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Outdoor Posts for lighting purposes can make your home, business or commercial project stand out from the rest. When you make lighting choices you make an investment in eye-catching style and long-lasting functionality. These include high-quality, classically beautiful antique reproduction outside street and landscape lighting.

But it gets better.

As you select Outdoor Posts from Mel Northey Company, you will see distinctive fixtures that are will last generations. Our Outdoor Posts are crafted from cast aluminum and coated with durable finishes designed to resist rust, chipping and fading. Our fixtures will remain beautiful without costly maintenance for years to come.

Any Project

Whether you are adding charm and curb-appeal to your home or making an investment we help to set your commercial building apart from the rest. Our Outdoor Posts are designed with companion pieces to fill any need. We have street lights, directional signs, and way-finding signage that will dove-tail perfectly with our other products. You can update a home, a neighborhood or an entire city with classic Outdoor Posts without ever looking beyond Mel Northerly’s catalog.

houston Outdoor Posts for sale

Outdoor Posts for sale houston

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Insight On Mel Northey Company

At Mel Northey Company, we’re very proud to be part of the Dark Sky movement. This movement encourages planners to use Outdoor Posts and lighting plans that focus artificial almost surgically in order to prevent spillage of ‘up-light’. Which creates light pollution in the night sky and wastes countless kilowatt hours. Old fashion Outdoor Posts and light fixtures are poor in design. Instead, it makes sense to invest in fixtures that will focus maximum light on the streets, walkways and common areas. This is where they are to provide safety and security.

When this is complete, your Outdoor Posts will use less electricity to serve the same purpose. Doing so will keep the Texas night sky darker. Once darker, you and others can enjoy the spectacular view of the universe here in The Lone Star State.

Go Green, Use Dark Sky tech

With all the talk about global warming, it makes sense to do your part. When you carefully focus the electric light you buy precisely where it is needed, you’ll use far less resources. Your utility bill will shrink. As a bonus, the energy in use to create electricity at the power plant will be less as well. With Dark Sky technology, not only will you be performing a “green” service to the planet, your pocket book will get greener for your trouble!

Since 1997, Houston area architects, builders, developers, and contractors have trusted Mel Northey Company. They know we provide the most cost effective lighting and architectural enhancements available.

Where to buy Outdoor Posts in houston Texas area

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The reason we’re still around today after all these years is our commitment to our customers. We provide our customers with high quality, highly functional, aesthetically stunning Outdoor Posts and lighting fixtures.They have are made with designs to perform beautifully for generations.

Let Us Brighten Up Your Project 

Let us help you find beauty and durability in light fixtures today. Whether your project is the size of your own residential corner lot, or stretches across the entire city, allow us to help you. Discover the most practical and functional Outdoor Posts available today with our company. You’ll be congratulating yourself on your investment for years to come. Contact our team today by phone at 1-800-828-0302 or send us a direct Email Here.