cast aluminum compared to steel. Discussing these points with them can help convince them to use the better metal.

Mel Northey has many styles and shades of cast aluminum light posts available at affordable prices. After talking about the long-term benefits of cast aluminum, show your clients the options available. Seeing the charm of cast aluminum and learning how it retains that beauty over time can be persuasive. Mel Northey’s products are available online by visiting https://melnorthey.com. You can also request a printed catalog by calling 1-800-828-0302 or filling out the online form.

Cast Aluminum Lights And Posts Are Durable

Your clients want to be sure that the completed project will last a long time before repairs are required. Municipalities, in particular, do not want to have to spend money on the same project more than once. As a result, using only the most durable materials is essential to the job’s overall success. Unfortunately, this often means contradicting your client or convincing them to explore other options.

Many clients believe that steel is more durable than cast aluminum, by virtue of its strength. The reality is that cast aluminum light posts will look nicer for a much longer period. Steel may hold up to physical pressure better, but it does not retain its beauty. Its physical strength makes steel suitable for bridge construction, but not necessarily exterior poles and posts. Cast aluminum is virtually rustproof and available in a larger selection of styles. Its longevity and versatility make it a much more durable option than steel.

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Contractors can find exterior fixtures including lampposts at Mel Northey by visiting them online at https://melnorthey.com. Mel Northey carries a variety of cast aluminum lighting solutions for exterior projects. They also offer a one-year warranty on all their products. The fact that Mel Northey stands behind their fixtures can help convince your clients to use cast aluminum lighting fixtures.

Convincing Your Clients To Invest In A Cast Aluminum Light Post

Convincing your customers to use cast aluminum lighting options can be difficult. Misconceptions about cast aluminum versus steel can deter many individuals from learning more. However, once you discuss the strengths and drawbacks of each material, your clients will likely make the right call. After all, it is in their interests that the project looks great and last all while staying affordable.

Mel Northey is the perfect place to start your search for this type of lighting. They have styles, colors and design options available that are sure to impress any client. Contractors looking for a place to buy their cast aluminum light post should start with Mel Northey.