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Outdoor Street Lights 

Outdoor street lights are important components as far as the safety and security of public areas and roadways.  In many communities there is rather new legislation with regard to outdoor street lights as they relate to energy usage and environmental concerns. Many consider LED lighting to be the best choice for outdoor street lights, though there are other viable options.

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There is a highly technical science behind outdoor street lights. This is in stark contrast to the days when parking lot and street lighting were handled as inconsequential matters. The potential problems to be avoided include glare, which can result in traffic and pedestrian accidents. Precise lighting is important, and improving light control is one of the benefits of LED fixtures.

Qualifying Factors 

Aesthetics can be a factor when choosing outdoor street lights. There are many styles and designs to choose from. The overriding consideration for lighting, however, is security.

Qualified lighting system designers consider the following basic questions for outdoor street lights:

  • The lights need to be bright enough to provide a safe and secure environment. Intensity of lighting differs according to the type and wattage of lighting used for outdoor street lights.
  • Distribution of the  street lights should be consistent throughout the area so that the lighting is adequate throughout.
  • Color rendering is an especially important consideration for parking lot lighting, to accommodate people looking for their vehicles, but it is also a significant issue as regards outdoor street lights in general.
  • With more and more cities searching for ways to cut down on budget costs, the efficiency of outdoor lighting often becomes a focus. The amount of lighting that a system provides per watt of electricity is something to consider. It is usually cost-effective to switch to LED lighting for outdoor street lights, as a long-term cost-cutting measure.
  • The lamp life is another important element of outdoor street lights. How durable are the lights?

Numerous LED Benefits 

Many studies regarding outdoor lighting, and LED lights are typically found to be a leading option because of the numerous benefits they provide. More about LED lights follows:

  • LED standards for “light-emitting diodes.”
  • LED bulbs are the most long-lasting bulbs available, providing up to 50,000 hours of illumination.
  • When out of date outdoor street lights needs replacing, the steep costs of replacement and repair of broken wires can be avoidable by switching to LED lighting.
  • Studies have shown that by using LED lights, parking lot lighting energy costs are cut by up to 75%. Which can equate to many millions of dollars.
  • Over the years, far fewer man hours are needed to replace bulbs, due to the longevity of LED lights.
  • Streets and parking lots can be easier to navigate because of the efficiency of lumen output in LED lights. Public safety is enhanced because of lights that burn brighter and project further.
  • The improved lighting provided by LED lights helps to discourage wrongdoers such as burglars.
  • LED lights leave a lower carbon footprint than other types of outdoor street lights, which means they contribute to a healthier environment.
  • There are no toxic chemicals in LED lights, unlike other kinds of lighting which have such toxins as lead or mercury. Disposing of LED lights has minimal environmental impact.

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