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Outdoor Lamp Post

Mel Northey can provide you with your ideal style for an outdoor lamp post. We have been around and serving the Greater Houston area for over forty years now. Our quality iron and aluminum cast streetscaping solutions have been beautifying this city for that long. You too can have an elegant edition like our Essex or Concord lampposts to your home landscape.


About Our Outdoor Lighting Company

We have been helping people out with our streetscaping solutions since 1979. Ever since then, it has been our priority to market directly to developers, builders, and contractors in the Houston area. Mel Northey‘s products include affordable and decorative aluminum cast lamp posts, street signs, mailboxes, and more.

Whether it has been for residential, municipal, or communal purposes, we have regularly provided answers to lighting problems. Ours are beautiful and cost-effective. The idea is to enhance the view from your front door. Or maybe your project is to give a sense of safety in the neighborhood park. Either way, we have you covered.

Outdoor Lamp Post


Dark-Sky Technologies

All the way since 2008, we have offered dark sky options in our lighting and made them a priority. These bulbs do a lot to reduce light pollution in the night sky. In fact, it also reduces your electrical energy usage by as much as 42%. Not only does it save you money on your energy bill, but it keeps a greener Earth by reducing the carbon emissions that come with energy usage. These dark-sky solutions direct your decorative lighting downward, where you need it, rather than wasting it, clouding up the darkness of the night sky.

With our help, you can take part in making America a greener country. These bulbs and setups allow us to eliminate wasted light and the energy expended in these lamps. If you want to use dark-sky solutions in your outdoor lamp post, let us know. We fashion LED retrofit lighting solutions with our products.

Our Lampposts

We have many many options for your outdoor lamp post, all of our own design. Our lampposts are of grade A aluminum cast iron. You can get them with Surface Mounts or Ground Burials. There are ones that are 10 feet, 10 1/2, 11 1/2, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 feet options for your lamppost. Some would look well lighting up your front yard, others making a path in the park, and yet others will make a great grand entrance to a mansion.

Outdoor Lamp Post



Our line of lampposts we nicknamed Essex are meant to recall nostalgic images of Victorian-style gas lamps of the 19th century to your mind. They can bring your home, yard, or neighborhood back to the lush cottage-filled gardens of Essex. These acorn globes will make you feel like you are in the middle of some English fairytale.


These, on the other hand, should recall a patriotic sentiment, or at least a romantic one. Concord is, not to mention one of the first battlegrounds for our nation’s birth, but also the birthplace of American Romanticism. Here, Alcott, Hawthorne, Emerson, and Thoreau collaborated to create our own myths and morals. Our Concord outdoor lamp post mimics the architecture of those colonial and pre-Industrial times. Walking alongside them will make you feel like your stepping off the railway platform in Boston. It, too, has acorn luminaries, and a tapered, flute base, 16 inches in diameter.

Outdoor Lamp Post



Meanwhile, our Americana is far simpler. Its goal is to draw up nostalgic memories of a simpler time. It is your mid-century, suburban sidewalk lamppost. Imagine it on Main Street USA or Independence Park. You can see it in a Norman Rockwell painting.

The Americana consists of a tapered and fluted base but atop a solid plinth. It has an access door for easy maintenance. With this outdoor lamp post, you can bring the energy efficiency of twenty-first-century LED lightbulbs and dark-sky solutions to rose-colored twentieth-century memories.


If you want to inject style from elsewhere, our Tuscany Lamps are quite different. We used Florentine architecture as inspiration in this instance. It has a smooth ornamental base that would fit right at home on those night Italian streets. The idea behind this design was to mix a modern feel with a rustic one to get a sense of elegance out of the combination.


Outdoor Lamp Post


Moving away from the Renaissance, we have our Federal lamps. These are of a neoclassical age. It is the same architecture you see employed on our national monuments in Washington and municipal buildings. In fact, that is where we would most suggest it. Although, they would work just as well in any park, making you feel like you are on Pennsylvania Avenue or in Arlington. From ancient Rome to late eighteenth-century America and now the walkway leading up to the front entrance of your home, this Federal architecture lives on.

Our Other Products

We have plenty of other lamp designs. There are several heavy-duty options of some of the ones we went over, like the Grand Concord and more. We ensure that there is a perfect outdoor lamp post for your streetscaping project.

On the other hand, your project might call for a lot more. Whether it is for your yard or a beautification project of your neighborhood park, these could do you a lot of good.

Street Signs and Stop Signs

You could be the home at the end of your corner or a contractor working on a city park. Either way, our street and stop signs make for an excellent alternative to the standard option with their thin, flat, hollow, yellow, and perforated posts.

Your Outdoor Lamp Post

If you see how one of our lamps could spruce up your landscaping project, then contact us today. From there, we can discuss which one of our designs is the best for your yard or park. Mel Northey has a large variety of quality products. So, do not rush and spend plenty of time flipping through our catalog. When you are ready, you can call our company at (281) 445-3485. We promise you will enjoy and be satisfied with your outdoor lamp post.