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Outdoor Light Post Fixtures

What are the best outdoor light post fixtures? This might be one question that you find yourself asking a lot. Of course, it’s never too difficult to locate those beautiful outdoor light post fixtures out at parks or down the crowded city streets.

After all, they’re always so enchanting and reminiscent of another era. Some people even find it nostalgic, as it captures a chunk of history that they lived through. However, seeing them and finding the vendors are two different challenges altogether.

One challenge is seemingly easy, and now, thanks to Mel Northey Co. Inc., the other is even easier. We are happy to offer the best light post fixtures for outdoor settings.

As vendors, we have a wide variety of inventory for you to choose from. You can have your pick of artisan designs that evoke styles as varied as old English cobblestone roads to the romantic streets of Paris. We want to help you find the perfect lights for your home or business!

Options For Outdoor Light Post Fixtures 

The options that we offer carry unique designs and stylistic notes from all over the world. Our aim is to capture the mystique and charming essence that captivated walkways for centuries before the newer light posts made their introductions.

While they offer modern amenities like better lights and wirings, their design lacks the distinguished sophistication of other time periods. That’s why we want to showcase our options for you and let you peruse our exceptional offerings. We’re certain you’ll find one that reflects your vision perfectly!

outdoor light post fixtures

Bright outdoor light post fixtures are what you need.


This Cambridge lightpost carries the same dignity and valor of the esteemed universities in Great Britain. There is power, and decadence, that exudes from these designs that encapsulate hundreds of years of prestigious academia. These 10ft light fixtures carry a bulbous ornamental covering for the lamp with molded wrought iron accents to keep it in place.


With a nod to the bustling life of the English countryside, these Essex light posts are slight more simplified than their college comrades. The design has a far more bulbous light covering that is not held by any wrought iron supports. Instead, the large coverings are free to shine as bright as you want them to. Typically they will also stand around 10-11ft, too.


While drawing similarities to the English lamp posts, there is a stark difference in the subtleties. For example, the Tuscany lamp post stands erect at 12′ to 14′ and has cast wrought iron guards to hold the lamp cover in place. It also encloses the covering on the top with an intricate, wrought iron cap.


This is one of the few outdoor lamp post fixtures that offer dual luminaires. With a nod to the more social parks and streets of the early 20th century, this esteemed design offers a higher caliber fixture. The wrought iron supports are molded very thinly and have dozens of small prints and ridges that give it an alluring demeanor.

Belle Chase

With an air of Parisian elegance, these Belle Chase wrought iron light fixtures are poised and composed. They all come with unique wrought iron coverings that hold the luminaires in place. Each one is different from the other options and has subtle touches that ground the design.

For example, there are metal bars that extend out past the lamp fixture to showcase supports for the light. It is a formal, and yet stylish, expression that can also fit french colonial houses perfectly.

Grand Concord

These Grand lamp fixtures are as regal as it gets. Standing at a towering 16 feet high, you can imagine that it garners respect without so much as a request for attention. It is empowering and evocative with imperious overtones.

You will notice immediate differences in your home or business when these are installed. It is almost like a beacon of authority and comforting resolution.

outdoor light post fixtures

LED outdoor light post fixtures are available now.

Lighting Information

All of our options come fitted with a free LED, however, we also offer different types of lights and provide data on how much power it can provide you. The following information covers the amount of power that each light bulb will provide and for how long you will be able to use it.


Perhaps one of the more rudimentary options in the lighting industry, this traditional bulb can provide you with 100 watts of power that offers 1750 Lumens. The life of the bulb will last for around 750 hours which can translate to around 2.5 months when used for about 10 hours each day.

High-Pressure Sodium (Amber Hue)

This newer model of light bulb has been designed to provide the ultimate setup. It can offer a range of 50 Watt – 250 Watt bulbs that will provide 4,000 to 26,000 Lumens, respectively. Each bulb is designed to last 24,000 hours. Which can translate into 6.5 years when used 10 hours per day.

Metal Halide (Bright White Hue)

While this bulb won’t produce light for as long as the other option, it is far more economical and without a doubt a better option than incandescent bulbs. These lights can provide you with a range of 70 Watts – 250 Watts and 4,200 to 21,000 Lumens, respectively. Aside from the 250 Watt bulb which is only 1,000 hours, each one will last around 10,000 hours, which means it is useable for about 3 years.

outdoor light post fixtures

Find beautiful outdoor light post fixtures today!

Accessories Available 

We are also proud to offer banner arms, flag pole holders, and other amazing features for your lamp. Whenever you have a message to send or support to show, it is always a classy choice to hang it up on your lamp post. There are even options to have a receptacle and a hanging basket if need be.

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Make sure that you contact Mel Northey Co. Inc. for all of your outdoor light post fixtures. If you would like to reach our customer care representatives to learn more about our commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale, you can call us or request a quote.

Lamps remain one of the most beautiful and romantic aspects of our evenings. So when you get one of Mel Northey Co. Inc.’s outdoor lamps, you’ll find that it conjures the same lavish sensations that were once a figment of the past.