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Decorative Sign Posts 

We all know that curb appeal is hugely important when trying to sell a house to a potential buyer, so imagine what happens with our decorative sign posts. With something more than just a utilitarian post on every corner, you will – almost literally – increase your curb appeal!

When a building or neighborhood is attractive at a first glance, it makes just as big an impression as a well-maintained house does from the street. Make your area as photogenic as a house getting ready for resale. You want people to be so impressed by your area they want to take pictures! (Maybe even share on Pinterest!)

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Houston Decorative Sign Posts For sale

City Beautification Matters

Whether you are trying to attract tourists or residents, the impression your city or neighborhood makes often depends on the eyes. That is the reason cities across the country and around the world are taking the time to add parks, accessible sidewalks, public art, and other attractions. Cities want people to visit and ultimately stay. They are spending millions of dollars to add hotels, waterparks, museums, theatres, and more, all for the benefit of visitors and residents alike.

With all these new facilities, one absolutely fundamental need is for signage. People can’t use these new amenities if they can’t find them, or find their way around within them. If you really want to welcome people in, it is imperative you help them feel welcome by helping them find their way.

Signage That Reflects

Since signage is so important, it only makes sense to make it a part of your master plan. If you are redesigning your city, redesigning your signs is a natural step. Do they convey all the important information quickly? Are they easy to read? Do they reflect your desired image of your home? Decorative posts do more than just literally support your displays, but they can support your vision, too. In any new project or neighborhood, signage has to be installed anyway, so take the extra step to make it look good from the start. It’s easy.

Signage isn’t just for cities, either. It is for neighborhoods, assisted living communities, theme parks, golf courses and country clubs, athletic complexes, college campuses, and any other place with multiple areas people need to find.

Spread throughout your city, your parks, or your facilities, these special touches unify your project and let people know: Hey, the little things matter here. And so do you.

Pretty Sign Posts with a Purpose

Good signage is the 100% necessary for helping guests feel welcome. A newcomer to your area is generally looking for one thing: how to get to where they are going. Street names and any other directional displays need to be big and visible. They are, after all, the compass that helps people find their way. But they can do more than that. They can reveal the history and heritage of the place, both in the names of streets and in the design. They also can reflect current character.

If you are going to the effort and expense of a city beautification or large building project, decorative posts are like the sprinkles on a sundae. Imagine all your traffic, stop, and street signs having that extra touch, that special something. People might not know at first exactly what it is that makes the place seem perfect. But like birds singing in the trees, decorative fixtures add to the ambiance of a place. Someone standing at the bus stop, or the train terminal, or just the intersection might find themselves thinking what a nice area this is to be.

Our turn-of-the-century reproductions are true to antique signage of the past. This attention to detail inspires reminiscing about bygone eras, while appealing to those who love beauty. They are perfect additions to historic neighborhoods, downtown streetscapes, waterfronts, parks and more.

And they will do their jobs all while attracting the best sort of attention and making a good impression. Pretty and practical. What more could you ask for?


You can ask for strength. If you are going to be investing in fixtures for your facility, neighborhood, or entire city, you want to make sure those things last a long time. At Mel Northey, all our poles are made of cast aluminum to resist rust. Aluminum is also lightweight, so it is easy to install, with options for 3-inch or 4-inch shafts. You have options for surface mount or in-ground mount for your posts for added security.


You can ask for style. Choose from our five different ornamental fixtures lines: Essex, Excel, Belle Chase, Bravo, and Manor. Most of our fixtures have both the ability to hang street name blades and stop signs in matching styles, so your design can be consistent throughout your project. Our antique reproductions fit in anywhere, new construction or old, so you are sure to find something that suits your design.


You can ask for expertise and experience. Installation instructions can be found on our website, easily accessed with information about the products. If you need more details, simply call and talk to one of our experts. We work with builders, developers, architects, and contractors, and have been since 1979. That’s over 35 years of experience you can trust.

Durability and Dependability You Can Trust.

At Mel Northey, we understand this business. Our products are affordable, durable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing in order to create that special atmosphere in your community. We also understand how important your beautification or building project is. We will work with you to find the right fixtures to fit with your theme. Our streetscape products are specifically made for upscale communities desiring architectural embellishments.

So take a look at our website, and then invite people to get their cameras ready! Once you finish your beautification project, your neighborhood will be ready for its close-up. Curb appeal is very real, and those decorative sign posts play an excellent supporting role, by supporting your signs and vision.

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