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Commercial Lighting

If you’re looking for the best Commerical Lighting in Houston, Texas, you won’t find any better than the Mel Northey Company. Our company has been the ” go-to ” team for generations for commercial lighting solutions for your development needs or commercial or industrial projects; our company has been the “go-to” team for generations.

Commercial Lighting

Light up your street or business with some of the best luxury lights in the industry.

Our lights can set your commercial location or business apart from the others since we provide both indoor and outdoor commercial lights. They can genuinely make your operation blend in if you plan to open a new shopping center or install lights for your office or business locations.

We do so by creating a vision that speaks volumes about the quality of your operation. We sell only top-quality case aluminum antique reproduction street lamps and signage.

Our products are designed to stand the test of time. Both have impeccably classic styling and rust and chip-resistant finishes that will not fade over time. They neither require costly maintenance. Your beautiful new commercial lighting will remain beautiful for years and years to come.

Choose Us for Commercial Lighting

Since 1979, Mel Northey Company has been helping developers, contractors, builders, architects, and municipal planners create memorable lighting schemes. Using our beautiful lighting posts, poles, signing packages, and Commerical Lighting, the Mel Northey Company, has earned the reputation of offering the best for less.

Cost and Design

The cost of lighting solutions and Commercial Lighting goes far beyond the initial price tag. For the life of the fixtures, you can buy, being saddled with burdensome maintenance and replacement costs, or, if you’re clever enough, buy from us. You can enjoy rust-proof, chip and fade-resistant poles and commercial lighting that requires little or nothing in the way of upkeep.

You’ll be surprised to learn that our product line is classically elegant if a replacement item is required. They have remained significantly unchanged throughout the years and a seamless replacement.

If your municipality (or your project) expands, we can quickly supply the new expansion with matching Commercial Lights with just a phone call. At Mel Northey, we look to the future of lighting so that you do not have to bother. Like our products, your lighting plan will be stunning fifty years from now.

Dark Sky Technology

Commerical Lighting

We have the best lights to meet your needs. Check out our dark sky options that lessen light pollution and save energy

There is a new movement on the horizon for Commercial Lighting, and the lighting professionals at Mel Northey Company are one step ahead of the growing interest in Dark Sky technology. In the past, poorly designed lighting fixtures “leaked” light into the night sky. This can confuse and harm nocturnal birds and animals.

Old and not up-to-date, Commercial Lighting was not designed to allow waste in the form of “uplighting.” Instead of targeting parking lots, streets, and sidewalks, it was meant to illuminate; it loses much of its light into the sky, which is a waste of electricity. It also makes the stars in the night sky above Texas invisible.

The Dark Sky initiative urges our planners to use only Commercial Lighting and fixtures with designs to keep the light on the ground. By using what we call Dark Sky technology, we can design and sell LED shoebox fixtures that keep the artificial light on the ground where it is meant to provide light and security to sidewalks, streets, and other human habitats.

Replacement Globes For Your Commerical Lighting

This plan ultimately saves our customers money in the form of utility bills. It helps keep Texas a little greener by shrinking carbon footprints across the state where our commercial lighting is in use. We’re proud to offer replacement globes and retrofit kits for your previous lighting fixtures. So we can give you the opportunity to enjoy the savings and other rewards associated with using environmentally friendly commercial lights.

Mel Northey Co. Offers So Much More!

We pride ourselves on our commercial lights; we offer more than that. We also provide lantern lights, but we also have other household essential items for you. Did you know that we provide mailboxes and street signs in the same decorative styles?

Our decorative mailboxes and signs will add extra charm to those new commercial lights. This gives your unique home and community a timeless feel and look. Modern looks are constantly changing. So why not create an atmosphere that focuses on craftsmanship and artistry?

Our vintage designs are an excellent alternative to U-channel posts, with heights offered between 8 feet and 11 feet. To add to this, our signs and mailboxes can also be used for communal and residential spaces. We also provide brackets for easy installation. Much like our commercial lighting, our mailboxes and street signs can be burial mounted, or surface mounted.

Our street signs come in 6-inch or 24-inch blades with heavy-duty posts. Our mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum with a stainless steel door. We also offer a series of mailboxes made of stainless steel entirely.

Our mailboxes can be top-mounted or side-mounted, and there are options for newspaper holders and magazines. All of our signs and mailboxes have a variety of posts to choose from.

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Commerical Lighting

Call Mel Northey for the best exterior lighting on the market.

Our new fixtures, globes, and commercial lighting not only save our customers’ utility budgets worse but also serve to make Texas just a little greener. After all, when your Commercial Lighting is not wasting electricity, it requires less from the power plants.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Contact us today by sending an email to our staff or by calling (800) 828-0302.

So, no matter what size your lighting project may be, order from our catalog today. Our low-maintenance lighting solutions and Commercial Lighting can make your quest for lighting solutions far more straightforward than you can imagine.

We will make sure to safeguard our maintenance budget for the life of our products. What more could you ask for? Call us today for a free quote!