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Commercial Lamp Posts

When architects, developers, contractors, builders, and municipal planners want to find the best and most cost-effective commercial lamp posts, they turn to Mel Northey Company. Since 1979, our company has been THE source for lamps and signposts of distinction in the nation. Our commercial lamp posts are legendary for impeccable, timeless style, sturdiness, and, more recently, environmental sensitivity.

As you can see from our wide range of aluminum and steel goods, we are proud of our dedication to quality and new ideas. We offer a wide range of products, from Dark Sky-compliant lights to energy-efficient LED lighting. These products help our customers lower their carbon footprint and support sustainability.

We value our relationships at Mel Northey Company and work hard to give our customers the best service possible. To make sure that every job goes well, we offer free quotes and one-on-one help. Get in touch with us right away to find out how we can help you light your next project with quality at a price you can afford.

Houston Texas Commercial Lamp Posts

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Beautiful Commercial Lamp Posts

Whether you’re planning a residential development, a shopping center, or an entire streetscape, we provide top-quality products, including commercial lamp posts that will last for generations. Our  commercial lamp posts will be just as aesthetically pleasing years from now as they are today. Because our fixtures are top-of-the-line, classical in design, and nearly maintenance-free, you’ll be glad you chose Mel Northey Company.

The lamp posts we sell are created from lightweight, durable cast aluminum. The designs we use stand the test of time without chipping or fading. Should you need a replacement for our commercial lamp posts, our classic product line remains available year after year. This is especially important as your project and/or your municipal needs expand in the years to come.

Design Freedom

We know how important it is for your projects to have design freedom. That’s why we give you a lot of options that you can change to fit your wants and tastes. You can choose from round or square poles, and we have both to match the style of any building project.

We provide a wide variety of lighting options, so you may choose from many different kinds. Your commercial outdoor lighting will serve its purpose and enhance the aesthetic of your place in this manner. From classic to contemporary, we have styles to suit any decor.

You may rest assured that your lighting plan will reflect your individual style and taste because we exclusively provide high-quality, long-lasting items. Let Mel Northey Company assist you in discovering the ideal balance between form and function for your projects by exploring our extensive collection of design possibilities.

Aluminum-Cast Posts and Poles for the Win

Aluminum-cast commercial lamp posts and poles are a great option when choosing the best materials for outdoor lighting installations. Since we at Mel Northey Company are aware of the various benefits aluminum offers, a large number of our goods are made from this excellent material.

What are the benefits of aluminum?

Heavy-duty light poles and posts are often made of aluminum because it is strong and light. Its ability to prevent corrosion means that even in harsh weather, the items will keep their shape and good looks. Businesses may benefit from lighting options that are reliable and don’t need much upkeep over time. This will save them money and time in the long run.

Commercial Lamp Posts

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In addition to being strong, aluminum has a clean, modern look that works with any style of architecture. Our aluminum-cast posts and poles are stylish and adaptable for lighting needs in both classic and modern business settings. They come in both square and round forms, so you can pick the one that fits your project’s needs for both function and style.

Aluminum is also a very sustainable material. Because aluminum-cast posts and poles are 100% recyclable, they contribute to environmental conservation efforts. This environmentally beneficial feature fits well with the rising emphasis that modern development and construction projects are placing on sustainability.

Although aluminum is a great material for a lot of uses, we understand that steel can be necessary for some projects to provide extra strength and longevity. Because of this, we provide a selection of steel light poles and posts so that you can get the best materials for every circumstance. Mel Northey Company is dedicated to offering premium, long-lasting, and visually beautiful lighting solutions for all your needs, whether you choose steel or aluminum.

Dark Sky Technology

We have the solution if you are concerned, as many are, with the stunning waste of electric energy resulting from poorly designed, old-fashioned fixtures. Mel Northey Company is proud to participate in the Dark Sky initiative. Dark Sky technology works to keep light that emanates from the street.

Our posts focus on the streets, sidewalks, and parking areas where light belongs. This prevents light from being sent willy-nilly into the night sky, where it dilutes the spectacular cosmic view for which Texas is famous. At Mel Northey Company, we support stargazing and wildlife. Dark Sky technology also protects nocturnal birds and animals from the confusion and danger associated with too much light.

Why Dark Sky?

It makes sense to focus more light downward and eliminate wasted “up-light” not only from an environmental perspective but also from a purely cost-efficiency model. Our LED shoebox area lights do this perfectly.

By choosing Dark Sky Commercial Lamp Posts and fixtures for your lighting needs, you can get the most from your monthly electric use and, as a bonus, keep the costs of generating power lower.

Commercial Lamp Posts

We offer replacement globes for Commercial Lamp Posts.

Using Dark Sky fixtures with your commercial lamp posts will maximize your illumination and still keep your community greener by reducing your carbon footprint. If your existing fixtures do not take advantage of Dark Sky technology, Mel Northey Company offers replacement globes and retrofit kits to make your old lamp posts Dark Sky compliant.

Speak with Our Friendly Experts

Our company has been serving this area for nearly forty years. The reason we are still around is that we provide our customers with the very best in industrial and commercial lamp posts, coordinating sign posts, street signs, and stop signage. We do all of this at the best price possible.

When you factor in the low-maintenance and environmental benefits that come from choosing our products, you’ll understand why Mel Northey Company leads the pack, especially when it comes to commercial lamp posts in Texas. Call us at 1-800-828-0302, to discuss your options or check out our catalog! We look forward to working with you and brightening up your space.