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LED Post Light

Contractors and developers know the benefits of purchasing an LED post light for your outdoor lighting needs. They are cost-effective, safe, and attractive. When purchased from a reputable vendor or with a refractor kit, they can even help cut down on light pollution. There are virtually no drawbacks to using an LED post light in commercial settings.

LED Post Light

Contractors shopping for LED light posts can browse Mel Northey Co. Inc. online. We have a large selection of antique reproduction posts compatible with LED-based area street lighting, as well as replacement globes and other accessories. Consider our LED shoebox area lights or our round aluminium poles. We also offer square aluminium poles.

These posts are available in a few different styles and shades, allowing for greater customization. Contractors can quickly and easily find the product they need, with the LED source they want. You can request a catalog online or by calling 1-800-828-0302.

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Unfortunately, not all of your clients will know the true benefits of using LED light posts. Despite the growing number of municipalities that have made the switch, others are still operating under misconceptions. Contractors may be nervous about contradicting their clients.

However, when it comes to the lighting source in your renovation projects, you should not be worried. You and your customers want the same thing: a beautiful renovation designed to last.

Including LED-based lights is a huge part of your project’s overall success. Take a few moments at the start of the project to discuss the benefits of LED lights with your client. Giving them the right information can often make all the difference.

LED-Based Post Lighting Is Cost-Effective

Some individuals believe that LED-based post lights will be incredibly expensive to purchase and to run. As a result, they opt for high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting solutions. In reality, LED lights are more cost-effective than HPS, both now and over time.

HPS lights were once the best, brightest, and most economical. However, LED lights have since surpassed them in all respects. LED-sourced lights are brighter than HPS once, meaning fewer posts are needed to illuminate the same area.

Lights using LED as their source also last longer with minimal maintenance requirements. This means no increase in a maintenance budget from one year to the next. For municipalities and corporations looking to cut costs, this can be an important piece of information.

Contractors who visit Mel Northey Co. Inc. for their LED lights and posts can save even more money. Mel Northey Co. Inc. supplies high-quality products at affordable, competitive rates.

The results are savings you can pass on to your client. Take a look at their products online. Printed catalogs can be ordered by calling 1-800-828-0302.

LED-Based Post Lighting Is Safer

Increased safety is another benefit of switching to LED-based light posts. LED lights are brighter than their HPS counterparts, and they also last longer. LED lights have a predictable lifespan, and do not deteriorate or dim over time.

Consequently, they perform flawlessly throughout their lifespan. There are no periods of dimmer light or expensive maintenance required to keep them running well. LED lights even attract fewer insects, removing yet another factor that can often make HPS seem dim.

Some customers may still have concerns about the performance of LED lights. They have not been available as long as HPS, which can be an obstacle for many individuals with buying power. It may be helpful to show your current customers examples of your past work with LED lights. In many cases, seeing that there are only improvements over HPS sources can be the determining factor.

Contractors may want to contact Mel Northey to obtain more information about LED lights. Presenting information from a reputable retailer to your client can often help alleviate their fears.  Mel Northey Co. Inc. sells both LED and HPS sourced posts, so customers can trust that their information is impartial. You can also call them toll-free at 1-800-828-0302 to learn more.

LED-Based Post Lighting Is Still Attractive

The attractiveness of the post and the light itself is often the biggest concern shared by clients. They may worry that switching to LED means they will have to compromise the aesthetics or visual appeal of their property.

Thankfully, this is yet another misconception about LED light posts. Many reputable companies sell the same posts and poles with HPS and LED options. Contractors can still find high-quality, durable posts in decorative styles with LED-based lights.

Mel Northey sells many beautiful posts and poles with LED as the lighting source. Contractors can assure their customers that they do not need to set aside aesthetics in the name of longevity. You can show your clients that cost-effective LED lighting can be just as attractive as the more expensive HPS sources.

Another concern many clients have about LED lights relates to light pollution. It is true that when undirected, LED lights will spill out into the sky, causing light pollution.

However, purchasing a refractor kit will redirect the beam of light towards the ground. The result is a safer pathway and reduced light pollution. Mel Northey sells both refractor kits and retrofit kits. Call us today to learn more about night sky-friendly lighting solutions.

Purchasing The Best LED Post Light

Using an LED light post in your renovation project will make it more cost-effective, safer, and aesthetically pleasing. By focusing on those three qualities, contractors should be able to overcome any concerns clients may have about switching. Companies and municipalities on a budget will appreciate the lack of ongoing maintenance and predictable lifespan inherent in LED lights.

Houston LED Post Light For Sale

Houston LED Post Light

Other individuals hoping to improve an area’s safety will be drawn to its powerful beam of light. Again, the predictability of LED’s lifespan is a huge safety benefit. LED lights will not dim or begin performing poorly as they age.

Even clients concerned about light pollution can be comforted with the addition of a refractor kit. There is virtually no reason to avoid making the switch to LED.

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Once you have convinced your client to give LED lights a try, visit Mel Northey Co. Inc. to see their related products. You can show your client that everything they want in a light source can be found with LED.

Contractors and developers can go online to see a printable list of our commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale, including our street and stop signs and commercial mailboxes. If you want a printed copy, call 1-800-828-0302 to request one. Contractors and clients looking for the best LED post light will find it at Mel Northey Co. Inc.