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Outdoor LED Lighting

Have you been looking for outdoor LED lighting? Mel Northey Co. Inc. has been providing customers with the best outdoor LED lighting since 1979. Our services include affordable decorative light poles, street signs, and elegant mailboxes. You’ll find all our options in our full catalog, so take a peek to find the perfect outdoor LED lighting for your community when you shop with Mel Northey Co. Inc.

Not only do we provide high-quality outdoor LED lighting for neighborhoods throughout the U.S., but we also provide eco-friendly options. In 2008, we began offering affordable dark sky lighting options that decrease the amount of light pollution. This eco-friendly option helps eliminate carbon emissions by directing wasted light down to help the environment from dusk to dawn.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Mel Northey Co. Inc. offers many outdoor LED lighting options for communities that need to brighten their night.

Let us provide or install your next set of outdoor LED lighting. We’ve got you covered if you need items for your outdoor infrastructure, such as street signs or mailboxes. Browse through our full catalog today, or call us to place an order for the outdoor LED lighting that has caught your eye.

Our Outdoor LED Lighting Options

Every day, we take advantage of the gift of light but do not realize how important and complex it can be. However, when the sun falls beneath the horizon, many take comfort in knowing that reliable lamposts light the streets.

There are a plethora of outside lights and lamp posts that line the street. When you want to renovate your neighborhood or community, Mel Northey Co. Inc. has a wide selection. Below are some of the many commercial lamposts we offer:

Essex Lamp and Posts 

The Essex Lampposts mirror old Cottage-style architecture and come in acorn globes or four-sided design options that have an English folklore appeal. The customer can choose whether or not they want the Surface Mounts or Ground Burial set-ups. Similar to the designs of the Victorian-style gas lamps of the 19th century, these lamps are made to be durable and exude sophistication.

Concord Lamps and Posts

The Concord style of lamps is reminiscent of American heritage. The Concord lamps aim to draw from colonial and pre-industrial times. The light stands between 13 and 15 feet, is fluted with a tapered base, and is wide. These grand lights are accompanied by globe luminaries and options of caged or four-sided geometric ornaments.

Federal Lamps and Posts

These unique lamps incorporate a neoclassic design reminiscent of the era of America’s establishment. The style is quite simple but has the grand style of Roman architecture. Additionally, these dramatic columns can illuminate light that is energy-efficient and durable. The Federal Lamp and Posts will give your home, park, or any other building you want to add cultivating style a feeling of splendor.

The Benefits of LED Lights


Outdoor LED Lighting

Light up your street or business with some of the best luxury lights in the industry.

One of the most essential advantages of LEDs compared to traditional lighting is how long they last. The average LED can last anywhere between 50,000 operating hours and 100,000 working hours or more. In reality, that is about 2-4 times as long as most fluorescent, metal halide, and even sodium vapor lights. Additionally, LED lights are more than 40 times as long as the average incandescent bulb.

Energy Efficiency 

LEDs typically consume very low amounts of power. The characteristics to look for when purchasing LED lights are whether they are luminous efficacy or useful lumens. This information describes the amount of light emitted per unit of watts consumed by the bulb.

Safer Outdoor Environments 

Although overlooked, LED lights are much safer than traditional lighting. One of the most dangerous things about conventional lighting is the amount of heat it gives off. LEDs emit almost no direct heat, while traditional bulb-like incandescents convert up to 90% of the energy used to power them directly into heat. Consequently, only 10% of the energy is used to power the light, which is not useful.

Eco-Friendly Outdoor LED Lighting: The Dark Sky Initiative

Light pollution, or too much or unwanted artificial light, has become a major environmental problem that affects the environment, people’s health, and our ability to enjoy the night sky. The widespread use of LED technology is one of the most hopeful ways to cut down on light pollution.

First and foremost, LEDs give you more power over how light is spread than any other technology. LEDs are different from other types of lighting because they can be precisely directed. This means that the light goes exactly where it’s needed, like on roads or paths, instead of wastedly spreading into the sky or nearby areas. This ability to focus light in a specific direction cuts down on the amount of unwanted light that causes skyglow.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has all of the outdoor LED lighting options you want to brighten up the roads.

Also, LEDs are very efficient, turning more of the electricity they receive into light instead of heat. This efficiency cuts down on the amount of energy used and the number of light sources needed to reach the right level of brightness. In the same way that fewer lights producing the same or even higher amounts of brightness means less light pollution.

In conclusion, using LED technology is a diverse way to cut down on light pollution. LEDs are an important part of our efforts to protect the nighttime environment because they give us more control over the direction of light, use less energy, let us change the color, and come with smart settings. When used correctly, LEDs can help restore the night sky, protect environments, and improve people’s health, making the world a little brighter in all the right ways.

Outdoor LED Lighting

Here at Mel Northey Co. Inc., we take pride in providing our clients with not only luxury products but also superior customer service. Request a free quote for any of our products to see if they are the right one for you. If you are searching for outdoor LED lighting, be sure to give us a call.