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Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale

Commercial Outdoor Lamp For Sale

Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale if you are looking for quality outdoor lighting options for a commercial application, look no further than Mel Northey Company.

Since 1979, we have been meeting the lighting challenges of the best architects, developers, contractors and builders in the area. These building professionals know that when they need Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale, Mel Northey is the best place to look. Why?

We’ve been in business in the Houston area for so long. This is because we take a different approach to the selling of lighting, and signage supplies. We believe that it isn’t enough to provide beautiful, classically designed posts and Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale.

We also want our customers to know that when they install one of our fixtures, it will last for generations to come.

Why Us?

Our high quality cast aluminum antique replica signposts and Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale are constructed to be low-maintenance. The products we sell are rust proof and fade and chip resistant. This means your fixtures and Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale will remain beautiful without costly maintenance. Our architectural enhancements are meant to stand the test of time in their styling as well.

Houston Texas Commercial Outdoor Lamp For Sale

Commercial Outdoor Lamp For Sale Houston

Beautiful Designs

We create Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale that is so tasteful in design that they will never go out of style. They are, to borrow a term from the kingdom of ladies’ fashion, “the little black dress” of the lighting world. They are simple, functional and timelessly beautiful.

Our company is also at the cutting edge of new technology. Especially, when it comes to Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale. Until very recently, outdoor lighting was poor in designs. So that the fixtures themselves send countless kilowatts upward into the night sky. Where they did absolutely nothing to provide the safety and security Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale are meant to supply.

Recently, though, lighting professionals have begun to understand that wasted “up-light” is costly and careless when it comes to the planet. That’s why Mel Northey Company subscribes to the Dark Sky initiative.

The Very Best

When the night sky is carelessly illuminated, it isn’t just wasteful in terms of electric energy badly spent, it is also hurtful to nocturnal animals and birds who call Texas home. The confusion caused by over-lit skies from Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale can lead to untimely death for these creatures. And, from a strictly human point of view, commercial light pollution make stargazing difficult to impossible. The amateur astronomers in your community will be grateful that you went that extra mile.(If your lighting is not Dark Sky compliant already, we stock an amazing array of replacement globes to help your Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale meet Dark Sky standards. We also sell retrofit kits to accomplish the same, very noble, goal.)

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If you are planning a residential project or searching for Commercial Outdoor Lamp for sale, allow the lighting professionals at Mel Northey Company help you bring your lighting plan into the 21st Century.