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led post lights

Buying led post lights is a great way to conserve energy. It’s also a great way to save money. Traditional lights can burn out faster than LEDs making them more expensive in the long run. They will also raise your electricity bill.

By making the switch you will not only be saving more money but also trash and power.

Disadvantages to CFL

led post lights

Getting led post lights are not only cost efficient but also fantastic for your wallet.

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CFL stands for compact fluorescent bulbs. While CFL bulbs were the start of moving away from incandescent light bulbs they still have some drawbacks.

These light bulbs are cold temperature sensitive and are not meant to be in an enclosed fixture. They also have a longer warm-up time and dimming will decrease the life of the bulb.

While these bulbs are slightly more energy-efficient, their life span isn’t long. They also cost more than incandescent bulbs and can emit a harsher light.

A big issue with CFL bulbs is the mercury in them. This causes the disposal of the bulb to be more complex. It is recommended to drop these bulbs off at your local recycling facility to ensure proper disposal. This is why led post lights are usually the superior light.

Disadvantages of Incandescent

These have been the light bulb for quite a long time. However, they still aren’t great for the environment or your wallet. These are easier to dim and tend to be less expensive. There’s also no wait when you switch them on. Unlike CFL these don’t need to be warmed up to get bright. So, why were we trying to move away from these?

led post lights
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They aren’t energy efficient. They only have 1000 hours of light, so they need to be changed frequently. Incandescents also have a higher operating cost and tend to be very fragile.

With the higher operating cost, you would think it would be brighter. However, that isn’t the case. Incandescents have about 5 to 20 lumens per watt. So, for all the money you are spending on your power bill, it doesn’t make your light bulbs burn any brighter.

It also will require more energy because it will require you to use your A/C more. This is because the bulbs emit heat. Maybe in the winter, they can help heat your house. Although, overall they just aren’t an effective light source. So, when shopping for a lamp post light, shop led post lights.

Disadvantages of Halogen

This is a dangerous one. Let alone costly. This bulb is also known as a tungsten bulb which is an advanced incandescent light. The filament is tungsten, however, the gas is halogen which is at a higher pressure.

This bulb is stronger than a basic glass bulb because it is made of fused quartz. It has to be to keep the high-pressure gas contained. This lamp is the industry standard for film and work lights due to the high lumen output. However, these bulbs are being replaced quickly by the LED. How come?

These bulbs are more costly. They also require a low voltage transformer. However, these bulbs are still cheaper than CFL or LED lights.

The other downside is that they produce a ton of heat. They can be uncomfortable to sit under for long hours. Not only that, they can be dangerous to touch when turned on.

Because of the high-pressure gas, these bulbs require some shielding. This is what makes them dangerous. These bulbs have the potential to explode. Which is why they are required to have shielding.

They also cannot be handled. Even when cool. This is because the oils on your hands will heat with the bulb and shorten the life span. They also only get about 2000 hours of light. If they are lit 24/7 then they will have to be replaced every six months. This can quickly become costly and time-consuming.

What Are LEDs

led post lights
Getting led post lights are not only cost-efficient but also fantastic for your wallet.

LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. Thes lights are 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. They operate by having an electrical current pass through a microchip which illuminates tiny light sources. LEDs also produce less heat than other lights because the heat is absorbed into a heat sink.

These light bulbs are less likely to burn out or fail unlike CFL or incandescent bulbs. Instead, they experience lumen depression where the LED slowly dims over time. Their lifetime is established by the LED ‘s light decreasing by 30%.

Benefits of LEDs

An LED bulb lasts longer than any other bulb. Mostly because they don’t “burn out” but slowly dimp over time. They also have less heat than the other light bulbs. This is because they use a heat sink to absorb the heat and dissipate it into the environment. These heat sinks help keep the LED from overheating and burning out.

Like any light bulb, if they are operated at a high temperature their longevity will degrade. Technology for the heat sinks in LEDs are continuously improving. Today there have been advancements that have allowed manufacturers to create LEDs that match the shape of a traditional bulb.

Overall, LED lighting is more versatile, efficient, and lasts longer. They are also a directional light source which is what makes them more efficient than CFL or incandescent. However, to create an LED bulb that shines in every direction requires sophisticated engineering.

There are also different colors of LED lights. This means you are able to choose between a bright light like a CFL or a warmer light like an incandescent bulb.

Benefits to led post lights

When putting up a post light there are some factors to consider. Chances are a post light will be an enclosed space. Which will require a bulb that can handle that. The post light will more than likely be in an outdoor space. So you need a light that can be in hot or cold temperatures.

You also want your post lamps to last a long time. Changing a bulb every six months can be exhausting when it comes to outdoor light fixtures. So, it is imperative that you get a light fixture that will glow for a long time.

Outdoor post lights can also take a lot of energy. This means having an energy-efficient bulb would be a great way to keep the cost low. With all of these points, LED lights are the way to go.

Putting up led post lights will be more efficient and affordable for you in the long run. Your outdoor lap can have different colors for holidays while also keeping your streets safe. You will also be able to install them and forget about them for a while until the LED outdoor lamps dim 30%.

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