Brass Mailbox

Mel Northey Co. can help you find the beauty of a brass mailbox. Here at Mel Northey Co., we know how important it is to make your homes or businesses look better and work better. With our beautiful brass mailboxes, park benches, traffic signs, lamp posts, and outdoor lights, we can make your property look better.

As Houston-based market leaders for more than 40 years, we’re happy to offer unique products that add to the beauty and charm of your space while also being highly functional. This article will show you our wide range of lights and mailbox options, with a focus on how beautiful our brass mailboxes are.

brass mailbox

Consider our brass mailbox! We have tons of high-quality options.

Why Should You Choose A Brass Mailbox?

When it comes to aesthetics, there’s nothing better than a shiny, strong brass mailbox. It has a bit of the old and an unbeatable level of elegance that will make people look twice and be impressed. Whether you want a mailbox placed on the wall or on a post, our wide range of styles will match the look of any home.

There are many more reasons why our brass mailboxes are great than just how they look. A metal mailbox from Mel Northey Co. might be the best choice for your home or business for the following reasons:

  • Resistance to Rust: Brass is known for being able to last a long time. This means that a mailbox made of metal from Mel Northey Co. will last for a long time, even in bad weather. You can expect your mailbox to look good for years or even decades because brass is strong. This makes it a good long-term investment.
  • Different Styles: At Mel Northey Co., we have metal mailboxes in various sizes, shapes, and styles. You’ll be able to find something in our collection that fits your style, whether you want something simple, classic, or big. Also, different styles make it easy to change how brass looks to easily fit in with the rest of your home’s design.
  • Low Maintenance: Another good thing about metal mailboxes is that they don’t need much upkeep. Unlike other materials that need to be cleaned or touched up often, brass doesn’t rust, so it keeps its shine for a long time.

Opt for Decorative Lamps

As well as brass mailboxes, Mel Northey Co. is happy to offer lamp posts and light fixtures that are meant to look nice. We know lighting is important in making a safe, welcoming, and appealing space. Our lights are easily made to match various architectural types, from modern to traditional.

How our lamp posts are made takes both durability and style into account, so they will make your outdoor places look better and keep you safe. Because they are made of high-quality materials, our lamp posts work well and look good in their settings. We have these items in a range of sizes and styles so that we can meet the needs of all of our customers.

brass mailbox

Mel Northey Co. has plenty of other options besides a brass mailbox.

Consider Street and Stop Signs

At Mel Northey Co., we do more than sell good products. We also offer solutions that make your community safer, more organized, and more attractive. Street and stop signs are an important part of what we sell because they help residential and commercial places in many ways. Take a better look at the important role these seemingly simple parts play.


Clearly, the main benefit of street and stop signs is making things safer. These signs control the flow of traffic and pedestrians by telling drivers when to stop, yield, or go the speed limit. Accidents can be avoided by following the instructions and information on the street and stop signs. This keeps everyone on the road safe.

Better Navigation

Street signs are especially important for getting around. They help drivers, pedestrians, and bikers figure out where they are, which makes it easier to get around in neighborhoods, cities, or towns. In addition, they make it easy for emergency services, delivery people, and newcomers to find specific locations.

Aesthetic Appeal

Street and stop signs are often forgotten, but they add to the general look of an area. At Mel Northey Co., our signs are more than just useful; they’re also made to fit in with the style of your neighborhood, making it look more regular and charming. Our signs have a mix of classic, timeless designs and modern looks that make your space look better without taking away from its usefulness.

Buying high-quality street and stop signs from Mel Northey that look good and last long does more than control traffic. It’s an investment in making the area safer, easier to get around, and more appealing to everyone.

You can count on our knowledge and experience to help you find signs and solutions that will easily improve your community or business. These solutions will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your area is safe and the pleasure of knowing it is neat all in one.

brass mailbox

Choose our brass mailbox!

Feel the Difference at Mel Northey Co.

You deserve the best when it comes to making your outdoor areas better. We at Mel Northey Co. work hard to ensure you only get the best goods. Whether it’s a cute metal mailbox or a commercial lamp post, we promise quality in every way. Our customer service is also top-notch, and we’ll immediately address your wants and concerns.

Today’s market is very competitive, and it can be hard to stand out. But your home or business will always make a stylish statement with Mel Northey Co.’s brass mailboxes and other outdoor decorations. Show off your style and taste while being useful, and let us help you make a big impression.

Mel Northey Co. is the place for quality, style, and long-lasting value. You’re not just buying a product when you shop with us; you’re investing in a beautiful addition that will last a long time to your home or business. Get a quote today or call us and see how we can make any room look great with classic style and great functionality.

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