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LED Post Lights

Buying LED post lights is a great way to conserve energy and save money in the long term. Traditional lights and bulbs can burn out faster than LEDs, are more dangerous when they get older, and waste more energy. By making the switch for the entire neighborhood, your streets can light up with the same intensity for less cost. See what kind of LED post lights you can find for your streetscaping project from Mel Northey Co. Inc. today.

LED Post Lights

See what kind of LED post lights we have that can light up your streets.

What Are LED Post Lights?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. These lights are 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs. They operate by having an electrical current pass through a microchip, which illuminates tiny light sources.

Unlike compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) or incandescent bulbs, LED light bulbs are less likely to burn out or fail. That means they’ll last longer, and you won’t have to replace them as often as their traditional counterparts. That’s why LED post lights are some of the best options when you want to light up an area.

The Benefits of LED Post Lights

An LED light lasts longer than other bulbs, mostly because it doesn’t “burn out” but slowly dims over time. Putting it to the numbers, LEDs can last up to 14 years with adequate lighting.

Since they run on a different system, these lights produce less heat and are safer. That’s because these bulbs use a heat sink to absorb heat and dissipate it into the environment. These heat sinks keep the LED from overheating like traditional light bulbs and prevent them from burning out. Hence, they’re usually safer to use in the long run.

Many neighborhoods are concerned about getting enough lighting without contributing to light pollution. LEDs are directional light sources, which means you can point them in a specific direction, and most of the light will not diffuse into the atmosphere. Mel Northey Co. Inc.’s full catalog has a selection of LED post lights that are part of the Dark Sky initiative, which advocates better lighting sources that preserve our natural landscape and night sky.

Our LED post lights are also more energy-efficient than traditional options. Although the initial upfront cost of LED post lights might not be ideal, they burn less energy (and therefore less money) to provide the same amount of light that traditional light sources can. That means you can have fewer LED post lights and still get the same intensity of light for your neighborhood streets.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Lighting Sources

Most traditional lighting sources (before LEDs were invented) were compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). These types of bulbs took over incandescent light bulbs. Although they provide adequate lighting, some drawbacks make them inferior to the newer LED bulbs.

LED Post Lights

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has many styles of LED post lights that can add more charm to your street view.

These CFLs are cold-sensitive and aren’t meant to be used in an enclosed fixture. They also have a longer warm-up time, and dimming them will decrease the bulb’s lifespan. While these bulbs are slightly more energy-efficient than incandescent lights, their lifespan isn’t long. Not to mention, they emit a harsher light.

The Anti-Light Pollution Solution

Light pollution, or the overabundance and misdirection of artificial light in our environment, is becoming more of a problem that impacts the environment, people’s health, and our ability to see the stars at night. LED post lights are a potential way to reduce different kinds of light pollution because they are efficient, can be controlled, and can be designed in certain ways.

LEDs are designed to emit light in a specific direction instead of spreading it out like regular bulbs. By focusing light only where it’s needed, LEDs cut down on unwanted light spilling into the sky and other places. Using well-designed LED lights that block light and direct it downward can also reduce skyglow, which is when the night sky gets brighter over populated places.

It is possible to finetune the spectral brightness of LEDs. Lights with a high color temperature, like white lights that are mostly blue, are more likely to spread in the air and make the sky glow. It is possible to lower the total light pollution by using LEDs with warmer color temperatures, like 3000K or lower. Some more modern LED systems also have color temperature settings that can be changed to warmer tones at night, which helps cut down on pollution even more.

We can greatly lower the negative effects of light pollution by using LED technology smartly and incorporating it into city planning, public policies, and lighting standards. As a result, there is a good balance between the need for artificial light and the need to protect our natural night environment. This is good for ecosystems, human health, and our overall enjoyment of the universe.

What Mel Northey Co. Inc. Has for You

Mel Northey Co. Inc. specializes in commercial and industrial lamps and posts for neighborhoods and communities throughout the United States. We strive to provide lighting for neighborhood streets, parks, and other public outdoor spaces and add artistic flair to your street view. Our lights are aesthetically pleasing and affordable for any contractor or HOA looking for the perfect LED post lights.

Some of our favorite styles include the following:

We have several other styles in our catalog. Depending on the style and architecture your neighborhood or community draws on, you’re sure to find lights that match and blend naturally into the landscape. From modern styles to more romantic styles that draw on the Victorian or Colonial eras, we have lamposts that match almost any setting.

Let’s Start Lighting Up Your Streets

If you are looking for outdoor lights, Mel Northey Co. Inc. is the place to go. We have been working with developers, builders, and contractors since 1979. We offer decorative and affordable LED post lights, mailboxes, and road signs so that you can complete your streetscaping project. Call us at (800) 828-0302, and let us supply you with the LED post lights you need.

LED Post Lights

Mel Northey Co. Inc. has what you need to light up your neighborhood at night.

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