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Street Light Fixtures

When you’re looking for city street light fixtures for your street, there’s no better place than Mel Northey Company Inc. Our team is eager and excited to bring you high-quality lighting solutions to light up the dark sky late at night. We offer a wide range of LED roadway lighting and other LED street light fixtures to provide brighter streets. From outdoor lighting systems to indoor lighting controls, our light poles are designed for easy installation and convenient lighting. Getting efficient lighting for any space is essential, whether it’s for a parking lot or just general area lights. We offer cobra head-style fixtures for neighborhoods and parking lots so you can walk around feeling safe and secure.

When you work with Mel Northey Company Inc., you can rest assured that your new lights will be reliable and long-lasting. Mel Northey Company Inc. incorporates only the best fixtures in our online catalog. When you see our selection of classic Victorian-style street lamps, you’ll see why so many others turn to us for their lamp posts. So don’t wait too long—come on by our Houston location, and let’s find the street light fixtures perfect for you.

Street Light Fixtures

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Street Light Fixtures that You Can Rely On

Mel Northey Company Inc. has been providing affordable lamp posts, custom mailboxes, and street signs since 1979. We market directly to the builders, developers, and contractors responsible for the construction of the Houston area. These decorative street lamps and signs are made with aluminum cast for durability. In 2008, we began integrating dark sky options to reduce the amount of night sky pollution and decrease electrical energy usage by up to 42% in decorative outdoor lighting. The dark sky option also diminishes the amount of carbon emissions by focusing wasted-up light downward to aid the environment around it. This illumination method also reduces light pollution and lessens the effects street lighting has on global warming. Our cast aluminum lamp posts, mailboxes, street signs, and signposts are all from the best suppliers in the country and last longer with little effect on the environment. Please take a look at our federal lamps, united lamps, Americana lamps, and more.

Benefits to Street Light Fixtures

In addition to the reduction of carbon emissions, there are a variety of reasons why LED lighting is more useful than your standard bulb. The brightness is the most noticeable difference between our light fixtures and a standard one. Our LED lights are highly effective and energy-efficient. One LED light can last up to 100,000 hours with little to no maintenance. The lifespan of an LED light is longer than any other type of lighting in the market. Also, LED lights don’t use harmful chemicals such as mercury.

Because they don’t require any maintenance or change for a long time, LED lights are ideal for spaces where changing the lights in the area is expensive or complicated. Our lights are easy to install and work with any exterior design style. In addition to street headlamps, we offer everything from decorative signposts to mailboxes. Today, people care more about design and style than ever. With social media so prevalent, spreading the word about your business is easy. A visual aid to your online posts, like a uniquely designed street lamp, can bring culture and style to your promotions. Also, a stylized street light outside of your business or home can distinguish it from visitors. Mel Northey Company Inc. also offers gate post lamps to keep your home lite and visible.

There’s a Lamp Post for Everyone

When it comes to lamp posts, an essential aspect of the success of outdoor lighting depends on the aluminum lamp posts. Cast aluminum is a perfect choice for exterior fixtures because they are durable and aesthetically pleasing. A post that’s going to be able to withstand high winds, rain, and intense sun must be durable and reliable. In addition to being functional, our light posts are stylish and beautiful. Whether it’s a Victorian light fixture, and LED parking lot light fixture, or a decorative mailbox, we’ve got you covered.

No matter what kind of street light fixtures you require, you should always get them from the right supplier. Mel Northey Company Inc. provides the highest quality fixtures because we know the type of conditions they’ll be operating in. Any contractor or an interested homeowner who is looking for light fixtures for an outdoor lighting project will benefit from our products. You need lighting fixtures that are easy to install and energy-efficient. Mel Northey Company Inc.’s cast aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, so you can enjoy our installations for as long as you need them. With over 35 years of experience, we provide cost-effective and reliable products, not to mention they reduce light pollution with our LED lighting.

Options Street Light LED

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Your Street Light Fixtures Come in Any Style You Like

Mel Northey Company Inc. offers a plethora of different styles for your lighting projects. Our collection is available in our online catalog, but there are also listed below. Businesses looking to spruce up their workplace can choose from various options like:

With a variety of choices, we understand that not everyone knows which light fixture would look the best for them. To help you out further, our specialists can advise you on your selection of light posts. We do this so that you get the one that looks the best for your business.

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Mel Northey Company Inc. dedicates our efforts to providing the best outdoor lighting to the greater Houston area. With our vast range selection of Victorian light fixtures, decorative mailboxes, and signposts, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. So call us today at 1(800) 828-0302 or find us online for more information on our products. We stay available for our clients so you can find everything you need when you need it. Please don’t wait, and find out now how we bring you the best street light fixtures in Houston.