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Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts

Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts

If you are planning any outdoor project, you may have to decide between cast aluminum lamp posts and steel ones. It can be a tricky decision, especially if the same post is available in either material. In situations like these, you may be tempted to allow your decision to be made by cost alone.

However, it is important to take the time to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both materials. Making an informed decision about the material used will ensure your project is a success.

The 3 Most Important

Generally speaking, contractors need three main things out of their lamp posts: affordability, attractiveness, and durability. Steel and cast aluminum light posts options should be compared using those three criteria to guarantee you are making an informed purchase. Cost is only one of those three factors, so be sure you are giving each equal weight. A cheap post will cost you a lot more in the long run. Not only will it require replacement sooner, but it could also affect your reputation.

Shopping from a reputable vendor is the best way to ensure you get high-quality products regardless of the material used. Mel Northey carries cast aluminum street light poles as well as those made with steel. You can view their available products online at https://melnorthey.com. You can also order a printed catalog by calling 1-800-828-0302.

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Mel Northey has been in business for over thirty-five years and has an experienced sales staff. They will answer your questions about which metal is best for your particular job. Comparing posts based on cost, visual appeal, and strength is a great start. Contacting Mel Northey to learn more is a fantastic way to follow up.

Consider The Cost Of The Steel Or Cast Aluminum Street Light Post

While cost should never be the sole factor you consider, there is no denying its importance. Contractors and consumers alike hope to cut costs where possible without affecting the overall quality of the project. As a result, figuring out if steel or cast aluminum street lighting posts are best early on is ideal. In addition to the initial purchase cost, keep ongoing maintenance requirements in mind. For example, if rust is a potential issue, your client may need to invest in more maintenance workers. Alternatively, if the post is made using weak material, it might need replacement sooner.

Why Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts

Steel and cast aluminum are common options because of their strength relative to other metals. Steel is incredibly strong, but not very affordable. Cast aluminum is available at a much lower price initially and requires less work over time. For contractors and clients with budgetary constraints, cast aluminum is a far superior option. It is also lighter, making it easier and cheaper to ship and transport between locations.

Mel Northey carries many cast aluminum-based posts and poles at competitive prices. Contractors can contact customer service to learn more about cost and fees by calling 1-800-828-0302. Posts purchased from Mel Northey come with a one-year warranty, giving you and your clients peace of mind. You know they will stand behind their products and will be there if anything goes wrong.

Which Looks Best: Steel Or Cast Aluminum Lighting And Poles?

The overall look of your project is another factor to consider when deciding between steel and cast aluminum light posts. Most clients want their outdoor fixtures to have a stylistic element. This sets the improved area apart from other, undeveloped areas. It also brings visual diversity and interest to your project. Avoid trendy or gaudy patterns and instead, stick with Victorian-inspired décor. Your clients and their patrons will be impressed with that type of timeless, beautiful touch.

While decorative posts are available in steel, you are very limited regarding pattern and design. Cast aluminum is more malleable than steel, making it easier to manipulate into classically inspired designs. Having a few different options is necessary for most outdoor projects. Contractors will want to keep some uniformity in appearance across new and existing fixtures. If the area is large, you should alternate between two or three closely related styles to add visual depth. This makes having an abundance of choice incredibly convenient.

Mel Northey is the perfect vendor for contractors on the hunt for beautiful cast aluminum designs. They have a wide selection available in a few different shades, heights, and widths. Consequently, contractors and developers can find an ideal style or styles for their projects. Visit them online at https://melnorthey.com or call 1-800-828-0302 to request a product catalog today.

Investigate The Durability Of The Steel Or Cast Aluminum Light Post

The final factor that you should consider when purchasing any lamp post, cast aluminum or steel, is durability. You want your project to last, both aesthetically and physically. This need for longevity means the posts you purchase have to withstand elemental and temperature changes. In addition, the posts need to stay strong and attractive. Patterns on cheaper metals will rust or wear down over time. Investing in something strong and resistant to the ravages of time prevents age from showing.

Steel is incredibly strong, and will certainly withstand the test of time. However, steel is not as resistant to corrosion as cast aluminum. In addition, steel cannot retain stylistic touches with the same beauty as aluminum. It will need frequent repainting and staining as it ages. For a durable metal that will look great for a long time, cast aluminum is an obvious choice.

Mel Northey carries a variety of lamp posts made from cast aluminum. These posts and poles are designed to withstand the test of time, while still staying beautiful. Clients and their consumers will be impressed with any renovation completed with cast aluminum posts and poles. Visit Mel Northey online today at https://melnorthey.com or contact 1-800-828-0302 to see their line of cast aluminum products.

Choosing Between Steel Or Cast Aluminum Lamp Posts

Choosing between steel or cast aluminum options for street lighting does not need to be difficult. You might feel pressured to make a perfect choice and to make it quickly. Thankfully, you do not need to spend days figuring out which type of post is best for your project. Using the guidelines set out above, you can quickly compare products made using each metal. While steel does have benefits, most contractors prefer cast aluminum. Outdoor projects that require a stylistic touch demand a metal that is cost-effective, malleable, and durable. Only cast aluminum meets all three requirements.

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Mel Northey carries a wide variety of outdoor fixtures in both steel and cast aluminum. Contractors and developers are encouraged to view their products online at https://melnorthey.com. You can also call 1-800-828-0302 to request a printed catalog. Posts purchased from Mel Northey are affordable, attractive, and durable – making them perfect for any exterior project. Contractors shopping for cast aluminum lamp posts can start, and end, their search with Mel Northey.