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Outside Post Lamp with a lovely Victorian replica luminary makes an unmistakable statement about you and your sense of style. Whether you are working on your residential exterior lighting plan, or creating the lighting plan for an entire city or town, Mel Northey Company can help you.

For half a century, Mel Northey Company has been the ‘go to’ company for lighting and street signage in Texas. Architects, developers, contractors, builders and municipal planners have long found our product quality to be superior.

We save our customers money in the initial investment. The sturdy cast aluminum Outside Post Lamp and other lighting and signing essentials are virtually worry and maintenance free.

Our Quality

Our Outside Post Lamp and other fixtures are specially coated to be not only rust free, but also fade and chip resistant. This means that your lighting units will remain beautiful for years to come. It also means that you will save money on maintenance for the life of the Outside Post Lamp unit.

houston Outside Post Lamp for sale

Outside Post Lamp for sale in houston

Perhaps more importantly, we at Mel Northey are very focused on focus. Light fixtures of the past are poor in design. So that much of the light from the fixture was beamed upward into the night sky.

More On The Dark Sky Tech

In other words, lots of the light you pay for could be being wasted. For that reason, we now comply with Dark Sky standards and concentrate on keeping your Outside Post Lamp light where it belongs – focused on the streets, sidewalks, and parking lots you set out to illuminate in the first place.

Dark Sky standards keep the night sky dark enough for stargazers and nocturnal birds and animals. They also keep your money in your pocket. Because our Outside Post Lamp fixtures make the most of the light you use, they save you money in the long run. Additionally, they shrink your carbon footprint by limiting resources necessary to generate electricity at the power plant. Everybody wins.

Reach Us Today

Whether you are planning a small, single residential landscape lighting project, or intend to create an entire well-lit streetscape, we at Mel Northey can help. We will make your lighting plans highly efficient in terms of resources and utility payments. Our company can also help you create an up-scale, high-end appearance for your project. This will surely impress everyone who encounters your Outside Post Lamp placement.

Order a brochure today to see the classic styling of our antique reproduction Outside Post Lamp and street sign combinations that will make your project a more memorable one. You will see for yourself that our classic, timeless designs will remain in style for generations to come and, because we maintain a full line of replacement parts, we can – in the event of an accident that makes replacement necessary – get you replacement Outside Post Lamp in a hurryYou will see why, when it comes to Outside Post Lamp and other lighting fixtures, Mel Northey Company has been serving building professionals in the Houston for decades.

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