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Industrial LED Lighting

Mel Northey Co. Inc. is your premier provider of industrial LED lighting. There are numerous reasons to make the switch to light-emitting diodes. Allow us to help you make that change for your place of business. We have an extensive catalog of quality industrial LED lighting options so you find exactly what you want.

About Mel Northey’s Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting

Our industrial LED lighting options are top-notch!

Mel Northey has been providing our beautiful cast aluminum lamp posts, mailboxes, street signs, and signposts since 1979. We work directly with your contractor, builder, and developer to install your choice-design. Or you could choose to install new industrial LED lighting as an update or replacement of your originals. Whatever your lighting needs, Mel Northey Co. Inc. has a catalog of options for you to pick from.

Since 2008, we have joined the dark sky movement. Offering affordable dark sky options, we allow you to reduce your light pollution. You would be surprised by how much light pollution a city’s or country’s lighting can come from home lighting.

Plus, a dark sky bulb is more economical, saving you money and your carbon footprint. You can reduce your impact with proper light shielding, lamps, and set up.

From Tuscany styles to our Americana Concord and Washington lamp posts, our decorative lights come in many fashions. However, our most popular designs are the ones that are influenced by English designs, like Essex and Stratford lamp posts. We also offer commercial mailboxes, both standard and decorative. Our goal is to find the right model that fits the architecture and dream you have of your property.

Benefits of LED Lighting

There are numerous reasons to choose LED area lighting over your other lighting options. They have longer lifetimes, save you money and the environment, and many find them more aesthetically pleasing. LEDs’ main advantage over incandescent and CFLs is their high efficiency. However, their adaptability also leads them to be used in the industrial setting and increasingly in homes.

Industrial LED lighting

Industrial LED lighting will illuminate your business!

Energy Efficiency

LED is the most economical and environmentally friendly out of your options. While they are far more of an investment in their upfront costs, they quickly make up for it over their lifetimes.

To begin, they use about 60% less energy than your average fluorescent bulb. An LED uses anywhere from a fifth to half and less than any other. For example, while an 800-lumen traditional incandescent uses 60 watts, an LED of the same brightness will use 12.

Even a money-saving CFL only reaches 14 watts. In other words, you will no longer buy your bulbs on your fixture’s maximum wattage. Now, you buy based on lumens and save money.

Perhaps even more impressive is the long lifetime LED bulbs have compared to their competitors. A longer burning lamp means you conveniently do not have to replace your industrial LED lighting nearly as much. An LED bulb lasts 20,000 hours.

For reference, that is twice as long as CFL’s 10,000 hours and over twenty times an incandescent’s lifetime of 750 hours. Those upfront costs that might make you hesitant at first soon disappear while you keep spending on replacements for traditional lighting.

In the industrial setting, we are often comparing LED usage to fluorescent tubes. To make a comparison, a 34-watt T12 fluorescent tube has an 8,000-hour expected life and uses $45 a year in energy. The LED counterpart, a 16-watt T8 tube, has 30,000 hours of life and $17 a year in energy costs. Industrial LED lighting is the way to go to save as any business.


There are limitless design options with light-emitting diodes. Whether you are in need of warehouse-style high-bay lights or restaurant-style pendants, we have you covered. Plus, LEDs can fit in existing sockets and fixtures. They can fit in any design you have in mind for your business.

LED lights also offer a higher degree of control over your lighting. You have the capability for timers, daylighting, dim-ability, occupancy sensors, and others.

The dim ability could provide an atmospheric setting for your restaurant. Or the timer can turn them off at the closing times for your business. These features are why we see them used in parking lots, warehouses, display rooms, homes, and office spaces.

Safety Industrial Lighting

One of the advantages of LED over fluorescence is safety. It is common knowledge now that fluorescent tubes contain mercury. A broken tube can expose people to the element. And over time, it causes brain damage.

LEDs do not use carbon dioxide and mercury. Instead, they use heated semiconductors. The fact LED is the safer lighting option is the first thing that can make commercial businesses gravitate towards them.

Industrial LED Lighting

With industrial LED lighting, you can increase the safety of your outdoor areas!

LED’s Heat Sink

Our industrial LED lighting options at Mel Northey Co. Inc., in particular, are an excellent option for reducing heat production. Mel Northey’s bulbs feature bug resistance and a heat sink. Their heat sink redirects the heat produced by the lamp into a fluid, the air in this case. Our bulbs’ large heat sink means cooler running and their extended life.

Also, LEDs produce far less than their counterparts. You can see this as another win for economic and energy saving. When your lighting is not heating the rest of your building, you get to spend less on your AC unit in the summer. LED lighting is designed to efficiently direct its energy usage to provide light rather than heat.

All this heat efficiency means they are safer in a couple of new ways. There is no longer a chance of burns from touching. And you can leave them on longer, not risking any fires.

Because LEDs use less wattage, as stated earlier, they also operate on a low-voltage system. It goes a long way in preventing overheating that damages light fixtures and sockets.

Industrial LED Lighting

We provide high-quality commercial and industrial light posts and poles for sale. For any of your projects, decks, docks, gazebos, or patios, we can find you the right light for your architecture.

When starting your shopping trip for industrial LED lighting, start with Mel Northey Co. Inc. Our lighting solutions are of high quality and come at affordable prices. If you need Mel Northey Co. Inc.’s industrial LED lighting, then contact us today.