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Lamp Posts Lanterns

Lamp posts lanterns to compliment your stunningly beautiful antique replica light posts are found at Mel Northey Co. Inc.

In the Houston area, building and planning professionals have been turning to Mel Northey Co. Inc. for generations to help them with lighting and signing solutions for projects big and small. We have been lighting communities and developments in Texas since 1979 and are proud to be the “go-to” company when it comes to classically designed and maintenance-free lamp posts lanterns.

Houston Lamp Posts Lanterns For Sale

Houston Lamp Posts Lanterns

Lamp Posts Lanterns: Our Philosophy

Our longevity is the result of our simple philosophy—we sell only the best lighting fixtures. We know that when you’re in search of lighting solutions, you need products that will not only look beautiful for years to come but also be cost-effective. Our products are money savers in several ways.

Constructed from heavy-duty cast aluminum our lamp posts lanterns are coated with state-of-the-art finishes that resist rust, chipping, and fading. This means that for the life of your fixture, it will remain beautiful without costly upkeep.

Additionally, because our fixtures and lamp posts lanterns are designed to be timelessly elegant we know that they will never go out of style. They are simple, elegant, and practical; like that “little black dress” you hear so much about, our fixtures can go anywhere and still turn heads.

Additional Technology

Additionally, our lamp posts lanterns and other fixtures have an environmental component that sets them apart from most other lighting solutions. At Mel Northey Co. Inc., we work hard to make sure that our fixtures keep the light you use stays on the surfaces you want to illuminate.

Old fixtures were poorly designed. That means that light from these lamp posts lanterns could easily “leak” up and into the night sky. It simply makes no sense to light the atmosphere when you really want your lamp posts lanterns light directed downward to streets, sidewalks and parking areas.

Not only do poorly designed lamp posts lanterns waste light and eat up utility budgets, they make the stunning Texas night sky too bright for stargazers, or even nocturnal birds.

Concern On Cost

The cost of wasted light is also a critical concern. If you are a city planner, you understand that your taxpayers should not be forced to pay for poor design. When your lamp posts lanterns waste light, it takes more resources to generate the electricity you use carelessly.

In other words, using Dark Sky technology in your lamp posts lanterns is a way to save both your dollars and your planet. (If your lighting plan doesn’t use Dark Sky lights, you may choose from our array of replacement globes that meet Dark Sky standards. We also sell retrofit kits to make upgrading easy.) Since Dark Sky statutes are becoming more prevalent across the country, we’re glad to be on the cutting edge of this movement.

Lamp Posts Lanterns

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Which Businesses Could Use Lamp Posts Lanterns?

Anything that gives a business an edge over its rivals is worth a lot in today’s market. Adding decorative lamp posts and lanterns is an easy thing to forget that can make a big difference.

We are proud at Mel Northey Co. Inc. to plan and build the best lamp posts, street and stop signs, mailboxes, and lighting for commercial areas. Not only do our unique lamp posts lanterns make your business space look better, they also have useful features that can make the experience better for your customers and clients.

The Many Ways Lamp Posts and Lanterns Can Be Used

Many types of businesses, from stores to housing projects, can benefit from putting up decorative lamp posts and lanterns. Let’s look at a few situations where our goods can make a big difference:

People love shopping in well-lit and warm places. In shopping malls and retail areas, decorative lamp posts and lanterns not only provide necessary lighting for safety and visibility but also help create an atmosphere that makes people want to stay longer. Our beautifully designed lights make your business a popular place to shop because they make the space look nice and safe.

Restaurants and bars need to have the right atmosphere. The right lighting can set the mood for a meal, making people want to relax, enjoy their food, and come back. Our decorative lamp post lanterns can make patios, walks, and places to sit outside look more elegant and cozy. Properly lighting these areas can improve the eating experience and make your business stand out in a crowded market.

A home’s curb charm is very important. Whether it’s a business or residential property, well-designed outdoor lighting can have a big effect on how much people think it’s worth. The lanterns on lamp posts made by Mel Northey Co. Inc. not only light up paths and streets but also make the whole area look better. People who want to buy or rent a home are more likely to be drawn to well-lit neighborhoods, that look nice, and feel safe and welcome.

The outside is the first thing they notice when people come to hotels and spas. But first impressions are important. With our decorative lamp posts and lanterns, you can make a warm and friendly space that sets the mood for the rest of their stay.

Pathways, gardens, and driveways that are beautifully lit up will make your business look and feel better, making sure that guests quickly feel the luxury and comfort that your venue promises. Guests will also find it easier to find their way around and feel safer with carefully placed lanterns and lamp posts, which will make their stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

Businesses do well when their workers and customers feel safe and welcome. Decorative lamp posts lanterns from Mel Northey Co. Inc. are a good way to light up outdoor areas of office parks and business buildings, making them safer and lowering the risk of accidents. Additionally, the high-end design of our products can enhance the look of your workplace, providing a polished and professional atmosphere that speaks well for your company.

Public places like parks and leisure areas are very important to the health and happiness of a community. Good lighting is very important for ensuring these places are safe and easy to get to at night. When you put our decorated lamp posts lanterns in parks, they make them more appealing for community events, evening walks, and family get-togethers. Vandalism and other bad things are less likely to happen in well-lit places, making them safer for everyone who visits.

Houston Bulk Lamp Posts Lanterns For Sale

Lamp posts lanterns for sale in Houston.

For Any Project, Call Us

We hope you will trust us with your lighting challenges as you approach your project, no matter how large or small. There is a reason we’ve been around so long. Our commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale are nothing to scoff at, from street and stop signs, to LED lights, to commercial mailboxes.

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