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Street Light for Sale

Street Light for Sale 

Most businesses eventually need to find a street light for sale. Commercial outdoor lights serve many important functions, and achieving the desired effect can be highly technical, depending on the specific purpose.

street light for sale may be ideal for parking lots. Bringing illumination to outdoor walkways, or providing security for a business entrance. Do not waste any more time; fill out our customer Contact Form Here so we can start finding the best lights for you.

Street Light for Sale Houston Texas

Houston Street Light for Sale.

Some considerations regarding whether a street light  is the right one for a particular business are the following:

  • Will the street light for sale be a primary source for outdoor, landscaping, or parking lot lighting?
  • Is there a decorative style that should be chosen? Is the street light for sale a good match for the business’s design, such as rustic, contemporary, coastal, modern, industrial, or cottage?
  • Can the strict purpose of additional lighting provide better security?

Common Types Of Lighting

A key technical consideration is the type of lighting a street light for sale may offer. Common types of commercial outdoor lights are LED, high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps, and pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) lamps. Commercial lighting often combines with creativity for desired effects, including canopy lighting, landscape lighting, wrap lights, and flood lights. Other lighting may be considered when deciding which street light for sale is the right one.

Light-emitting diodes or LED

Light-emitting Diodes or LED lights may be featured in our street light for sale catalogs. It costs more upfront to have LED lighting. But they are the bulbs that last the longest of any other, at up to 50,000 hours. Those who are environmentally conscious may look for a street light for sale with LED lighting. This is because there are no toxins in the materials, and no environmental harm comes with LED lights. Environmentalists say that using a single LED light can prevent up to a half-ton of toxic greenhouse gas emissions. This, in turn, prevents more pollution from being emitted into the air.

High-Pressure Sodium Lamp or HPS Lamp

street light for sale may be a high-pressure sodium lamp (HPS Lamp). These are a very typical type of street lamp. HPS Lamps were invented at General Electric in the U.S. and have been used since 1964. The significance of HPS lamps is that no other lighting is used by commercial businesses. HPS lamps can be more compact than other common types of lighting, and they have more longevity than low-pressure sodium lamps. A helpful feature in an HPS street light for sale is that it is possible to retrofit HPS lamps into other fixtures that have mercury vapor lighting.

Pulse Start Metal Halide Light

Another type of street light for sale may be a pulse start metal halide light. The pulse start technology can increase the lamp life by up to 50%. There is a high-voltage igniter in these types of lamps, and one of the effects of the igniter is that lamps start up and warm up more quickly in cold weather.

Street Light for Sale

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We’re proud to be more than just a street light company at Mel Northey Co. Inc. Our excellent lighting solutions are known for their high quality and good looks, but we have a lot more products than just lights for your streets. We are also experts at making beautiful street signs and personalized mailboxes, so we can help you improve the look and usefulness of your outdoor areas.

Lights for the street

Our dedication to quality and workmanship is shown by the street lights we have put up. Our lighting solutions are made to fit in with any environment, providing the necessary light and adding a touch of style and charm to the space. Even if you’re just looking to make a neighborhood, park, or business area brighter, our street lights are made to last and look good for a long time. But that’s not all we know about street lights.

Signs for the Street

Street signs are important to any well-run neighborhood because they lead people and give them important information. At Mel Northey Co. Inc., street signs should look good and do their job. Our selection of street signs is made to work with our lighting solutions, creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing space. Our goods are made with accuracy and care, from standard street name signs to informational signs that are made just for you. You can pick from different styles, fonts, and colors to suit your wants and tastes. This will give your area a sleeker look that makes it look better overall.

The way our street signs look is important to us, but they are also built to last. These are made from high-quality materials that are meant to last for years. Thanks to the weather and time, they will keep their value for years to come. Mel Northey Co. Inc. has the right signs for any project, whether it’s for a new neighborhood, an old downtown area, or a modern city area.

Unique Mailboxes

With our handmade mailboxes, giving your home a unique look has never been easier. We at Mel Northey Co. Inc. know that a mailbox is more than just a place to put your mail; it’s also a way to show off your style and personality. Your unique style will show in our personalized mailboxes, which will be both useful and beautiful additions to your home.

We have many styles to choose from, from traditional Victorian looks to sleek, modern ones, so you can be sure to find the right one for the outside of your home. Every mailbox is made with the same attention to quality and care that goes into every other product we make. Our mailboxes are made from long-lasting materials that will hold up against the weather without losing their good looks. Please put your name, address, or any pattern on your mailbox to make it stand out as truly yours.

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When you buy from Mel Northey Co. Inc., you’re dealing in useful and beautiful goods. The goal of our team of experts is to help you find the best options for your outdoor areas. We love what we do and are dedicated to giving you goods that exceed your expectations. We make sure that your experience with us is smooth and satisfying from the first meeting to the final installation.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has everything you need to make your home or neighborhood more interesting, whether you want beautiful street lights, elegant street signs, or a unique mailbox. Contact us right away to learn more about our wide range of goods and how we can help you create an outdoor space that is both useful and beautiful to look at. We care most about making you happy, and we’re excited to give you the best in style and quality. Check out our catalog today.

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