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Lantern Lights

Looking for some lantern lights? With Mel Northey Co. Inc., you won’t just get lantern lights. You will get eco-friendly lights that will add charm and elegance to your home or neighborhood.

Since 1979, people have been choosing our decorative lamps to light up neighborhoods, personal driveways, and commercial areas. Our lamps provide a unique atmosphere with style and charm. At an affordable cost, we know you will find something you will love.

In 2008, we wanted to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize light pollution. We have decreased our electrical use with our dark sky lights by 42%. We want to do our part in reducing carbon emissions that can cause global warming with our dark-sky-friendly lantern lights.

Dark Sky-Friendly Lantern Lights

Dark sky lights are a trend to help cut down on light pollution. We all love to stargaze, but we also love to see where we are going. These special lantern lights help achieve this goal. Another advantage is reducing things such as glare.

Have you ever been walking down a road, and a bright white light causes an inability to see around you? What about while you are driving? It can get pretty scary when you are driving at night, and suddenly you are not able to see because of a light that is too bright. These night-friendly lights will help in making things more visible, safe, and it is much better for the environment all around.

In conclusion, these special lanterns do several things for all of us. They help reduce emissions and help keep our planet greener. This reduces the dangers of blinding people in the dark but gives enough light to see where you are going. They also give a soft ambiance for when you want to go for that romantic evening stroll through the park or when you want to stay close to the city but still see the stars at night.

lantern lights

With our eco-friendly lantern lights, we can help reduce our use of electricity.

Lamps and Lanterns We Offer

We offer a large selection of lights and lanterns to fit suit your needs. With dozens of selections and styles of bulbs and posts, we know you will find something you love. Are you looking for a traditionally elegant style? Check out our Victorian English and Americana style lamps.

Are you looking for more modern commercial and street light posts? We can offer you a wide range of our contemporary style lamps and lanterns. Our state-of-the-art designs may look classy, but we do not sacrifice quality and durability. We offer heavy and medium-duty weight lamps and posts that can withstand all kinds of weather.

Our lantern lights offer different lighting options and designs that allow you to choose how you focus your light. Do you want something oblong to light up a walkway, or do you need something more circular? We have both available. Our light bulbs also come in LED and HID.

There are a plethora of post options from size to style and how you want the post to mount. Our heavy-duty posts come in 3″, 4,” and 5″ diameter with a municipal-quality core.

These posts can either be burial mounted or above-ground mounted. We even have ABS color match options.

Our lights are constructed by hand by skillful artisans. Create a retro look for any patio garden.

lantern lights

All our globes are replaceable.

Area and Street Lights and Poles

Our selection of lantern lights for large areas and streets is available with many different customizable options. Our posts are made of aluminum and are seamless.

You can choose from a removable top, tenon, or drilled for a side mount luminaire. All our posts can be made at customizable heights. We even have optional decorative base covers for an additional cost.

Our LED light options are available from 20 watts to 65 watts. Our lights are bug-resistant, and they have a large heat sink for cooler run time. This allows our lamps to have a long life.

There are top and side mount lights shields. These lights will be perfect for sports and outdoor lighting.

If you need replacements globes, we have those available as well. We also offer sconces and pier mounts as lantern lights options. Check out our downloadable catalog for all of our options.

Our styles of lantern lights have charm and elegance. They can give character to your neighborhood or your home.

Great Savings

Do you want to know exactly how much you will be spending on your lantern lights? We can offer a direct quote from us by filling out an application online. We will get back to you promptly with your quote.

Mel Northey offers so much more!

Though we do pride ourselves in our lantern lights, lanterns are not the only things we have available. A household essential is a mailbox. Did you know we also provide street signs and commercial mailboxes in the same decorative styles?

Our decorative signs and mailboxes will add extra charm to those new lamp posts. This gives your special home and community a timeless look and feel. Modern looks are always changing. So why not create an atmosphere that focuses on artistry and craftsmanship?

Our vintage designs are a wonderful alternative to the type of U-channel posts with heights offered between 8 feet and 11 feet. In addition, our signs and mailboxes can also be used for residential and communal spaces, and they come with brackets for easy installation. Much like our lantern lights, our street signs and mailboxes can either be burial mounted or surface mounted.

Our street signs come in 6-inch or 24-inch blades with heavy-duty posts. Our mailboxes are made of heavy-duty aluminum with a stainless steel door. We do offer a series of mailboxes that are completely made of stainless steel.

Our mailboxes can be top mounted or side-mounted, and there are options for magazines and newspaper holders. All of our signs and mailboxes have a variety of posts to choose from.

lantern lights

Call Mel Northey for your quote on your next purchase of lantern lights.

Light Up Your World

If you want durable and eco-friendly commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale, look no further than Mel Northey Co. Inc. We would love to help you pick the perfect lights, signs, and mailboxes. With a huge variety of options, we know we will have something you will like. You won’t have to choose between style and durability.

We have chosen to work hard at creating something that will last and that will be charming to look at. Why should we have to choose between durability and aesthetics? Here at Met Northey, we don’t think you should have to. So check out our online catalog, and give us a call to request a quote for your next lantern lights at Mel Northey Co. Inc.!

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