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LED Parking Lot Lighting

Municipalities and businesses across the country are examining the benefits of LED parking lot lighting. Existing technology cannot provide the same benefits as switching to LED. Most municipal-owned LED parking lot lighting is powered by high-pressure sodium (HPS). While it is cost-effective to run, the drawbacks greatly outweigh those benefits.

We offer tons of lighting options, including:

LED Parking Lot Lighting

For starters, HPS is not as bright or effective as other alternatives, meaning that more lights are required to provide visibility. HPS lamps have relatively short lifespans and are dull as they age. The cost of replacement and the potential expense of early failure can quickly add up. Consequently, people are searching for cost-effective, but brighter and safer alternatives.

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Reducing Light Pollution

One drawback of the prevalence of street and parking lot LED lighting is the corresponding increase in light pollution. The fact that the human eye picks up on LED lighting easier and faster than HPS makes the problem worse. “Night sky friendly” solutions are available for purchase.

Mel Northey Co. sells a light reflector that fits all their acorn globes. These refractors reflect the light downward, focusing the beam where it is needed most. Reflecting the light down helps to make the ground brighter while reducing the light pollution caused by each bulb.

Parking lot LED lighting can keep your lots safer. The refractors not only prevent light pollution, but they can also help make the ground brighter as a result. Municipalities and contractors should contact Mel Northey Co. at 1-800-828-0302 to obtain a product catalog.

Their collection of lights is visually appealing and well-functioning. You can find them online to learn more about their “night sky friendly” solutions. If you are still unsure about LED lighting, consider the following advantages of making the switch.

LED Lights Make Your Parking Lot More Visible

Visibility is the biggest advantage to LED lighting in parking lots. LED lights have a higher color temperature than HPS. As a result, the light spreads faster and appears more natural. In turn, this makes it much easier to see clearly in darkened lots.

These lights also make color rendering easier and more accurate for pedestrians and drivers. The better your color rating, the easier it is to see and recognize objects in the dark. For drivers and those in parking lots at night, this is a very important quality for lights to possess.

When used with a refractor, LED lights are projected directly onto the sidewalk or parking lot. Focusing the LED light in this manner will reduce the glare in a driver’s eyes. As a result, your parking lot will be safer for drivers and pedestrians. These lights start working instantly and turn off just as fast.

There is no lengthy warm up time, so if the weather unexpectedly changes, they can be activated quickly. This increased visibility will make those who use the lot feel much safer.

Mel Northey has a variety of parking lot lighting available for municipal and business use. Contractors and developers can view their products online. You can also obtain a catalog by calling 1-800-828-0302.

Mel Northey Co. can provide you with the high quality LED lighting and accessories you need. Their products are durable and affordable, making them ideal for municipal and business purposes.

LED parking lot lighting

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Parking Lot Lighting Is Affordable With LED Technology

The cost of operating existing HPS lights is increasing. While HPS lights are still more cost-effective than incandescent or mercury vapor alternatives, they are still rising steadily. Those looking for parking lot lighting should consider LED sources instead.

LED sources make for a much safer lot, thanks to the boost to visibility they bring. If you are running your parking lot for profit, improved visibility is a great selling point. LED lights are usually much more affordable to operate over the long term.

LED lighting uses less energy than other lighting sources. The cost savings in this one area alone can be dramatic. For a community looking to cut their budget or a business hoping for a bigger profit margin, this can be a huge benefit. LED lighting also lasts much longer, meaning the bulbs do not need to be changed as often.

As a result, organizations and municipalities do not need to pay technicians as often to change them. The lights do not dim as they age, and have predictable life spans. Knowing when they will need to be replaced will keep everyone safer. Using these lights in your parking lot will make it cheaper to run and help keep people safe.

Those interested in discovering more about the cost savings switching to LED brings can contact Mel Northey Co. They can be reached by phone at 1-800-828-0302 or found online.

Mel Northey Co. has an extensive range of LED lighting from which to choose. They also carry lighting accessories, such as light refractors. You can improve the safety of your lot at an affordable price without contributing to light pollution.

Other Perks To LED Parking Lot Lighting

Making the switch to LED technology for your parking lot lighting needs can come with other benefits as well. Unlike HPS bulbs, LED lights are not as attractive to moths and other insects.

When bugs flock to a particular light source, it can dim the source and kill the bugs. Your lot may look less appealing as a result. Since insects are not drawn to LED lighting, you can avoid these small but visible inconveniences.

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The ability for LED lights to turn on immediately upon the restoration of power after an outage is another perk. Power outages can cause unsafe driving conditions on roads across the country.

When power is eventually restored, you need to know that your parking lot lights will come on immediately. In many cases, it can be a major safety issue. Knowing that your investment will keep people safe will give you peace of mind.

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When looking for LED lights or even commercial mailboxes and street and stop signs, start your search with Mel Northey Co. They can provide high-quality commercial and industrial light post and pole for sale lighting solutions at affordable rates. They also sell lighting accessories, helping you reduce your environmental footprint.

Contractors and builders can contact their customer service department by phone at 1-800-828-0302. You can visit them online to see their products or to learn more about LED parking lot lighting.