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Light up your neighborhood with MelNorthey! Contact us today to learn about our unique inventory of lights, mailboxes, and more!

If you are searching for outdoor lights, Mel Northey is the company for you. Since the ’70s our company has taken pride in providing the best lighting and mailbox products all over Houston. We offer the most traditional and classic styles of popular historic eras that give your neighborhood or infrastructure a regal look. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to receive a free quote.

Essex Lampposts

This classic light resembles the old Cottage-style architecture. This selection of lampposts comes in acorn globes or four-sided design options that help capture the classic look of English folklore. These beautiful lights can be designed with either Surface Mount or Ground Burial aesthetic.

United Lamps and Posts

This style of lamp typically has a stocky base that is reminiscent of the early twentieth century. It comes in several varieties of lanterns which include acorn or round globes, or four-sided to eight-sided designs. You have the option to choose from either a Surface Mount or Ground-Burial set-up. You can also get this particular style of posts at a taller height. These types of lights last for a long time, giving off the aesthetic of walking through Central Park or Houston’s Memorial Park.

Liberty Lamps and Posts

These beautiful decorative lights can use energy-efficient long-lasting LED lights. With this colonial design added to your home or neighborhood, you can really add your own personal touch. We market our affordable aluminum-cast lampposts, street signs, and decorative mailboxes directly to the home developer. Therefore, whether your lighting project includes an addition to a park or illuminating your patio, connect us with your contractor and we can assist you in finding the best style.

Excel Lampposts

Here at Mel Northey, we have a wonderful selection of Excel Lamp Posts that are reminiscent of the art deco aesthetic of the 20s. This style of light has thick ridges that give them an urban and industrial look. You can purchase them in 10 1/2 ft. or 12 ft. heights. Also, the two-foot base can come in your choice of Ground Burial or as a Surface Mount. Additionally, we perch several styles on these posts which include the following:

  • Eight-Sided Lanterns
  • Four-Sided Laterns
  • Acorn Globes
  • Round Globes

Give us a call to learn what other posts we have available. Note that every Excel Lamp has energy-efficient, long-lasting, and bright LED lights to help keep the environment safe while producing light. Therefore, adding this lamp can add a great touch to any architecture in mind.

Stratford Lamp Posts

Outdoor Lamps

The best outdoor lights in Houston! Contact us today to learn more about the many styles we have to offer you!

These beautiful lamp posts remind you of the historic Elizabethan times. They also share influence with the birthplace of Shakespeare which is known as the Stratford-upon Avon. However, you can add your own touch by allowing us to customize it with other influences. Also, you can purchase this lamp with pagoda-style lanterns, eight-sided geometric lanterns, or acorn globes. Furthermore, you have the option to buy your Stratford Lamp Post with a Ground Burial or Surface Mount Base with the option of 10 1/2 inch or 12-inch poles.

Federal Lamp Posts

Our selection of Federal Lamp Posts uses the neoclassical aesthetic most common after the founding of America. The rounded base is similar to the grand style of Roman architecture. Each light comes with Surface Mounts or Ground Burial options. Furthermore, these particular lights tower over you, coming in either 12 or 14-foot options. Additionally, these also come with LED lights for the best level of environmental safety. These lamp posts have great influences from the 19th century in Boston or Monticello.

Sconces and Pier Mounts

These stylish lights add spunk and personality to your home at night. They also provide you with a sense of coziness and security. Mel Northey has five different acorn globe and gaslight lantern-style scones to choose to place above your front door or pier.

We also provide our clients with a huge variety of modern, traditional, and classic light fixtures. These globes and use LED or HID Bulbs. Therefore, if you need a replacement globe for any lampposts we got you covered. We have sphere, acorn, and lantern globes, acorn tops, caging decorations, and four-sided/eight-sided gaslight-style fixtures. Furthermore, we have premium prismatic acorn globes that come in Type III and Type V which means you can choose them to focus on a walkway or around the lamp in a circle.

Courtyard Lights

Here at MelNorthey, our stylish lights can add a lot of flavor and safety to a courtyard, park, front yard, or even a walkway on campus. This style of light posts and fixtures typically stands at 7 or 8 feet. However, our Bollard on the other hand is a great option for any wharf, dock, or parking/traffic lighting. The Bollard uses the drum light globe while the rest have acorn globe fixtures with different cage decorations to choose from. Furthermore, our residential-grade lampposts come with tapered and fluted shafts. Also, there are thinner and thicker options with a flowing upturned base.

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Here at Mel Northey, your options are limitless. Find the best-styled Lamp Post, stop sign, or mailbox when you shop with us.

For over 40 years now, Mel Northey has taken great pride in providing Houston with some of the most traditional and unique styles of lights that you can’t find everywhere. We believe in quality and creating the best lights, mailboxes, and more to give your architecture the aesthetic you are looking for. Not only are all of our products premium they are also affordable! Therefore, if you are searching for Outdoor Lights, give us a call today to learn more about our inventory.


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