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Mel Northey Co. Inc. sells unique outside lamps and light fixtures for both homes and businesses nationwide that have a number of benefits. We plan and build our outside lamps, street and stop signs, mailboxes, and LED area lighting with quality and customer satisfaction in mind. Mel Northey Co. Inc. has the right decorative lights for your home or business, no matter what you need. Although we are based in Houston, we offer our products for nationwide distribution.

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Our Grands collection offers early 20th-century charm. Browse through our collections of outside lamps today!

We Offer Many Types of Outside Lamps

One of the best things about decorative lamp posts is that they can make an outdoor area feel better. Outside lamps can be a stylish and useful way to light up a driveway or yard area in a home. They can also be used to show off the unique building of a home or to create a special atmosphere at night.

In business settings, decorative lamp posts can help keep people safe and secure by making it easier for people to find their way in the dark. They can also draw attention to important areas, like entrances.

When choosing lights for outside, it’s important to get ones that are made to last. At Mel Northey Co. Inc., all of our lamp posts are made of high-quality materials, and our workmanship is second to none. We only use the most up-to-date technology to make sure that our goods will last and can handle even the worst weather. When you buy from Mel Northey Co. Inc., you can also count on getting reliable service and being happy for years to come.

Our lamp posts are also great because they can be changed to fit any outdoor area. We have an outside lamp for everyone, whether you want a traditional or modern look. With our custom-made goods, we work with you to make something unique and beautiful that fits with the look and feel of your area as a whole.

outside lamps

Mel Northey Co. has the best outside lamps around.


Q: Why are outside lamps a good idea?
A: Outdoor lighting is a great addition to any home or business because it has many uses. Installing outdoor lights can make it easier for people to find their way around in dark places and make them safer. Homes and companies can also use outdoor lights to make them safer and more secure, especially at night.

Outdoor lights can also be used to improve the look and feel of a place, making it feel more welcoming and setting the right mood. By buying good outdoor lights, you can make sure that your place looks good both during the day and at night, as well as being safe and secure. Outdoor lights are a great way to make your home or business look better and make it a more pleasant place to be.

Q: Why are LED lights a good idea?
A: LED lights have many advantages over traditional lighting sources that make them a good choice for both homes and businesses. LEDs use less energy, don’t need as much upkeep, and usually last several times longer than regular light bulbs. LED lights are also brighter and clearer, and they have less glare. This makes them great for lighting up places like driveways and grounds outside.

Also, LED lights come in many different colors and styles, so you can change the way they look to fit any room. In the end, LED lights are a cost-effective and safe way to light up a room and give it more life and light.

Q: How can having a well-built mailbox benefit me?
A: A mailbox that is well made and planned can be useful in many ways. First of all, a strong mailbox can protect your mail from wind, rain, and snow so that it stays in the best shape possible.

A well-made mailbox can also make any outdoor area look better and more stylish. Mailboxes come in a wide range of materials and styles, so you can choose the best one for your home and how it looks. Also, strong mailboxes can keep potential thieves away and keep mail and gifts safe. In short, a well-designed and built mailbox can give any area style, beauty, and security.

Q: Why should I get stop signs and street signs?
A: It’s important to have street signs, especially stop signs, to keep traffic moving safely and smoothly. Without them, drivers might go too fast or in the wrong way, which could lead to dangerous situations. Stop signs are also important because they let drivers know when a turn or crossing is coming up.

Drivers can slow down and get ready to make a turn when they can see a stop sign from a distance. Stop signs can also serve as a visual warning to pedestrians of what’s going on around them, making them aware of any traffic coming their way. In the end, stop signs are an important safety feature of our road systems that help make sure they work as safely as possible.

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We have more than just streetlight spotlights and other outside lamps. Check out our selection of mailboxes too!

Purchase Our Outside Lamps Right Now!

At Mel Northey Co. Inc., our goal is to help you give your home or business the right look. We have everything you need to make your outdoor space stand out, from decorative lamps to street and stop signs, commercial mailboxes, and commercial lighting. Our outdoor lamps are sure to give you the right amount of light for any area while adding a unique touch to your decor.

We offer many types of outside lamps, such as Essex, Tuscany, Americana, Belle, and our Grands collections. We also offer LED lights and light poles. Among our mailboxes, you can choose among Arlington, Williamsburg, and Yorktown mailbox styles.

Mel Northey Co. should be your first choice for stylish and useful commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale. With our decorative outside lamps and light fixtures, you can make your outdoor area feel warm and welcoming. Mel Northey Co. can help you find the right answer for your home or business because we offer reliable service and care about quality, so call today!

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