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Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

Low voltage LED landscape lighting is a simple and inexpensive way to make a big impact. So if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your outdoor spaces, consider commercial area lighting from the Mel Northey Company. We can provide lighting to neighborhoods and communities around the country. You won’t find better low voltage LED landscape lighting elsewhere.

Low voltage LED landscape lighting

Mel Northey Company offers loads of traditional and modern options for your low voltage LED landscape lighting.

The Mel Northey Company has been in the landscape lighting business for more than thirty years. We have made it our mission to provide you with low voltage LED landscape lighting of the highest possible quality.

With our low voltage LED landscape lighting systems and kits, you can create a safe and inviting outdoor atmosphere that will make your neighborhood safer. Make the most of the time you spend outdoors with our lamp and post kits. We offer replacement globes, sconces/pier mounts, and so much more. Give us a call today or fill out our form to request a quote.

Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting

The ideal use of this type of lighting is to illuminate walkways and make it easier to see in the dark. Our selection of path lights is comprised of a wide variety of sizes and designs, making them suitable for use in any outdoor setting.

Walkways and driveways can both benefit from the lighting provided by our modern path lights, which have a clean and contemporary design. We also have traditional path lights available, which can give your outdoor space a more traditional appearance and are a good choice if you’re looking for a more traditional option.

Kits for Lighting

Our lamp and post kits are an excellent place to begin if you are new to the concept of landscape lighting and are looking for an option that is both affordable and practical. These are available in a wide variety of styles, such as contemporary and traditional, and they also come in a range of sizes, allowing you to select the model that best meets your requirements. Installation is simple and stress-free because our lighting kits contain all of the necessary components that have already been assembled.

Our lighting systems are the best option for those who want something a little bit more individualized. Because of how versatile our lighting systems are, you will be able to create a one of a kind appearance for your outdoor space by combining a variety of pathways and lighting options.

Because our lighting systems are easy to customize and provide a variety of options for different lighting levels, you will be able to achieve the precise appearance that you desire for your outdoor space by making use of them. Because of their low operating costs and high efficiency, light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are becoming an increasingly popular option for outdoor lighting.

Our LED landscape lights are available in a wide range of designs and configurations, and they produce a superior level of lighting that is ideal for use in open-air settings. Because they are LED, not only will they last longer than conventional lights, but they will also save you money on your monthly energy bill.

Lighting for the Landscape Using Low Voltage

Low voltage LED landscape lighting

Check out our dark sky options that lessen light pollution and save energy.

The voltage landscape lighting products that we offer provide a higher intensity of light, making them ideal for use in areas outside that are more substantial.  With the help of our voltage landscape lighting, you’ll be able to design well-lit outdoor spaces that are not only secure but also warm and welcoming.

No matter which low voltage LED landscape lighting option you go with, you can rest assured that our products will enhance the look of any outdoor space you decide to decorate. Mel Northey makes it possible to fashion a one of a kind and warm ambiance in the open air, elevating the significance of any gathering you host as a result.

Dark Sky Options

We at Mel Northey are aware of how important it is to protect the night sky, which is why we provide a variety of lighting options that are compatible with maintaining a dark sky. Our options for dark sky lighting offer low levels of lighting and reduce light spill, making them a choice that is both beneficial to the environment and efficient in terms of energy use for your outdoor areas.

You can lessen the impact of light pollution on the night sky and contribute to its preservation if you retrofit your outdoor areas with lighting designed for dark skies. Our dark sky lighting products are designed to minimize light trespass as much as possible, allowing you to appreciate the night sky for a significant amount of time after the sun has set.

Because these lights use low voltage LED technology, not only will you save money on your energy costs, but you will also have less of an impact on the environment.

When it comes to crafting the ideal atmosphere for being outside, giving careful attention to the maintenance of the night sky should be a top priority. Give Mel Northey the opportunity to assist you in locating the most suitable dark sky lighting solutions for your outdoor areas today.

A Pioneer in Low Voltage LED Lighting Solutions

We make it our mission to provide the most superior products and customer service in the industry by leveraging the technical expertise and customer service that we have to offer. Our well-informed staff is here to assist you in locating the products that are best suited for your outdoor areas and ensuring that you get the most value possible from the items that you buy.

We make it a priority to ensure that each and every one of our clients is completely content with the products they have purchased from us, and we are unwavering in our dedication to providing high-quality goods. At Mel Northey, we are extremely proud of our commitment to offering low voltage LED landscape lighting solutions that are of the highest quality and most advanced design currently available on the market.

Low voltage LED landscape lighting

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