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LED Street Light Fixtures

Are you considering LED street light fixtures when determining area lighting needs for your parking lot project? Though there may be many options available, using LED street light fixtures should be your top choice.

When providing lighting for a parking lot, you have to take into consideration the coverage area. How often will bulbs need to be replaced? It’s important for individuals to feel safe as they head to their cars.

Is the light emitted ample enough to promote safety? Additionally, many businesses are making an intentional effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Can a street light fixture contribute to green living?

Using LED lighting with aluminum poles addresses each of these issues. That is why the Mel Northey Co. Inc. is proud to offer LED lighting options. Below, you will discover how LED lights promote smart and responsible lighting.

LED street light fixtures

Lighting Options Parking Lots

LED Street Light Fixtures: Longer Light Life Equals Energy Savings

They say that time is money. Over time, you will see the savings that using LED lights provides. As you begin doing the initial price comparison, you will find that LED lights cost more than other light choices.

However, an initial investment upfront will yield you long-term savings. When lighting an extensive area like a parking lot, you want a lighting choice that won’t require constant bulb replacement.

It can be time-consuming if regular bulb replacement is required. More than likely, a bulb or globe replacement will come with the additional cost of paying for a bucket truck to reach the top of the street light fixtures. So, as you save money upfront with other lighting options, you will likely end up paying more for routine maintenance.

LED lights are an investment that will allow you to see savings over the long haul. These savings are tied into the lifespan of the bulbs as well as their energy consumption. Let’s look at the lifespan first.

The typical lifespan of an LED light is said to be around 50,000 hours. That means that if the lights in the parking lot were expected to be on for 6-10 hours a day, the bulbs theoretically wouldn’t need to be replaced for up to 22 years!

The savings continue with energy consumption. LEDs are designed to use less energy. Let’s do a comparison. A typical incandescent light uses 100 watts to produce 1600 Lumens.

An LED light only requires 16-20 watts to produce the same amount of light. So your LED Street Light Fixtures will use less energy while providing maximum lighting.

LED street light fixtures

LED Fixtures Street Light

Better Light Equals Better Safety

Parking lots may vary in size, but the need for proper lighting is crucial no matter the setting. Whether you are lighting a large parking lot or a small one, safety must be a consideration when determining your lighting options.

Once the sun goes down, it’s important to be aware of potential safety concerns. As people are walking through a lot, some with young children in tote, proper lighting will be needed to avoid accidents. It isn’t always easy to see pedestrians as they are walking to and from their cars.

If your parking lot will be a high-traffic area, such as a movie theater lot or a grocery store, proper lighting is essential. Additionally, without proper lighting, a parking block can easily become a safety hazard. In the dark, they can be easy to overlook and could cause someone to trip.

Of course, one of the most important reasons for proper lighting is to assist in crime prevention. Though proper lighting isn’t a guarantee for crime prevention, statistics have shown that it can definitely be a deterrent.

The dimmer the parking lot, the more susceptible a person might be to crime. Muggings and theft are easier to commit under the covering of darkness. When a lot is well-lit, a person can be more aware of their surroundings, and it eliminates potential hiding spots for perpetrators.

LED street light fixtures

LED Options Street Light

Energy Efficient Light Equals Greener Living

We live in a day and age where concern for the environment is no longer just a personal conviction. Many companies are putting forth an effort to promote green initiatives. If this is an initiative close to the heart of your company, then you will be pleased with the benefits of using LED lights.

First of all, there are no toxic elements (such as mercury as found in fluorescents) found in LED bulbs. This means that at the end of their long lifespan, they can be safely and easily disposed of and even recycled.

As previously mentioned, LEDs use less energy. This is a huge contribution when it is estimated that half of our carbon footprint is a result of electricity usage. When less energy is used, less demand for energy sources such as power plants is required. A bonus benefit to using LEDs is the potential for less light pollution.

With fuller brightness and more controlled light distribution, the light produced won’t be shooting off in unintended directions. It’s stabilized positioning will give better control and ground coverage. With no mercury toxins, less energy consumption, and even better light control, it’s easy to see how using LEDs is fast becoming the “green” go-to option for lighting needs.

Many cities around the world are seeing the benefits of LED lighting and have been making the switch to more effectively light major highways, businesses, and even government properties. Read more about the value of parking lot light fixtures.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. LED Street Light Fixtures

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of using LED lighting when covering a large area. Their longer lifespan will provide you with a longer return on your investment. The brighter light and better light distribution provided by LEDs helps to intentionally keep safety in mind when determining the lighting needs of a lot.

The design and technology of an LED provide the ability to be environmentally conscious without taking away lighting quality. If you are ready to explore LED lighting options for your parking lot project, then let Mel Northey Co. Inc. walk you through the process.

We have an array of options best to meet the style and size of your project, including commercial mailboxes and street and stop signs. Contact us today by calling (800) 828-0302 or by filling out our online quote form and discover why LED street light fixtures will serve your project well.