LED Fluorescent Light Fixture

Get an LED fluorescent light fixture today! Mel Northey Co. Inc.’s decorative lamp posts and LED fluorescent light fixtures can make your home or business look better. Mel Northey Co. Inc. has been happily serving the Greater Houston area for over 35 years, making us a leader in the LED fluorescent light fixture field.

People know us as a top provider of high-quality, aesthetically pleasing lamp posts, LED electric light fixtures, street and stop signs, a wide range of mailboxes, and commercial area lighting that can make both homes and businesses look better.

led fluorescent light fixture

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LED Fluorescent Light Fixtures: Why Opt for Decorative Lamp Posts?

One of our most popular products is our lamp posts, which have completely changed the way our customers light their homes. Our many different types of customers really want them because they last longer, use less energy, and are bright enough.

The Good Looks and Useful Advantages of Decorative Lamp Posts

The perfect way to add architectural charm to your rooms while also providing useful lighting, our decorative lamp posts are the way to go. Our lamp posts, which come with LED fluorescent light fixtures, combine form and function to meet the needs of both residents and businesses.

Better Curb Appeal

How people see your home or business property has a big impact on how you feel about it. With their beautiful styles and fine craftsmanship, our lamp posts are more than just a way to get light. They are building features that can make your home look a lot better from the street.

Increases Safety

Our carefully made lamp posts with high-quality LED fluorescent light bulbs will light up your areas well. Unwanted intruders will be scared away by well-lit areas, and make sure that your family or customers can safely walk along paths and enter your property.

Easy to Maintain

The high-quality materials we use for our lamp posts and LED fluorescent light bulbs mean that they will need very little upkeep. Compared to regular light bulbs, LEDs last longer and give off bright light for a longer time.

Saves Energy

Our LED neon light fixtures use a very small amount of energy. These light fixtures save you a lot of money on your energy bills because they use less electricity to give off the same amount of light.

led fluorescent light fixture

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Our Other Products

Along with our well-known decorative lamp posts and LED fluorescent light fixtures, we have a wide range of other goods that can be used in both homes and businesses.

For example, our stop signs and street signs meet the standards set by the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Transportation. These signs make sure that homes and business areas are safe.

Because they are carefully made, our mailboxes not only keep your mail and gifts safe but also make your home look better.

The other thing we’re really good at is lighting up big commercial areas. With our high-quality lighting options, we make sure that public areas, parks, parking lots, and business stores are safe and work well.

What Are the Benefits of LED Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

Because they have so many benefits, LED fluorescent light bulbs are now a popular choice for both home and business lighting. We at Mel Northey Co. Inc. have seen firsthand how these fixtures can change things, and we’re happy to offer a wide range of LED products that can be customized to fit your needs.

  • Energy Efficiency: One of the best things about LED fluorescent light bulbs is that they use no energy at all. LED lights use a lot less power than regular fluorescent or incandescent lights. Over time, this helps bring down the price of energy, which can save you a lot of money on your power bills.
  • Long Life: LED lights are known to last a long time. Most LED bulbs last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, which is many years longer than regular light bulbs. This lowers the number of refills needed and the cost of them, making this a long-lasting and cost-effective way to light a room.
  • Better Lighting: LED lights only shine in one direction, so you don’t need reflectors and diffusers that can catch light. Because of this, LEDs work better in many situations, such as job lighting and downlights. In addition, LED fluorescent light bulbs give off better light that is easier on the eyes.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: LED fluorescent light fixtures are better for the environment than traditional lighting ways because they use less energy. They use less energy, last longer, and don’t have any harmful chemicals in them like mercury does in regular fluorescent lights.
  • Different Color Temperatures: LED lights come in a lot of different color temperatures, from warm and soft white to cool and bright white. This range gives you more options for making your space feel the way you want it to. They also keep the same color temperature over time, which is different from many neon lights that change color over time.
  • Durability: LED fluorescent light fixtures are strong and can handle rough circumstances. They can handle shocks, vibrations, and impacts from the outside, which makes them great for harsh environments and outdoor lighting systems.
  • Low Heat Production: LED lights are very good at turning electricity into light, so they produce less heat and are safer for use around fires. This also makes them more comfortable to use inside because it keeps the heat down, making the room more comfortable.
led fluorescent light fixture

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With all their benefits, LED fluorescent light bulbs are a better, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly way to light your home or business. We work hard at Mel Northey Co. Inc. to give our customers the best LED lighting goods in the widest range of styles.

Get An LED Fluorescent Light Fixture

When you choose Mel Northey Co. Inc. for your lighting and sign needs, you are putting durability, style, and caring for the environment first. Our team is excited to offer you the best LED fluorescent light fixtures, commercial lamp posts, and a lot more.

Take the plunge and change the look of your rooms today with commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale from Mel Northey Co. Inc. Get in touch with us or request a quote today.

Mel Northey Co. Inc. is the first step toward a brighter, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing area. Every time you buy something from us, you can enjoy the beauty of light, the joy of better design, and the happiness of being environmentally friendly.

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