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Decorative Light Poles

If you want to transform your outdoor spaces into inviting, well-lit areas, consider decorative light poles from Mel Northey Co. Inc. Decorative light poles not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your surroundings but also improve safety and visibility.

At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we offer top-quality products made from durable cast aluminum and equipped with energy-efficient LED lights. Browse our extensive catalog or our grand lamps collection for more details. Our products include:

Decorative Light Poles

Beauty and safety meld together when you install decorative light poles as part of your outdoor project. Nighttime illumination is essential for the safety and security of pedestrians, but it doesn’t have to detract from the attractiveness of your area. If you are planning any outdoor project where people will be walking, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Safety First

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Light equals safety. You are less likely to trip if you can see where you are going. Whether it is a crack in the sidewalk or a branch across a walking path, you need to be able to see it. Nobody wants to fall when they are out for a pleasant moonlit stroll. Also, many sidewalks run alongside streets.

Appropriate illumination along those streets also helps drivers see pedestrians. Anticipating whether a pedestrian will enter the intersection at the same time a turn is required is key to avoiding car-pedestrian accidents. Reducing accidents is a major reason to include fixtures as part of your design.

Safety isn’t just about accidents. People need and/or want to go outside at night to walk dogs, get exercise, or just get from place to place. Adequate brightness will help ensure them that no one is waiting in the shadows to rob them – or worse. It is much easier to feel safe if you can see the area around you and know that no one else is there. Or to prepare yourself if something is.

You Can Have Safety Without Sacrificing Style

Installing proper fixtures to ensure safety doesn’t mean you have to purchase a bland, straight pole with a big visible bulb. Decorative poles are available in a wide range of styles to complement your design project. When we think of safety items, we often think of seatbelts, helmets, padlocks and pepper spray, none of which are very pretty. But with lighting, we need to think of candles and lanterns. And chandeliers.

A bright glow is inherently attractive and comforting. We turn on night lights to soothe our children and ignite candles for a romantic evening. Street poles are not only about necessary for safety, but for creating the right atmosphere to make people want to go out for a walk. While you could purchase simple utilitarian poles, if you really want to entice people outside, something with more elegance is in order.

Choosing one of our turn-of-the-century reproductions ensures you will have a style that enhances your appeal. Not only will your design be classic and draw attention, but it will have the durability of modern technology. Our cast aluminum poles withstand wind and weather and will last for years, all while looking gorgeous.

What are some places that benefit most from decorative poles?

Certain areas scream for something more than just a big metal post with a bulb on top. Here are just a few.

Walking And Biking Paths

More and more cities are including walking and biking paths in their plans. These amenities help people on so many levels. Increasing the walkability and bike-ability of a community increases the health and well-being of its residents. When more people choose to walk or bike as a method of transportation, they get needed exercise. What’s more, they reduce fuel consumption and air pollution, making for a healthier planet. Even when not used for the particular purpose of transportation, these paths encourage exercise just for the pleasure of being outdoors. Good lighting is essential to making these paths usable, and decorative supports will make them desirable, too.

Public Parks

Parks provide a place for people to gather, to play, and to have relax. The very nature of public parks makes them a prime location for ornamental illumination, as they are usually specifically designed to be beautiful. Most parks have gardens with paths, and sidewalks leading to and from different playground or sporting areas. All of these places need to be well-lit. For a cohesive plan, consider installing the same style in all the parks in a community, or at least along any paths connecting different areas of a park.

College Campuses

College campuses are another venue usually going for something more than functional. Colleges and universities pride themselves in being places were people come together for intellectual improvement. Quite often, this entails improving the campus itself with new buildings. Connecting those buildings and all of campus into a cohesive unit relies on walkways. Fixtures with a particular style installed all across campus tells people that they are still on university property. Young women in particular appreciate a well-lit campus for safety reasons, and making it pretty attracts prospective students and faculty to join.

Those are just a few of the many places that can benefit from decorative lighting. Historic districts and neighborhoods, shopping areas, and many others may also wish to give a good first impression.

What About The Sky?

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When people venture out at night, they often want to see the stars or the moon. Many places around the world are trying to limit light pollution—beams that shine into the sky rather than on the ground and surrounding areas where it is needed. Light pollution greatly reduces the visibility of stars and other celestial objects. Did you know that decorative fixtures, even acorn-style toppers, can be designed to reduce this type of pollution?

With domes designed to reflect radiance back to the ground, many ornamental fixtures have solutions to increase visibility in the night sky. Refractors and shields also make sure the beams go where they belong. You can read more about options for reducing light pollution on our “Dark Sky Info” page on our website.

Elegance You Can Trust

At Mel Northey, we have over 35 years of experience helping customers select a design. Our experts will provide estimates and installation instructions for all your project needs. Whether you need lights for a house or a commercial area, our products are made to last. When you are ready to select the decorative light poles that are right for your project, give us a call or get a free quote here!