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LED Parking Lot Lights

Are in search of LED Parking Lot Lights for your commercial lighting needs? You should take a look at what Mel Northey Co. Inc. has to offer. We provide decorative LED parking lot lights for commercial and residential areas. If you want to replace your current lighting or install lighting in your parking lot for the first time, we can help.

We have several different options and styles of decorative lighting to choose from. We offer round aluminum poles or round steel poles. We also offer round steel poles or square steel poles.

You’re to find a style that fits your company’s brand. You might be surprised by how much of a difference a well-designed light fixture can make. Beyond the safety and security of the added lighting, you can make a statement with our LED parking lot lights. Our affordable lighting solutions offer you an upscale upgrade at a great price.

Benefits of LED Parking Lot Lights

When you decide to install LED lights around your commercial property, you may have security in mind. However, there are many other perks of installing decorative lighting fixtures in your parking lot. While our list of reasons to install LED lighting in your parking lot won’t be exhaustive, you’ll be able to better explain to your shareholders why your investment is a worthy and much-needed one.

LED Parking Lot Lights

We supply decorative pole mounts and light bulbs!

LED Lights Save Money

You cut a lot of costs when you switch to LED lighting for your commercial property. For one, LED lighting technology produces a brighter light while consuming less energy. Your energy costs will be lower when you replace your traditional bulbs with LED lighting fixtures. In fact, LED is the most energy-efficient lighting option available today.

We provide the best lighting solution, as well as energy conservation. You might notice a big difference in your energy costs if you’re making the switch from HID lights. If you don’t already have lighting on your property, you can be confident that you’ll be paying the lowest upkeep costs possible in this day and age.

Another way that LED parking lot lights save money is that you can get by on less expensive options on other technologies. For example, you don’t have to purchase high-end security cameras with built-in lighting. Instead, a few well-placed LED lights will do.

Furthermore, you’ll have the option of purchasing a more concealable security option. People interfere with security cameras much more often than they bother with parking lot lights. In fact, a well-lit parking lot can prevent many crimes from occurring in the first place. If you’ve experienced a lot of incidents in your parking lot or damage to your commercial property during the night, we recommend that you install LED pole lighting.

LED Parking Lot Lights

Cool white LED area light fixtures

Parking Lot Lights Impress Customers

If you have a business that remains open after the sun comes down, proper parking lot lighting is vital to the success of your business. An improperly lit parking lot can dissuade a lot of customers, especially those who are protective of themselves and their belongings.

If they don’t feel safe in your parking lot but don’t have time to visit your business during the day, where will they go? To your competitor! You don’t want anything to detract from your ability to close a sale.

Business owners usually think about the interior appearance of their business, but can downplay the importance of a clean, well-lit parking lot. Don’t be one of those people! Instead, consider how high-quality light fixtures can invite customers into your business. Even when your shop is closed, passersby that can see your business clearly when they drive past are more likely to remember it and visit later when they need our services.

Different Styles of Lighting

We have several different styles of light posts and optional lanterns. Light posts vary not on in terms of style, but also height and material. Our lanterns also come in different width and heights.

We provide a variety of styles to accommodate different needs and locations. If you have a lot of trees and shrubbery on your property as decor, you don’t want your lighting to be obstructed. The same goes for any other type of decoration on your commercial property.

All of our lighting is covered and resistant to inclement weather. However, you can also purchase an optional lantern in the style of your choice. Lanterns have the ability to create a more classic or austere look. However, certain styles have become so commonplace that they really fit in any type of environment, even modern properties.

Consider not only your tastes and interior decoration but also the lighting of other businesses in your area. For example, you may have noticed that all of the lights in your area are a certain style. Check with us because we may supply that style of light.

LED Parking Lot Lights

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Why Mel Northey Co. Inc.?

Mel Northey Co. Inc. provides affordable yet high-quality commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale. We maintain a classic, elegant design. However, our lighting technology lives up to the highest standards.

Our products are highly rated for energy efficiency and durability. We can accommodate the tastes of practically any business owner, because we have many styles of lighting to choose from.

If you want to save even more money on your energy bill, consider our Dark Sky lighting option. This dark paneling not only requires less energy, but produced less light pollution. Light pollution refers to the amount of unnecessary light distribution. While some areas need very bright lighting, a smaller space might actually suffer from oversaturated lighting.

We also supply business owners and residents with the added convenience of great service. We supply lighting for properties across the country and maintain excellent service standards. You can get in touch with us online and quickly receive a quote by filling out this quote form. You can take a look at our different styles of decorative light fixtures and street and stop signs online or request a catalog if you prefer a hard copy.

You may have found out about us because you’re interested in commercial lighting, but we provide other products and services as well. We apply our decorative skills to not only parking lot light fixtures and flood lights for business, but also mailboxes and signposts.

When you want a high-class upgrade to the outdoor elements of your home or business, you should call Mel Northey Co. Inc. We can discuss our many options with you in more detail and help you find the best products for your needs. Call us today at 1 (800) 828-0302 for more information about our LED Parking Lot Lights!