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Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

When you want to find the perfect outdoor lamp posts base, call Mel Northey Co. Inc. You can browse our selection and buy various landscape lighting, traffic signs, and mailboxes. The best outdoor lamp posts base is waiting for you in our full catalog right now. We’ve been serving communities around the nation since 1979, and you can be the next.

Since we opened, our company has been serving the needs of architects, builders, developers, and contractors. Our services go far beyond selling quality commercial lighting products. We also work to ensure we have the quality replacement parts you need and are always ready to ship. Call us today to place an order on the streetside infrastructure you want for your community or neighborhood roads.

 Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

Choose the best Outdoor Lamp Posts Base for your lighting system.

A Sturdy Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

We’re committed to helping our communities by providing them with new lighting systems that will stand the test of time. Our cast aluminum or steel lighting options are designed with longevity in mind. All of our products are powder-coated with anti-rust properties, and they’re also chip—and fade-resistant. We only provide the best outdoor post lights and other products.

They’re made to endure through various weather patterns and whatever else the elements have to test them with. They’ll still look good for years to come, even if your area is prone to long bouts of rainstorms, snowstorms, humidity, or extreme heat. You also don’t need to do too much maintenance on them other than the regular inspection to ensure there are no weak spots that’ll cause them to collapse during a bad storm or other inclement weather.

No one wants them to happen, but sometimes, accidents happen. Lighting in public areas where cars, buses, and other motorized vehicles occasionally collide with the Outdoor Lamp Posts Base is important. We know you count on us to have matching parts available to recreate your beautiful Outdoor Lamp Posts Base in the clean-up process.

Choosing the Design That’s Best for the Neighborhood

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has many designs for our commercial lamps and posts for sale. We have everything from modern styles to vintage ones. You can choose the one that best illuminates your neighborhood or community’s streets, sidewalks, parks, and pathways. When you’ve chosen your favorite designs for your urban planning project, call our team to place your order.

Some of our favorite options include the following:

Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

Mel Northey Co. Inc. is with you. We can provide the outdoor lamp posts base you need for your streets.

Of course, we have other designs available in our catalog. Browse through the full catalog today and find the exact design that you want to illuminate your neighborhood’s streets. Each of them has the same sturdy construction and various sizing options. You only need to know how high, wide, and other dimensions will allow your lights to bring out their best.

The Importance of a Sturdy Lamp Base

An underrated hero in urban infrastructure is a strong lamppost base, which is important for safety and looks. A well-built base keeps the lamppost stable and lets it withstand all kinds of weather, from heavy rain and snow to strong winds and even small earthquakes. This structural stability is very important to keep the lamppost from falling over, which could damage property or, even worse, hurt a person walking by.

The base also holds the electrical parts of the lamppost in place, keeping them safe from water damage and other physical problems. This makes sure that the light always works. Since street lighting makes it easier to see, discourages crime, and lowers the risk of accidents at night, a strong lamppost base directly improves the safety and security of neighborhoods.

A well-designed outdoor lamp posts base also enhances urban planning by blending well with roads, sidewalks, and public areas. In this way, it’s useful and aesthetically pleasing, helping with the overall style and mood of streetscapes. In conclusion, a strong outdoor lamp posts base is important for cities’ health, safety, and overall look, but it is often ignored.

Let’s Help Reduce Light Pollution

In addition to providing only the best Outdoor Lamp Posts Base and other products for commercial developments and municipal planners, we also work hard to minimize our impact on the planet. For this reason, we at Mel Northey Co. Inc. subscribe to the Dark Sky initiative.

It is our goal to eliminate old-fashioned lighting fixtures that send beams of “uplight” into the night skies. This causes light to diffuse into the atmosphere, causing light pollution. Poorly designed lighting fixtures don’t do enough to ensure that the light is focused on the ground where it belongs.

For this reason, we offer a full line of Dark sky-compliant fixtures and replacement parts, including Outdoor Lamp Posts and Bases. Dark Sky fixtures solve the problems associated with too much light ‘leaking’ into the night sky, making stargazing difficult and life purely confusing for nocturnal birds and animals that can no longer differentiate night from day.

Outdoor Lamp Posts Base

We expect that Dark Sky regulations will be inevitable—now is a good time to plan to upgrade your Outdoor Lamp Posts Base. When your lighting fixtures meet Dark Sky standards, you will rest better knowing that you are enjoying more bang for your kilowatt buck while also shrinking your carbon footprint.

Suppose your lighting scheme doesn’t include Dark Sky fixtures. In that case, Mel Northey Co. Inc. sells replacement parts, including globes, outdoor lamp posts base, and retrofit kits to improve the functionality of your outdoor lighting fixtures.

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Bringing your lighting plan into the 21st century is easier with Mel Northey Co. Inc. We make it our business to plan for the future of commercial, residential, and municipal lighting. From outdoor lamp posts base to a variety of beautiful dark-compliant globes, we are ready to assist you in making the most of your lighting investment. Request a quote today through our online form, or call us to place an order.