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Outdoor Lamp Posts

Outdoor Lamp Posts – whether you are lighting your home courtyard or the entire grid of your city’s streets, Mel Northey Company is the place. We will help from the beginning of your search for affordable lighting solutions until your establishment shines in the very end.

Why order Mel Northey  Outdoor Lamp Posts?

Since 1979, our company has been providing Outdoor Lamp Posts to light the way for residents of the Houston area. Offering the best quality, most affordable Outdoor Lamp Posts. We also have other lighting solutions available today as well.

Outdoor Lamp Posts Houston Texas

Houston Outdoor Lamp Posts

Over the years we proudly supply answers to municipal and residential lighting problems. Supply lights that are cost effective and stunningly beautiful is what we do. We do this be handling on the best in aluminum Outdoor Lamp Posts street signs and decorative mailboxes to enhance the view from wherever you stand. Beyond this, our lighting fixtures and Outdoor Lamp Posts are simply brilliant.

We Want You To Save Money

We’re all looking for an opportunity to save money. We understand that your city needs to save money on the purchase of lighting fixtures and Outdoor Lamp Posts. You must also be mindful of saving on the cost of electricity and maintenance of the fixtures. At Mel Northey Co., we keep your savings at the top of our mind. This commitment to your satisfaction keeps us at the top of the list of Houston area’s lighting suppliers.

Dark Sky Tech

Not only do we consider your savings on Outdoor Lamp Posts and other lighting needs, we also look to the future by searching out and supplying forward thinking, environmentally friendly products from bulbs to Dark Sky technology.

By directing more light downward from the Outdoor Lamp Posts to the surfaces we illuminate, we help you gain more light for your kilowatt buck. We are also proud to be on the cutting-edge of the movement to curb the distribution of ambient light into the night sky. Light pollution, which makes it difficult to view the stars and can create environmental impacts on nocturnal animals, is one of our favorite causes. We’re happy to discuss the ways in which Mel Northey Co. is working to make the world a better place by keeping artificial light where it’s needed and not where it detracts from nature.

Buy Bulk Outdoor Lamp Posts

Houston Buy Bulk Outdoor Lamp Posts

Since 2008, we have been selling products that decrease the wasted “up-light” from street lights and Outdoor Lamp Post. By using Type III or type V borosilicate glass refractors, we are able to cut down on wasted light that dims the view of the night sky and fails to illuminate streets and sidewalks we want to brighten in the first place. This environmentally friendly concept helps to make streets in Texas not just safer, but also more beautiful.

Our Quality Proucts

When it comes to the highest standards, we’ve got you covered.  The materials used to manufacture our Outdoor Lamp Posts and other lighting products make us stand out from the crowd. Our Cast Aluminum Outdoor Lamp Posts offer a lightweight yet durable rust free line of antique reproduction street lights and yard lights. At Mel Northey Co, we offer high quality light in a low maintenance package.Call today at 1-800-828-0302. Customers can fill out our Contact Form Here. Or you can simply send us an Email Here! Hope to here from you soon.